Season 3 Episode 7

He Taught Me How To Drive By

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on Showtime

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  • A Thuggin' Life

    U-Turn's funeral is lamented by Nancy and Conrad and Marvin announces that her debt isn't fully paid off while he's in charge. Celia and Sullivan go on a date. The City Council votes against the Majestic/Agrestic but it's put to a referendum and the vote is put to the people of Agrestic. Shane tries to make a stand at school and Silas and his new friend are abstinent together whilst Andy caters a porn set and Dean and Doug come to check out the fun. Marvin is threatened by the Mexican gang to stop dealing on the streets and Nancy agrees to help him out alive if he lets her out of her debt and then she "celebrates" with Sullivan over the signed referendum.
  • It's U-turns funeral/wake and Nancy asks someone why he was being buried in a hot tub, well the could not fit the boat in. Conrad and Heylia are there, but just to make sure he is dead.

    The council members are asked to vote on yet another decision, but all follow Doug's lead, as the have all be told about the house that Celia got, Celia surprises mr smooth but bringing up the topic of a referendum in order to get Agrestic to be part of Majestic.

    Marvin is going to take over the business and when asked, Nancy gets told that he has her debt also. Conrad more or less admits to shooting Marvin in the arse so that there would be a gang world and Marvin wants Nancy to be at a Gang summit with him and the mexican's.

    Needless to say, Nancy is using the lessons of u-turn well as she gets the situation of her debt and the heroin solved in one go, whilst also doing a few jobs for Mr Smooth (Sullivan) so that the merger for agrestic and majestic can go ahead.

    Shane is joine by Isabelle at the religious summer school camp, but soon get to be targets for some religious bullies, even Shanes smart mouth can't get him out of trouble on this score, but a source in the form of a young lady does, shane has instant first love, Isabelle gets jealous and intervenes so that she gets her attention.

    Andy is busy doing the catering for the movie that turns out to be a porn, also made in the house soon to be lived in by Celia, where he gets to meet the guy whose pecker was used to mould the strap-on that the israeli chick used on him. The best line was after telling him that he had been on the receiving end, but he though it was too big, only later to give the guy the sh**s and him saying, well that's us even!!! LOL.

    With the pouring rain coming down hard, we focus on a storm drain, only to see a corpse wearing a badge make an appearance and bob to the surface!!! Hmmm.
  • ...

    I really enjoyed this episode of Weeds.
    For me the best scene of the episode was Isabel's sneaky revenge on Shane. I absolutely cracked up when Isabel moved her hand down Amelia, only for Amelia to move it back up. The narrow-minded ultra-religious school has actually provided quite a few good jokes. I also liked Shane's response to the boys beating him up 'If I say I love Jesus as the son then that makes me gay'.
    Andy was quite under-used this episode but he also got a few good lines.
    Interesting to see Doug lead the council members as he did; I guess however corrupt an individual or group are, the majority nearly always wins. Celia joined them in their corruption and yet still can't win.
    I so didn't predict the ending of the episode though. I know it will prove for some interesting relationship dynamics in future episodes, but I hadn't realised Nancy was at all interested in Sullivan. Of course they will be able to drag out the storyline with her dead husband a little longer too, not that Nancy is strictly to blame.
  • U-Turns is dead.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Weeds. I liked that Nancy and Conrad was in the same room together for the first time in a couple of episodes. I think that it is good that Nancy was able to get herself and Marvin out of trouble but is unable to sell anything. I thought that it was really weird that Nancy did not fight harder for Silas not to sell pot. You would think that she would not want ther son to deal after all she has been through and knowing her son but she just sat there.
  • nancy and skeevy boss...ewww...

    So, as U-Turn is dead Nancy figures that she and Conrad are out of debt. Wrong, the second in command moved up. He takes Nanct to meet with the Mexicans to settle the debt. When Nancy finds out that she has the heroin they want (as a gun is in her new bosses mouth) she offers to save his life by giving the gang what they want in turn for her and Conrad being debt free. All is said to be ok, but she fails to hear when the Mexicans say they want all the business, including the pot. That could cause problems for Conrad and his new plants. Hmmm…Andy in porn, goes well together. And a pot smoking Jesus freak (that's my issue with organized religion).
  • Nancy manages to get out of debt.

    Fabulous episode that is very well written and included some great twists.

    With U-turn dead, Marvin decides to take control. When he goes to confront the Mexican together with Nancy, she manages to make the Mexicans force him to forget about her and Conrad's debt in exchange for the heroin U-turn hid at her house. She's off the hook and celebrates by seducing Sullivan.

    Shane is harassed at school and is saved by Amelia, who promises to spend time with him. However, Isabel sees Amelia and convinces her she is in more need of saving. Poor Shane.

    Andy works as a caterer at a porn shoot but because of his food the main star get anupset stomach.

    Silas still hangs out with virgin yet pot-smoking Tara.
  • I loved this eppy!

    With U-Turn gone, Nancy finally found a way to get rid of her damn debt and no longer be surrounded by pretty much mortal danger every day ("He taught me how to drive by" - great quote!!) - but I thought she'd go right to Conrad, especially after he tried to get closer again. Why the hell's she doing that jerk now?? I wish she hadn't, it made her look so nasty, I don't like her that way.
    Anyway, the episode was great and really deserves full 10 points. Finally, we got to see everyone again including that Olsen girl (which one is she again? I nver know that). Can't really tell what I think about her yet...
  • Nancy figures out a way to get out her debt after U-Turn's death

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I am really happy that she is out from underneath her debt because the whole thing was starting to feel really silly with U-Turn and Marvin and everything. It was quite interesting that this is how they are coming out with Peter's death... I wonder if Nancy is going to get blamed for it. Personally, I think that she is going to wind up with his life insurance money since they were married after all and she did send in the marriage license. Shane in that school is so funny and the addition of Isabel is also hilarious. I also want to say that I think that Mary Kate Olsen is doing a stand up job on the show, I know that she has been getting a lot of flack from the critics but I actually really enjoy her character and hope that maybe they will keep her on even after her arc. I think she's great on the show.
    And also, once again Andy and Doug killed it with the comedy. They are the funniest characters on this show are always good for a laugh even when the topics with Nancy are getting more serious. Can't wait for next week and Peter's funeral.
  • A free Nancy...

    The first part of the episode was rather slow, but it was quite enjoyable. U Turn's funeral was really hilarious, very well done.

    Marvin taking over Nancy was somewhat predictable, and unfortunately their "allience" was cut off way to soon in my opinion, it was really funny, especially with Marvin acting all gangsta.

    I could've used some more Andy screentime, but the few scenes he was in rocked. The porn movie was hilarious, but also the nudity was extreme, which is to me, is surprising. Surely, Weeds is mainly for adults, but they never went as far as showing "everything" right infront of the camera.

    Putting that aside, again, it was hilarious. Shane's new love interest was short lived, but really funny aswell, also I liked the science vs faith debate that dominated through the episode, it created some good laughs, proves that Weeds is one of the few shows that can deal with serious matters and serve it a way that you won't stop laughing.

    The ending was masterful, with a Weeds-like cliffhanger, Peter's corpse is surfaced... What's next?

    Overall, a very enjoyable episode of Weeds, with a great mix of humor and surprises along the way.