Season 4 Episode 11

Head Cheese

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Showtime

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  • like nancy's attitude

    the only things that i liked in this episode is the attitude that nancy took in the end of the episode when she called the fed to take down guermo .. when she talked to the phone i thought she was callin conrad but she wasn't .. now with 2 episodes left i dont know wat real action will happen that will give that awsome endin to the season like they did in the first 3 seasons,, and everythin else was just completing events and continuing wat was goin on like with cilia and with doug .. .. .. ..
  • Nancy faces a conscience issue with stuff being transported through the tunnel. Shane still contemplates on having sex. Silas looks to expand his grow house. Doug has problems impressing Maria.

    Wow, this season is indeed getting boring and boring with every episode. Though this episode did definitely seem watchable that the previous one.

    A pretty average episode which primarily tries to give some screen time for all possible characters. The comedy factor still continues to disappoint me. I honestly don't understand what the writers are trying to do with the Celia character. Though, I presume its a desperate attempt to make parts of the show more funny. Nevertheless, its nothing but irritating.

    Nancy's moral troubles still continue to haunt her. It's interesting to see her character develop in this episode. She turning in Guillermo to the DEA dude is definitely an interesting twist to the tale. I hope it at least takes the show in some direction or possible kill it. This episode did have certain good scenes, though brief, delivered by guest actors, and of course - Shane and Isabelle.

    Andy and Doug's characters still continue to disappoint, as they have been all this season.

    Silas has been the usual, still playing the eye candy of the show.

    Overall, a decent episode going by some recent benchmarks. Hope things get better.
  • Nancy considers turning Guillermo in.

    Well, let's start with the positives. Bob Odenkirk gave a tremendous performance in his guest-starring role. He's appeared on Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Newsradio, How I Met Your Mother and a plethora of other shows yet manages to remain fresh, and more importantly funny, everywhere he goes. His line about f'ing the 57 year old flight attendant was priceless.

    Kevin Nealon also gave a great performance, capped off by the scene with him and his Mexican girlfriend walking on the beach and calling kids "little ****s". Mary Louise Parker is still entertaining, even if she's not exactly the funniest woman on television anymore.

    Now for the bad. Silas and Shane are absolutely unbearable. The producers need to kill them off or something because they put a damper on the whole show. Celia had just about more screen time than anybody and it was 100 percent undeserved. She is brutal. She's unattractive, she's unfunny and she's annoying. She's basically offensive to all five senses.

    While the good outweighed the bad and I gave this a higher rating than usual Weeds needs to pick it up. It looks as if things might be heading in the right direction with conflict between Nancy and Guillermo, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Nancy finds out more dark things about the tunnel. Silas' drug business is flourishing and Doug has problems building up a relationship with Maria. Furthermore Shane and Isabelle complain about their mothers.

    After the last episode of Weeds, there was a lot of disappointment among the Weeds-fans. "Head Cheese" kind of manages to help us get over it. Especially Nancy takes back the bearing part.

    Nancy has problems with her conscience since she has seen Guillermo smuggling girls through the tunnel. She confronts Esteban, who can't deny that there is more than just drug smuggling in the tunnel...

    While Nancy is back in action and has an important development in the end of the episode, I ask myself why Doug's part is getting profound. It doesn't fit Doug's character. The lively part of him and Andy got slowed down by Maria.

    Silas' and Lisa's drug business in the Cheese Shop works out well moreover they think about an extension of their business. While everything is good with Silas, his brother Shane has problems with Nancy because of the "two scary little sluts"...

    Where would this show be without Mary-Louise Parker? I don't want to know. Development was the big issue of this episode. A bit too big if you ask me, due to the fact that the fun part missed out. Mainly because there was too little of Andy and too much profoundness with Doug.

    Weeds improved again. The eleven past episodes showed us how miscellaneous good dramedy can be. This season had ups and downs, but finally consolidates the good position of the show. Two more episodes left, I am going to watch them and I hope not only me but also you...
  • Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of the workings of the tunnel. Celia begins rehab and although it goes well, her progress unexpectedly backtracks. Silas gives Nancy a proposition, while Shane and Isabelle analyze their eccentric mothers.

    Weeds has been very different this season and there have been so many great things about it, and I find myself glued to the fantastic story lines concerning Nancy. Her character has developed beautifully in this season. This episode was so good when she was on screen - we are starting to see a lot of emotions and revelations within her character.

    I am beginning to grow annoyed at the Andy/Doug storyline. These two were my favorite characters throughout the show but this season Maria has added unneeded depth to Doug's character, and Andy, well is still Andy.

    Celia is hilarious - and I know a lot of people are against her this season, but I cannot see why. She has developed in a hilarious yet fairly dark fashion. Shane and Isabelle are also great on the screen - Isabelle is a favorite of mine and I like the direction Shane is going in. I dread seeing Lisa and Silas on the screen - it is like watching paint dry. I did like that fat comment though. Most of this season has moved in a brilliant direction, but there are a couple of plots that, in my opinion, just slow down everything else that is happening.
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