Season 7 Episode 2

From Trauma Cometh Something

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • From Trauma Cometh Something

    From Trauma Cometh Something was a great episode of Weeds 7th season. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Nancy tries to get a job in NYC and then flees when she sees that Andy, Shane, Silas and Doug have come to visit her. This episode had classic elements that make the series what it is. I enjoyed each of the characters scenes and found them entertaining. I thought this episode had character and plot growth while maintaining a good pace for the over all story line. There was a lot of humor and some very funny scenes. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!
  • Andy and Shane try to get in touch with Nancy while Nancy tries to get back into weed.

    With Copenhagen a thing of the past and Nancy beginning to return somewhat to her weed-selling ways, some may be happy with the return to "normalcy." but for me, the show is just digging itself even deeper into a grave. Of course, the second episode is much better than the first, but besides Shane and Andy, something about the cast is just leaving me unbelievably cold. This isn't the same gun group that we saw in Agrestic.

    At least we're getting somewhat of a story now. Nancy, who we saw with a suitcase of grenades and guns, appears to be doing a favor for her cellmate in prison. She delivers the goods to (I think) her cellmate's brother and plans to accept a good amount of weed as payment. It's as if the show suddenly remembered that it's called "weeds" and is trying to somewhat return to its roots. Meanwhile, with the rest of the Botwins (and Doug) back from Copenhagen, they all have different agendas: Andy and Shane continued looking for Nancy, worried that she's been horribly changed by prison, Silas continues looking for a modeling job and Doug meets up with some old friends. Silas and Doug drew the short straw this episode because their screen time was pointless. It was better to watch Andy and Shane sneak into Nancy's room and watch Nancy do those crazy things she does.

    What I'm really interested in now is how Nancy, Andy and Shane (and Silas) will get along. I thought it was strange for a mother who supposedly cares so much about her children to run away from them at first sight... but the show is good at transforming Nancy every few episodes. I guess we'll see what happens next.
  • Back to Basics: A Nancy Botwin Rehabilitation Tale

    Nancy gets a three hour break to go to a job interview and makes a stop to drop the explosives off but not after seeing and avoiding her visiting family at the halfway house and it turns out Silas wanted to come too so he did. Nancy tries to barter her way back into the "business" and manages to barter a pound out of the grenades and smokes a joint too. Doug reunites with an old buddy who love his lifestyle and he gets him to promise to come around his office the next day. Silas gets a modeling agent to float his profile around to anyone interested in his type after she shoots him down to be a client but might find something down the line maybe. Shane and Andy look around Nancy's room and watch a video about inmates and what to expect. In the end Nancy shows up right on time but the head of house hears her mention her weed smoking during her reunion with Shane and Andy and she is about to get drug tested. Good start now that we know what to expect with the limitations of the halfway house and whatnot and what Nancy wants out of it now that she's effectively a third class citizen.
  • 702

    I know that some people out there liked the season premiere. I did not, but the second episode definitely stepped up. It actually had some things that were funny, and more importantly the show got back to what it does best: having Nancy sell weed. A return to its roots with Nancy dealing is what the show needs, even if it is up against the backdrop of a massive time jump. And Doug returning to a regular job could be fun if it is explored.

    While I don't agree with a lot of the storylines, this is episode had me laughing, and that is all you can ask for from a sitcom. It flew by, it was well-written, definitely better than the season premiere.