Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The Botwins are watching the newscast regarding the fire. Andy lets it slip that Nancy got the gangsters to start the fire for her. Nancy orders the family to pack up and get out.

Celia starts arguing with firemen for blocking her car. After one fireman tells her off, she hands him a card with her phone number on it and tells him to call her.

Heylia is telling Veneeta and Conrad to get out of the grow house, while they're saying they want to pack a few more things. Heylia tells Conrad to keep his relationship with Nancy out of her face, and that Nancy better be able to make a turkey because she isn't having Thanksgiving with Heylia.

Isabelle yells at the guy helping her dad off the shuttle into the rec center. She tells her dad he needs to stop being such a wimp as she won't always be there.

Shane takes his turtles into the kitchen, and Nancy asks him how long he's had turtles. He says a year. Shane gets Juda's earthquake box with important documents out, but says that he won't go because his dad isn't leaving the house. Nancy yells at the air where Shane says Juda is, and then tells Shane that his father wants him to leave. Shane runs off to pack and Andy enters the kitchen with a plan to sell at the evacuation rec center.

Doug is playing the banjo at the rec center, and Andy is organizing the troops for toking up everyone.

Nancy goes over to the grow house. Conrad tells her to take what she can but sell it slowly because that's all they're going to have for awhile and then lectures her on 'making a deal with the devil'. Conrad asks Nancy if she can make a turkey. She says she can if she can microwave it. Conrad asks what happens if Nancy's house and suberb burn down, and she says that then she'd have to go.

Celia is asking Nancy what the new plan is, eager to be part of the team. Nancy tells her to wait until the fire is over. Isabelle tells Shane that his mom has a great ass. He asks her if she's really a lesbian, and she replies by asking him if he really talks to his dead father. Shane decides to go to the bathroom instead of answering.

The Magestic police bust into the grow house, and the firemen kick them out.

Shane starts talking about Pittsburg again, and Nancy tells him to stop trying to get them to move to Pittsburg as they pass a bunch of Christian fanatics.

Captian Till is asking Sullivan about the plants growing in his living room, and he says that even though the deed was in his companies name, the house was Celia's. Sullivan takes off for Colorado Springs, but leaves a number for Captain Till to reach him.

Nancy tells Andy she's going to go meet up with Gillermo. Andy tells her to stop hanging out with bad people, and to stay.

Tara bursts in on the Christians, saying they found the Cross and have to go save it. Silas tries to tell her that Jesus does not make her flame retardent, but Tara insists that Jesus will protect them.

Nancy is talking to Guillermo. He tells her to chill out, that its part of the circle of life. He asks her to sell for him, but she says she's no ones bitch now. Guillermo says maybe her house won't burn and she can stay there forever.

Tara is on tv for going into the burning house. As she's being lifted into the ambulance, the news reporter asks her 'Can you tell us why you rushed into a burning house' and Tara replies 'The lord told us to go'. Silas says he's over her.

Captain Till finds Celia, and she gives him the name 'Nancy Botwin'.

Nancy rushes up to a fireman, crying that her husbands ashes are still in the house. Once she gets into the house, she pours lighter fluid all over the house. She calls Andy and tells him to get the kids ready, its time to go. She hangs up and says 'Juda, if you're still here, I tried.'