Season 3 Episode 7

He Taught Me How To Drive By

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on Showtime

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    I really enjoyed this episode of Weeds.
    For me the best scene of the episode was Isabel's sneaky revenge on Shane. I absolutely cracked up when Isabel moved her hand down Amelia, only for Amelia to move it back up. The narrow-minded ultra-religious school has actually provided quite a few good jokes. I also liked Shane's response to the boys beating him up 'If I say I love Jesus as the son then that makes me gay'.
    Andy was quite under-used this episode but he also got a few good lines.
    Interesting to see Doug lead the council members as he did; I guess however corrupt an individual or group are, the majority nearly always wins. Celia joined them in their corruption and yet still can't win.
    I so didn't predict the ending of the episode though. I know it will prove for some interesting relationship dynamics in future episodes, but I hadn't realised Nancy was at all interested in Sullivan. Of course they will be able to drag out the storyline with her dead husband a little longer too, not that Nancy is strictly to blame.