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    [1]Sep 10, 2012
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    Hi everyone,

    I have been conversing with my flatmate on the amount of character development the main cast has received from season 1 to now. While I do feel there has been some character development over the past 9 years (?) I feel that it hasn't been that significant. Each character is pretty much exactly the same as they were from the first season, albeit with location/antagonist changes. Please don't take this to be a "I hate Weeds" rant as I do love the show and have stuck with Weeds through the entire series, being especially happy with this "Back to Agrestic" episode and actually getting an opportunity to see the off camera character development of the minor cast members who I missed dearly. However; at the end of my conversation with my flatmate I was left regaling her with the immense character development that has occurred with the main cast of Breaking Bad and how it was done in half the amount of seasons.

    So, I ask you fine viewers to help me see the various forms of character development the 'main' cast of Weeds has received from season 1 to 9. Again, I know some character development has happened, just hasn't felt that significant, especially outside of Nancy.

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    After watching the finale I'm sad to see them all go, I got attached to all of them, but it was time the story was told...

    As per your question, Weeds and Breaking Bad aren't exactly about the same thing (beside the fact that one is a comedy and the other a pure drama), while both are stories, grossly unrealistic, set in the world of illegal drugs.

    I feel that Weeds was always more a story about acceptance, and finding yourself (what you're about) in a world where most people succumb to peer pressure and social standards and hide away what is supposed to be ugly.
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