Season 4 Episode 11

Head Cheese

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Showtime



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    • Nancy: Guillermo... Garcia... Gomez...

    • Andy: (about Maria not wanting to have sex with Doug) Look, she's probably scared. I mean, she's totally out of her element. Make her feel comfortable.
      Doug: How do I do that?
      Andy: You talk to her.
      Doug: Okay. Alright. Talk to her. About what?
      Andy: About anything. On the way over here, we had great talks. She grew up in an orphanage. Start there.
      Doug: She's an orphan?
      Andy: Yeah.
      Doug: Sweet. Daddy issues. Age difference should work in my favor.

    • Celia: You're a pilot? Do you fly like this?
      Barry: Coked to the gills. You don't want to fly with me when I'm sober. When I crash, we all crash.

    • Guillermo: What the f***?
      Nancy: Exactly. What the f***? This is supposed to be a pot tunnel.
      Guillermo: I know you ain't as slow as you're acting. It's a tunnel. There's no magical "weed only" sign at the entrance. Cut the shit.

    • Nancy: Who told you we were closed?
      Sanjay: The sexy, scary, beardy one.
      Nancy: Don't you think it's a little conspicuous if the whole mall is having sale but we're closed?
      Sanjay: I do what I'm told by men with semi-automatic weapons. I'm a total bottom that way.

    • Nancy: (to Harmony and Simone) So neither of your parents has a problem with you sleeping at some boy's house they've never met?
      Harmony: They're totally cool with it.
      Nancy: How bohemian!
      Harmony: No, they're American.

    • Doug: Andy, I smuggled her here. I think that merits some cock-amole on her face-adilla.

    • Barry: 17 years as a commercial pilot, I think I know how to sneak **** past security.

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