Season 7 Episode 5

Fingers Only Meat Banquet

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2011 on Showtime

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    I really discovered why I love this show with this great episode here tonight and with mumblings of an eigth season now, something I was not excited about originally, but based on this episode I am all for. This had pretty much everything you could ask for: great comedy and some really interesting developments. The line where Doug said he had an image of Bradley Cooper frozen on his screen had me legit rofl'ing. And the guest speaking cop, who was laced with profanity, was a hilarious character as well.

    And then there was Nancy trying to hop over the fence which is exactly the kind of absurdity the show has had missing for awhile now. This was what Weeds is all about in a nutshell and this was a really good half hour of TV.
  • Incredible episode. The best episode of Weeds since probably the finale of Season 3 and there are multiple reasons why.

    I gave up in Season 6 and thought I'd lost my love of Weeds forever. It just got so bad that when Season 7 started I decided the three year jump could help clean the slate, so I started viewing again and now I dont regret the decision. Episode 4 left me hanging and now Episode 5 restores what Weeds is all about; the drug dealing Mum trying to dig her way out of poverty to save her family (in this case to allow her to reunite with her three year old son and start life again from scratch). The episode was very moving, gave us a lot of good plot that I deeply enjoyed and when the final moment came for the big reveal something clicked in my head and I knew as soon as the judge said: go back to the Nancy you were before, that a certain Season 1-3 family would be returning and I was right. Cant wait for more!
  • Fingers Only Meat Banquet

    Fingers Only Meat Banquet was an exceptionally superb episode of Weeds and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as various characters set into their paths for the season. The major story lines are finally starting to appear and they have me at the edge of my seat wanting to see more. I thought it was really great how this episode played out. Silas had some touching scenes as he defended his mother. I can't wait to see how the custody battle escalates. I wonder if Doug will play ball or blow the whistle. Andy was faced with some real issues and makes important decisions. I absolutely loved the end of this episode which turned out to be an incredible and very unexpected surprise. I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!
  • A familiar face reappears while Nancy flies to California for a custody hearing.

    To be honest, it was refreshing to see an episode of "Weeds" that didn't completely revolve around Nancy self-destructing and trying to do more criminal activities. Here, we got an episode that saw Nancy at what is perhaps her most motherly. Sure, she's a self-centered woman who's sort of a jerk to her older children. But she clearly sees Stevie as some sort of a second chance. She already screwed up her first two kids... maybe Stevie is a chance at normalcy again?

    This doesn't mean that "Weeds" is back to normal. There was still a fair share of weird stuff going on.. maybe not with Nancy so much but with Andy, I'm growing more and more tired of the ridiculous stuff with the guy with cancer. I hope it goes somewhere and leads to something substantial. I compare this to his dates with Alanis Morissette and these plots don't even come anywhere close.

    But the relationship being built between Nancy and Silas is really interesting to me. Silas seems to be slowly coming around to the idea of his mom being around, even if she's not the same as she used to be. Family is family, and he'll do what he has to do to protect her... well, maybe not anything, but he'll definitely help her. And I also really liked the scenes where Nancy is yelling at her sister through the speaker. It was an aggressive and sort-of honest look at Nancy that wasn't just a way for the writers to make her goofier and goofier.

    And in the final moments, we see a familiar face that I won't spoil... let's just say, fans of Seasons 1 through 3 should be happy to see her. Overall, it was a good episode. The season is slowly getting better, although I still don't know where it's exactly going (Oh, and I'll throw this in here at the end: Martin Short is doing a bang-up job in the small role he has as Nancy's lawyer. Very entertaining.)
  • "Don't reinvent the wheel": A Nancy Botwin Tale

    Nancy's lawyer arranges a custody hearing for Stevie so she gets to fly out and leave for 48 hours and brings Silas as a character witness to her brazen motherhood to win over the judge. Andy encounters fear of death when his new lover's husband faints and he has to try to do CPR on him and makes him reconsider his relationship. Shane takes out more student loans and signs up for his first class of Applied Criminal Justice at the local college. The custody trial is postponed for two months to mess with Nancy but Silas appeals to the judge's sense of fairness. Nancy tries a more direct approach by going to Jill's house and threatening to see Stevie while Jill taunts her and a rent a cop stops her from entering the premises. The judge agrees to hear Nancy out and gives her some sound advice for when the rest of her sentence is finished that maybe then she can have Stevie but for now to embrace what made her a good mother in the first place. She and Silas stop at an old friend's house to buy some product and you'll never guess who it is.