Season 4 Episode 11

Head Cheese

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Showtime
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Nancy finds parenting increasingly more difficult, Celia's rehab spirals downhill rapidly. Doug finds winning Maria's affections far more difficult than expected. Cheese sandwiches win the day but when the true nature of the tunnel is discovered Nancy is left with narrowing options, Roy Till is called.
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    • Nancy: Guillermo... Garcia... Gomez...

    • Andy: (about Maria not wanting to have sex with Doug) Look, she's probably scared. I mean, she's totally out of her element. Make her feel comfortable.
      Doug: How do I do that?
      Andy: You talk to her.
      Doug: Okay. Alright. Talk to her. About what?
      Andy: About anything. On the way over here, we had great talks. She grew up in an orphanage. Start there.
      Doug: She's an orphan?
      Andy: Yeah.
      Doug: Sweet. Daddy issues. Age difference should work in my favor.

    • Celia: You're a pilot? Do you fly like this?
      Barry: Coked to the gills. You don't want to fly with me when I'm sober. When I crash, we all crash.

    • Guillermo: What the f***?
      Nancy: Exactly. What the f***? This is supposed to be a pot tunnel.
      Guillermo: I know you ain't as slow as you're acting. It's a tunnel. There's no magical "weed only" sign at the entrance. Cut the shit.

    • Nancy: Who told you we were closed?
      Sanjay: The sexy, scary, beardy one.
      Nancy: Don't you think it's a little conspicuous if the whole mall is having sale but we're closed?
      Sanjay: I do what I'm told by men with semi-automatic weapons. I'm a total bottom that way.

    • Nancy: (to Harmony and Simone) So neither of your parents has a problem with you sleeping at some boy's house they've never met?
      Harmony: They're totally cool with it.
      Nancy: How bohemian!
      Harmony: No, they're American.

    • Doug: Andy, I smuggled her here. I think that merits some cock-amole on her face-adilla.

    • Barry: 17 years as a commercial pilot, I think I know how to sneak **** past security.

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