Season 1 Episode 2

Free Goat

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2005 on Showtime
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As Celia deals with the other woman in her marriage, Nancy contemplates creating an enterprise to solve the cash-only financial issues caused by her drug dealing. Silas has to come to terms with his girlfriend's sudden departure, while Shane tries to come to terms with missing his Dad.moreless

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  • Free Goat

    The Good:

    -"...You're an idiot." "I'm an idiot savant."

    -"Did your hair go to boarding school in Mexico too?"

    -"I know you got troubles, but as my Mama always said, 'Tough shit.'"

    The Bad:

    -Quinn's disappearance is explained, but what happened to Josh?
  • Nancy finds out what it is like to be a drug dealer.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Weeds and that is not bad seeing how it is only the second episode to be aired in the seires. I found it really funny that Celia wanted to talk to the women who was banging her husband and that she sent her daughter away becuase she is the one who informed her of the affair. I can not believe that Shane fell and broke his arm while watching a tape of his father. I thought that it was funny to see nancy driving Conrad's car because she did not have enough money for the buy.moreless
  • Cash Only

    As Nancy deals with financial issues with Doug's proposal of cash only business ventures so as to avoid a paper trail from the authorities she takes on more setbacks than she can bare and has to trade in collateral like her car and her wedding ring to pay for her bills and for Lupita's services as her house keeper/nanny. Silas realizes that Quinn may not have loved him as much as he thought and Shane watches old videos of his dad to cope with his death. Meanwhile Celia deals with her husband's affair-ee after having shaved his head as payback.moreless
  • A pretty good episode, but not as good as the pilot.

    For some reason I didn't find this episode nearly as funny or entertaining as the pilot, but I still rather enjoyed it. It provided more background for the characters and further developed the present story.

    The main story in this episode is Celia's, who is still dealing with the revelation that her husband is sleeping with the Oriental tennis pro. In an act of revenge she shaves her husbands head, and, in my favorite scene of the episode, confronts the woman he was sleeping with.

    Meanwhile, Nancy is still having serious financial troubles and has to give her suppliers her ring and car as collateral for extra weed to sell. At home her phone gets cut off, and her son is shocked when he discovers Celia shipped off his girlfriend to a boarding school in Mexico. He then becomes depressed because he feels that she didn't care enough to say goodbye.

    Her youngest son also watches several videos of him and his late father, creating nostalgia for the family.

    This episode was more dramatic than anything, and even a little on the depressing side. None of the characters seem happy at all and there's quite a dark and serious undertone to it, and not in the way that "Desperate Housewives" is dark. In fact it's not very much like that show at all, so it's confusing that the two get compared so much.moreless
  • Getting better, but still wrong.

    While watching the second episode of this show I had to stop and realize that I don't like this show for so many reasons, but for some reason I feel compelled to continue watching this show. There is nothing that draws me to it, or anything that is so alsome that I feel that I must watch it some more, yet I watched again this week. I still think that it is a bottom of the barrel show, and it is wrong in so many ways, but there is something about it that I tune in to watch it.

    This episode picks up where the last one left off, the boy and girl, after sleeping with each other...which is also wrong in so many ways... the girl is now in mexico, probly also did not like the show. There is an asian who stick things up mens hind-ends and now is trying to justify it with the wife. The wife shaves the cheating mans after having him take to many sleeping pills. Plus the main character is having to halk her stuff to get more weed.

    What is wrong with this show, how are they getting away with it. I wish i could say that I would not watch it again but I probley will.

    "Quote Nevermore"

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: During the scene with Celia and Dean in the bathroom a boom-mike operator is clearly visible at one point where Dean moves his mirror.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Silas: I am her family.
      Celia: Ugh, God, poor thing. Do you really think that my daughter had deep romantic feelings for you? Is that what you think? Now I'm sure that you were a fun and sweaty diversion for her, but the truth is Quinn had a day and a half to get all of her ducks in a row before going to Mexico and she didn't call you. She didn't write or IM or e-mail you either, did she? But I'll tell you what she did do, she downloaded 2,000 songs into her ipod and dyed her hair pink with black on the tips. Because all that Quinn cares about is Quinn. She takes after her father that way. Poor schmuck.

    • Heylia: Woman, you are light. You are lighter than Michael Jackson, you so light.

    • Mr. Norman (clearly insane): I know what you did. I know you stole that goat.
      Nurse: Mr. Norman.
      Mr. Norman: Goat thief.
      Nurse: Mr. Norman, step back into your own line.
      Mr. Norman: I know, it's the economy stupid. But that goat didn't belong to you. He was free goat.
      Shane: Mom, it really hurts and its throbbing.
      Mr. Norman (mocking Shane) It's throbbing MOM!
      Nancy: Back off, Nutty!
      Mr. Norman: Cry baby. (Pretends to cry)
      Nancy: I'm going to take your free goat and shove it straight up your ass.
      Mr. Norman: What goat?

    • Nancy: What about you? You're not gonna sit here all night are you?
      Celia: Well I was thinking about tracking down the tennis whore and beating her to death with a tire iron but I forgot to set my Tivo......

    • Lupita: I think I have the menopause. I'm thinking I'm going to have another baby, I cry. Then I hear, no, it's the menopause, and I say 'thank you God.'

    • Heylia (after winning a game of dominos against her son): Tennis shoe pimp, that's 200 and break out the peppermint lotion 'cause you gonna massage my feet.

    • Celia: I'm very mad at him. He's just not what I thought he'd be, you know?
      Helen: Which was?
      Celia: Rich. Powerful. Faithful. He just turned out to be another mid-level asshole and that makes me "Mrs. Mid-Level Asshole."

    • Silas (referring to Quinn, Celia's daughter): I love her.
      Celia: You stuck your penis in her. That's not love... believe me.

    • Nancy: Maybe I should save some money by firing my accountant.
      Doug: OK, well let's not get carried away. We should brainstorm on this, have some dialog, confab, pow wow.
      Nancy: Can't believe I trust you with my money, you're an idiot.
      Doug: I'm an idiot... savant. Say what you will about me personally, but I'm a great fuckin' CPA.

    • Celia (referring to how everyone knows her husband cheated on her): Oh come on Nancy, I know you know. Everybody knows. There's no secrets in this town.
      Nancy: Maybe a few.
      Celia: Nah. None. You're having money problems. Our children had sex. Judy Gordon orders OxyContin over the Internet and had developed quite the habit.
      Nancy: "Jesus Loves You Judy"?
      Celia: "Jesus Loves You Judy" loves her "Hillbilly Heroin", but you didn't hear that from me, I don't like gossip.

    • Nancy: (Referring to why she is dealing) I started selling so I could maintain my lifestyle... not dismantle it.

    • Heylia: It's just business baby. Now, I know you got troubles, but like my mama always said, 'Tough shit.'

  • NOTES (3)


    • Heylia: Conrad, give her the keys to the hooptie.

      Hooptie: "An old, poorly maintained car. Hooptie." By Kevin Nealon from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Doug: It's a roomerang and when you throw it... it's supposed to come back to you. When someone else's face doesn't get in the way.

      Roomerang: "Very lightweight, super-soft, foam boomerangs that eliminate the indoor no-fly zone." By Elizabeth Perkins from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Heylia: (After winning a game of dominos against her son) Tennis shoe pimp, that's 200 and break out the peppermint lotion 'cause you gonna massage my feet.

      Tennis Shoe Pimp: In dominos, what's when all the ends add up to ten. See that's a ten-nis shoe pimp. Ow. By Tonye Patano from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Celia: (offering a pill) Ambien? Take them, you need your rest.

      Celia is offering her husband an Ambien which is a popular prescription sleeping pill.

    • Mr. Botwin: I am your father Shane. Join me on the dark side and together we can rule the universe.

      This is a reference to the Star Wars movie franchise. Specifically to the movie "The Empire Strikes Back", when Luke Skywalker learns that Darth Vader is his father. Shane and his Father are re-enacting that scene.

    • Celia: "Jesus Loves You Judy" loves her "Hillbilly Heroin", but you didn't hear that from me, I don't like gossip.

      Hillbilly Heroin is slang for Oxycontin which is "A perscription narcotic pain killer that offers a heroin like high." By Romany Malco from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Doug: This way she can have cash in her checking account and pay off some bills and "Bob's your uncle.

      Bob's Your Uncle: British term used to indicate that a given task is very simple. Possibly inspired by Victorian Prime Minister Lord Salisbury (family name Robert Cecil), whose nepotistic tendencies gave rise to the idea that to have Bob AS your uncle was a guarantee of success. By Elizabeth Perkins from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Heylia: Since Raysha got big with Shey and her daddy told Keeyon he'd be all bun if he didn't do right.

      Be All Bun: "Well it suggests that a certain piece of your anatomy is missin'. The hot dog. It means they cut off your damn penis By Tonye Patano from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Heylia: Uh oh, you poor shmuck, you just played wrong. That's a boat, hah how! Mark it down.

      A Boat: "In dominos, when all the ends add up to twenty." By Jenji Kohan from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.