Season 4 Episode 11

Head Cheese

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Nancy faces a conscience issue with stuff being transported through the tunnel. Shane still contemplates on having sex. Silas looks to expand his grow house. Doug has problems impressing Maria.

    Wow, this season is indeed getting boring and boring with every episode. Though this episode did definitely seem watchable that the previous one.

    A pretty average episode which primarily tries to give some screen time for all possible characters. The comedy factor still continues to disappoint me. I honestly don't understand what the writers are trying to do with the Celia character. Though, I presume its a desperate attempt to make parts of the show more funny. Nevertheless, its nothing but irritating.

    Nancy's moral troubles still continue to haunt her. It's interesting to see her character develop in this episode. She turning in Guillermo to the DEA dude is definitely an interesting twist to the tale. I hope it at least takes the show in some direction or possible kill it. This episode did have certain good scenes, though brief, delivered by guest actors, and of course - Shane and Isabelle.

    Andy and Doug's characters still continue to disappoint, as they have been all this season.

    Silas has been the usual, still playing the eye candy of the show.

    Overall, a decent episode going by some recent benchmarks. Hope things get better.