Season 3 Episode 7

He Taught Me How To Drive By

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on Showtime

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  • It's U-turns funeral/wake and Nancy asks someone why he was being buried in a hot tub, well the could not fit the boat in. Conrad and Heylia are there, but just to make sure he is dead.

    The council members are asked to vote on yet another decision, but all follow Doug's lead, as the have all be told about the house that Celia got, Celia surprises mr smooth but bringing up the topic of a referendum in order to get Agrestic to be part of Majestic.

    Marvin is going to take over the business and when asked, Nancy gets told that he has her debt also. Conrad more or less admits to shooting Marvin in the arse so that there would be a gang world and Marvin wants Nancy to be at a Gang summit with him and the mexican's.

    Needless to say, Nancy is using the lessons of u-turn well as she gets the situation of her debt and the heroin solved in one go, whilst also doing a few jobs for Mr Smooth (Sullivan) so that the merger for agrestic and majestic can go ahead.

    Shane is joine by Isabelle at the religious summer school camp, but soon get to be targets for some religious bullies, even Shanes smart mouth can't get him out of trouble on this score, but a source in the form of a young lady does, shane has instant first love, Isabelle gets jealous and intervenes so that she gets her attention.

    Andy is busy doing the catering for the movie that turns out to be a porn, also made in the house soon to be lived in by Celia, where he gets to meet the guy whose pecker was used to mould the strap-on that the israeli chick used on him. The best line was after telling him that he had been on the receiving end, but he though it was too big, only later to give the guy the sh**s and him saying, well that's us even!!! LOL.

    With the pouring rain coming down hard, we focus on a storm drain, only to see a corpse wearing a badge make an appearance and bob to the surface!!! Hmmm.