Season 4 Episode 11

Head Cheese

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Nancy finds out more dark things about the tunnel. Silas' drug business is flourishing and Doug has problems building up a relationship with Maria. Furthermore Shane and Isabelle complain about their mothers.

    After the last episode of Weeds, there was a lot of disappointment among the Weeds-fans. "Head Cheese" kind of manages to help us get over it. Especially Nancy takes back the bearing part.

    Nancy has problems with her conscience since she has seen Guillermo smuggling girls through the tunnel. She confronts Esteban, who can't deny that there is more than just drug smuggling in the tunnel...

    While Nancy is back in action and has an important development in the end of the episode, I ask myself why Doug's part is getting profound. It doesn't fit Doug's character. The lively part of him and Andy got slowed down by Maria.

    Silas' and Lisa's drug business in the Cheese Shop works out well moreover they think about an extension of their business. While everything is good with Silas, his brother Shane has problems with Nancy because of the "two scary little sluts"...

    Where would this show be without Mary-Louise Parker? I don't want to know. Development was the big issue of this episode. A bit too big if you ask me, due to the fact that the fun part missed out. Mainly because there was too little of Andy and too much profoundness with Doug.

    Weeds improved again. The eleven past episodes showed us how miscellaneous good dramedy can be. This season had ups and downs, but finally consolidates the good position of the show. Two more episodes left, I am going to watch them and I hope not only me but also you...