Season 3 Episode 1

Doing the Backstroke

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on Showtime
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Celia gets Silas to make a confession and he gets arrested. Nancy goes in search of both of her sons while trying not to get shot by either U-Turn or the Armenians. Dean and Doug have a talk about their marriages. Andy gets punched in the face.moreless

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  • very well written--- picks up right where they left off and does not disappoint

    love this show-- spoiler alert----------- got to see the preair of the first two episodes-- both were excellent. how exactly do you salvage pool weed anyway? I would have killed someone if they did that with that much weed. Well not literally but you know--- wtf was she thinking? That's not helping anyone out.
  • "We Took Too Many Drugs"

    As the excellent cliffhanger from last season we pick up where we left off and Silas quickly confesses to the vandalism of Celia's signs and she takes his car to go home. Nancy goes to find the product with Silas in jail and takes Marvin and one of the Armenian gangsters with her on the adventure. Shane is left out to dry by Kat who hooks up with a trucker and leaves him with the van and Andy hops a ride from Obumchuck to find Shane who learns how to drive in a parking lot. U-Turn buys the Armenians off of Nancy's debt to them and so she is all their's and Celia has a surprise for Nancy regarding the product. But the funniest part of the episode comes from Dean and Doug sharing pills in Nancy's home after Doug's wife has left him after Dean tells her about his little affair with Celia and how they forgive each other and go a little off the deep end. Also Marvin is a very funny character and I look forward to seeing him some more given that he doesn't kill Nancy and Conrad that is. Also the writing inserting the family stumbling upon their struggle in the Growhouse was an interesting writing angle for the start of the season, thank you Weeds.moreless
  • Disappointment. After impatiently waiting for the season start, I felt deflated.

    I was not an immediate fan of the series, more for lack of awareness than anything. I watched the first two seasons per quick succession on pay-per-view. I was hooked. I thought the writing to be creative, the plots to be fully engaging, and the acting superb. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions and could not get enough. I talked at length with my co-watcher about what they would do to pull the numerous threads together at the season start. After viewing the episode, we sat in silence. Finally one of us said, 'Wow, that was a whole lot of nothing.' It feels like it has lost its energy or spirit. We will continue to watch as one cannot leave such a good friend so soon. But we both hope for much better in the coming weeks.moreless
  • Well we start the new season where we left off, with alot of cliffhangers from the previous series. The missing weed is still missing but the trail is narrowing, but Shane is still on his road trip and Silas has been arrested.moreless

    The guys that were scheduled to buy the weed stash, aimed to take it by gun persuasion, the Armenian's want the money from the deal to pay for the dea agent they blew away. So there is a stalemate, but one from each gang go with Nancy to retrieve the stash.

    Doug and Dean are still going at it regarding the affair, as Dean told Doug's wife about the affair and therefore they are like school boys. They end up fighting in the bathroom, they end up chatting and then looking through the medicine cabinet - I can see some fun results from that escapade.

    The Alaskan bounty hunter and Andy are on the case of tracking down Kat and Shane, but in typical Andy style, so no doubt he will find him in the end, but after the truck stop, Kat ends up trucking off with a trucker heading for Mexico, leaving Shane to learn how to drive around the car park. Andy finds the van at the end.

    Doug and Dean end up taking too much medicines and trying to see who has the biggest member, remembering that size is a winner, girth doesn't count but they decide that flacidity doesnt either, but after a little while decide they have taken too much medicine that it has effected things.

    Nancy and Celia end up playing cell tag, trying to get the car and the weed back, so that the deal can be made and everyone can be nice and safe rather than an all out war.moreless
  • This is a joint review for the first two episodes of this season.

    I am reviewing the two episodes together because I watched them one after the other. Both were Fantastic!! The end of the last season provided a cliffhanger and a very hard situation to write yourself out of, but the writers managed the scenario with aplomb.

    There was comedy, drama, emotion, everything which makes a good television series. The comedy was intelligent and dark and just a little but un-PC, for instance the translated instruction to the Armenian hostage-taker 'not to rape Nancy, as this was business' and the leap from the car in case it exploded, and the drama seemingly never-ending. Nancy's situation was written so cleverely that it became very believable. The scene between Doug and Dean at the party was also particularly enjoyable.

    All in all, a fantastic start to the series.moreless
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Muneer Abdelhadi


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Robert Mukes


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Eliza Noxon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This particular episode's plot is referenced in Blizzard Entertainment's popular game World of Warcraft in which players with the fishing ability can fish up "Weeds" from pools within the game world.

    • Goof: U-Turns Uzi is not a real gun. There is a clearly visible block inside the barrel when he points the gun at the camera.

    • Goof: The episode picks right up after the Season 2 finale and the gradudation party in 2006. Shane says that he is 12 years old, but later when the AMBER Alert is shown, his birth date is 02.06.95 - at least one year too old for the timeline.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Andy: Oh, we're having a great time. We're at the dump. Yeah, he wanted to see where the trash went.

    • Marvin: (to Nancy, about U-turn) He says if we don't come back with the pot soon, I gotta shoot you in the head. So let's really focus on finding it, okay? You got a really nice head!

    • (Armenian guy leaves)
      Marvin: Get away from the car! Get the fuck away from the car! (rushes Nancy away from the car)
      Nancy: Marvin?
      Marvin: Mm-hmm?
      Nancy: What are we doing?
      Marvin: I was thinkin' that the car was gonna blow up.
      Nancy: Oh.
      Marvin: Those Armenians, they like to blow shit up, you know.
      Nancy: Really?
      Marvin: Actually I don't know, he the first one I met but, he seemed real shifty.

    • Andy: Holy Ned, you're a giant redwood. Move, Redwood!
      Abumchuk: I'm not Redwood, I'm not Yeti Man, Master Mohawk, Chief Wiggum, Eskimo Pie, Great White North, or Warshington Redskin. And I'm not your snow nigger, you rude piece of shit. I'm fuckin' through with you.
      Andy: Hey, hey, come on. I called you snow nigg-a, with an "a". Jeez, Nanook, you're so sensitive.
      (Abumchuk headbutts Andy)

    • Gas Station Clerk: (about Shane) Little young to be driving if you ask me, but with all the preservatives people eat nowadays, everybody's looking younger, so who knows.

    • Doug: Dana won't fuck anyone. Something about a short cervix and how she might be a lesbian.
      Dean: You have four kids.
      Doug: Whose names could have been Tequila Shots, Snuck It In While She Was Sleeping, Doing It For A Lexus, and Turkey Baster.

    • Dean: You fuck up my marriage, I fuck up yours. Even.
      Doug: Even my ass. I love Dana.
      Dean: Then what were you doing inside my wife?
      Doug: Your wife's enticing snatch has nothing to do with my deep and abiding love for my wife.

    • Bear: Chop chop. Tempus fugit.
      Kat: Oh my God, you speak Greek. How cute is that?
      Shane: It's Latin! And the actual quotation is "fugit irreparabile tempus", which means "irretrievable time is flying".
      Bear: Well fuck me with a dictionary, kid. Get beat up much?

    • Andy: (to Abumchuk) I'm telling you man, after a lifetime of sardines and blubber, a fast food burrito ain't gonna be kind to you.

    • Nancy: (looking for cell phone signal) Just trying to find some power bars, okay? Power bars, that can't be right. What do you call these? Bars of reception?
      Marvin: On my phone, I call it the shrinking pyramid.
      U-turn: Kinda like yo dick.
      Marvin: Hey man, that's not cool. We don't even know these people.

    • Celia: (to Sheriff) What are you waiting for? Search his car. Hit him with your flashlight. Do what you people do.

    • Kat: (to Shane) We'll meet again. I'll be older, but I'll still be hot. And you'll be older and you'll still be the same smart, wise, gentle soul you are now, but you'll be taller. And I think that you're gonna do some really interesting things with your facial hair. I just see it. Okay Sweetie? Heart hug, heart hug.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Allie Grant and Tonye Patano are credited but do not appear.

    • As of this episode, Andy Milder and Allie Grant's names are added to the opening credits. They were previously credited as guest stars.

    • Music:
      "Little Boxes" by Randy Newman
      "One Thousands Years of a Tarantula" by Dengue Fever
      "Japanese Car" by Gideon Freudmann
      "You f*ed Up" by Ween

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: October 12, 2010 on zdf_neo

    • This episode was leaked online before its airdate on Showtime. Because of the good quality and the proclaimed excitement from creator Jenji Kohan about it being available on the internet, it is believed by many to be a promotional stunt to get people to watch the show.

    • This episode is rated TV-MA for brief nudity, mild violence, graphic language and adult content.


    • Andy: Geez, Nanook, you're so sensitive.
      Nanook was an Inuit man that starred in the 1922 documentary Nanook of the North. The movie depicts him and his family's life in the Canadian Arctic.