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Season 6 Episode 8

Gentle Puppies

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

After finding a new RV, Doug, Nancy and her family reach Pioneer Town, a former western movie set. While her family tries to set up a mobile hash making shop inside the RV, Nancy starts looking for customers.

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  • Nancy, Nancy, Nancy... What is up with you?

    I'm sorry for anybody who has enjoyed Nancy Botwin's progression as a character, but for me, she's one of the most insufferable, irritating, irrational, idiotic characters on TV right now. And this isn't just recently either. I think my respect and understanding for Nancy Botwin went down the drains eight episodes into Season 1 after she had sex with a Mexican drug dealer on top of her car in an alleyway. Ever since then, it's been the "Let's see Nancy justify THIS to her family!" show, and despite my immense love for the show and its other characters, there's just some things that Nancy does that make NO sense to me.

    I'll start with what I did like. Andy, Shane, Silas and Doug are what keep me going and remind me of how eclectic and unique this cast is. Andy deserves some sort of Emmy recognition. He's a great character who is a perfect example of a loyal family member. Nancy is arguably to blame for everything that's happened to the family (directly or indirectly), yet Andy still follows her order. Doug is a goofball, but his one-liners tend to balance the show's more dramatic tendencies out. Silas is crazy, but hilarious and Silas may be the most normal character on the show right now. Andy pretending to be a priest in this episode was hilarious, and I must say overall, their brief stop at the dingy little town lead to a lot of laughs.

    However, my problem was Nancy. She's no longer likable to me. She's a compelling character and I still think Mary-Louise Parker is one of the top three actresses on TV right now. She does a great job in the role. However, having sex with a random bartender who's married with three kids? I think that just about sums her up. Random, impulsive, stupid and ridiculous. Irresponsible. The adjectives go on. But despite all this, I've enjoyed this season of the Botwin's on the run. And there have been some genuinely great scenes with Nancy and other characters. It's just that when you think you understand her, she goes and does something completely dumb. Hopefully, Season 7 will be a return to normalcy. And PLEASE bring back the theme song.. just for one episode? Ever since that song was left behind, it feels like the show stayed with it.moreless
  • gentle puppies

    Note to all readers: do not watch this episode at work; it will get you in trouble.

    Some of the scenes today were enjoyable, as usual Andy hit the ball out of the park from a comedy perspective, this time posing as a father, but the majority of this episode was the same usual nonsense we get from Weeds on a weekly basis.

    Kevin Nealon should really think about leaving the show. He contributes absolutely nothing to the show and just stands there looking like a goof. Hopefully the show can get back on track as I loved the last episode but this one? Not so much.moreless
  • Middle of Nowhere: A Newman Family Traveling

    This week the Newmans travels to Pioneer City, Nowhere after having purchased an RV with religious writings on it and they plan to make product and form a new client base. A close call came from Doug, Andy, and Silas being pulled over by a highway patrol man. But it was well resolved by the ways of Andy-suasion. Nancy got well deservedly laid at a bar by some guy and it was an unexpected alleviation for her character after having been through so much this season. As they get money off of their religion scam with Pastor Randy though Nancy actually slept with a married guy and they're cast out of Pioneer Town but Nancy is determined to sell hash forever after.moreless
  • Gentle Puppies

    Gentle Puppies was an astounding episode of Weeds sixth season. This episode brought us back to the classical Weeds shenannigans we have all come to love and enjoy. After buying a used RV full of sex toys, gay porn, and other stuff, the Newmans find themselves at an old western movie set called poioneer town where they decide to settle for awhile. Andy ends up becoming the settlements preacher assisted by Doug. Silas wants to get out of here as soon as possible, and Nancy finally gets what she needed, but it will end up forcing the family to flee once more. Shane is ready to start his life of crime with just him, Stevie and their Mom, but thats not happening. This episode is full of hilarious action, hot steamy moments, and new characters.moreless
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