Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on Showtime
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As the wildfire approaches, everyone must evacuate. Nancy tells her family to pack up, while Conrad and Heylia must say goodbye to the growhouse. The authorities question Sullivan and Celia, while Shane continues to ask Nancy about Pittsburgh. As Andy deals at the evacuation center, Silas realizes the truth about Tara.moreless

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  • Pittsburgh, the Wrath of Doug, or The End of An Era: A Botwin Clan Season Finale

    As the fire that Guillermo started for Nancy to get rid of the bikers' influence over her. Majestic has a mandatory evacuation and all of the residents are together at the safe shelter of the church. Shane refuses to leave without Judah but Nancy insists that he leaves with them and it finally became clear to me that it was just a cry for help. The family prepares to leave as well as Conrad and Nancy have a sort of farewell in their business relationship as they finish cleaning out the grow house. It is in this episode that Weeds really shows the hypocrisy of the "Jesus freaks" and its dark humor sticks out and its ensemble cast really shines as the third season comes to a close on having learned to become gangster and what not to do in the "business." Guillermo and Nancy consolidate their new partnership and sometimes it's better to move on then stay put in a place you don't belong.moreless
  • Phwoar! What an episode!

    Look, i'll admit that season 3 of weeds hasn't been my favourite. Don't get me wrong, i love the drama mixed in with the humor...but there was always just something missing from this season. Which isn't to say that i didn't like it, because compared to most shows it was still amazing.

    This episode would have to be my favorite of all 3 seasons; it was so beautifully written, i loved the symbolism of the fire and how Nancy couldn't even find her house. It strayed from last season's cliffhanger, but i didn't mind- the ending scene was so incredible. If this was the end of the entire series i would have been satisfied. Disappointed (of course), but satisfied.

    I can never get enough of Doug, just the whole singing in the evac center was hilarious. And i thought the scene where Nancy torched her house was brilliant. Not to mention the segway.

    I really don't know where they'll go with season 4- obviously it'll begin with nancy on the run from the DEA. Whether or not they're still in Agrestic/Majestic, we'll just have to wait and see.

    Either way, i can't wait.moreless
  • The fire is spreading, we know there is going to be an evacuation at some point, but what about all the little pieces that are going to be answered, I know some will be saved for the new series, but will they get all the weed out without getting caught!!!moreless

    We see Nancy's household glued to the news as we watch the fire getting larger and the fire teams losing the battle. Shane says that awesome that they caused it, not really agreed with the rest of the household.

    Then the news report says about recommended evacuations, we see people head off to the evac centres on the complimentary buses, Celia has packed up all her fave stuff into the car, just as a mandatory order is issued, she gets blocked in by a fire crew, gives the stroppy fireman her telephone number before setting off on foot.

    There is mini panic at the grow house as Heylia informs them that the smoke is getting closer and that she is thinking of going into the care industry, but she will still get her stuff from Conrad, just as long as she doesn't have to see her girlfriend and hopes that she makes a real good turkey for thanks giving.

    The Botwins have all packed, Nancy doesn't even realise that Shane has Turtles, that he's had them for a year. They head off to the evac centre, they also see an untapped market and head off to sell some weed.

    One of Dougs best roles is where he goes around the centre, playing his banjo and singing his little ditties. Especially when he comes to the religious zealots.

    Then the cops break into the grow house, the police notice the drugs and the fireman thinks its the house that shot Peckers of the caribean, then the next thing we see is Sullivan being interviewed by Captain Till of the DEA, who spills the beans on Celia, who then gets called intosee him also.

    Nancy and the mexican chat over the outcome whilst watching the area, about life and how she can't give him anything as their isn't any drug dealer insurance policy. Then see heads off to the house once more, cons the cops and goes in their to make sure it burns down by setting fire to it.

    So many questions left, where's my series 4.moreless
  • The only bad thing about this episode is that it is not the last one.

    This was the last episode of Weeds for this season (season 5 is a go) and I was ready for a huge cliffhanger but instead I got a beautiful finale.

    Everything warps up, everybody find their place and are ready for starting a new life (hmmm, at least some of them). Nancy has to make a choice and the way she does it is just plain genius.

    But the best thing in all this is the little things, in all the chaos and the town burning up the gang still tries to sell drugs, Selina still trying to find herself a man and Doug, the king of this episode, is playing a silly guitar and singing some weird stuff and somehow it is the glue that holds it all togather. The comic relief we were looking for to make it all perfect.

    Anyway, If this was the last episode of the series (and not the season) it would have been perfect.moreless
  • Excellent but made me sad :( "Judah, if your still here... I tried"

    This was a really great episode, although i must say.. its kinda like a series final. but i suppose they dont that incase it didnt get recomissioned. It was a really great episode though, with most of the story lines closing up and Celia ratting out on nancy ! =O !! Shane still wants to go to pittsburg. i loved how the story was written a while ago, and yet its quite real now. Also, loved state radio being played and the ending with no clue to whats ganna happen next. It might be hard to follow up with a season 4 after this episode. And also Nancy botwin (Mary Louise Parker) looked quite good in this epi :Pmoreless
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