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    I won't post any unless I see a lot of TV.com banned activity going on.

    If you see someone breaking the rules report their post.

    Basically you should follow the rules listed by TV.com in the main forums.

    Don't advertise where to download episodes in the forum and don't ask someone where you can download episodes in the forum.
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    I just want to say,(as an old-enuff hippy),that FINALLY there are forums,& avenues of Entertainment that,at least try to luminate,& explore the worlds of those such as I.And,a show such as weeds should help 'our' cause."Our" being cancer patients,and such who have taken their health seriously enuff to grin & bear,& use more body-friendly treatments.I saw the actor who plays Connor,late one night,yeah,1 of those painful late nites,and I just luved what he said about marijuana being there for those who need it,but just didn't know how.And,that,& misrepresentation are truly the basic;s for 'pot's' bad name,or 'potheads'.I;m a 3time cancer surivor,only 1 left of my family,a Grandmother,& perfectly legal respectible citizen,(thanks to Prop.215).Thank you.Lew
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