Season 1 Episode 7

Higher Education

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on Showtime

Episode Recap

On a university campus, Nancy is looking at fliers on a pillar. Doug shows up and explains a scheme he uses to get clients from the small business seminar. Nancy is looking for a tutor for Silas. Doug suggests Nancy take a ceramics class and leaves, and Nancy takes a phone number for a tutor. As she turns to leave, she notices several groups of university students who are smoking marijuana, and not doing such a good job of keeping it discrete. She sees an opportunity for a whole new market.

Andy comes home to find Shane with a new friend, Max, working on homework. Andy offers to help until he realizes it's new science he doesn't know, and so he decides they'll just order the teacher's edition of the textbook. In a hospital room, Celia is flicking peas when her daughter Isabelle walks in. Dean isn't there. Celia asks Isabelle if she wants to join her flicking peas. She has Isabelle give her a kick on the cheek, and Isabelle sits down for them to watch some TV together.

Andy, back at the Botwin house, is teaching Max and Shane about cooking, informing them they have to know how to make at least one good meal if they want to get laid. There's someone at the door, and Andy answers to see Max's mother, Eileen. He begins hitting on her, and she is friendly to him. He mentions the meal he was teaching them to cook, which Eileen happens to love. Max asks if they can stay for dinner, Eileen says they can if it's alright with Andy, and Andy very readily agrees. He dismisses Shane and Max and continues making food while talking with Eileen. He relates to her about the isolation of perfectly constructed suburbia and she admits she only has neighbors and not friends. Andy says he has an hour, and they have sex in a bedroom, Eileen very vocally. Meanwhile, Max and Shane play loud videogames, not hearing a thing.

Back at Celia's hospital room, Isabelle realizes her mother is asleep and goes straight for Celia's cash from her wallet. Just then, Celia's mother walks in, being instantly critical of everything after a brief pleasant greeting. Celia asks why her mom is there, and her mother seems to reveal she is just there for appearances with her church group. She's emotionally abusive to Celia. Silas is being tutored back at the house by Sanjay. Silas doesn't seem to get it. Sanjay knows sign language and starts signing back and forth with Megan. Nancy comes in and asks how it is going, and Sanjay reassures her. Silas goes to leave with Megan, and Nancy signs goodbye to Megan, having apparently learned it. Sanjay expresses his financial woes to Nancy. He is a university student in debt who really needs money. Nancy couldn't be happier to hear it.

At the university once more, Nancy is trying to keep a very nervous Sanjay calm about his first dealing experience. Nancy gives some free samples of Weed to a group of university students, set to become new customers of Sanjay who will work under her. Andy has sex with Eileen again. She wants to bite him, and starts hurting him. The delivery the teacher's edition of Shane's book shows up, and Shane says he'll sign for it as the "professor" is off grading papers.

Nancy gets home later and expresses happiness with how well Max and Shane are getting along. Andy tells her about how he had sex with Max's mother Eileen, and Nancy is upset. She thinks Andy will get bored and dump her and she will never let Max over again, and Shane would lose a friend. She commands Andy to keep having sex with Eileen. Celia's mother is mad at Celia for not letting go of the things she did to Celia in the past. Celia's mother gets a call from her pastor, and continues to be critical and self-righteous.

Nancy stops by Heylia's with a significantly bigger order than usual. Heylia asks what's going on, and Nancy tells her about the new territory. Just then, Sanjay calls her, freaked out. The selling is going faster than he can handle. Heylia gets mad at her for talking about dealing on the cell phone in her house, giving Nancy a lecture about not getting caught and being careful. Nancy leaves her order and goes. Nancy goes and gives Sanjay disposable cell phones and a few tips for careful selling. Sanjay begins selling right away, with no trouble moving product. All the while, Andy is having sex with Eileen, and he is noticeably bored as can be.

Nancy goes back to her SUV, seeing that somebody has thrown pennies at her car, damaging the paint. We see that someone watches Nancy get into her vehicle through binoculars. Celia's mother criticizes Isabelle's weight and Dean and Celia's parenting. It turns out Celia's mother used to be as critical of Celia's weight as Celia has ever been about Isabelle's. Dean and Celia stand up for themselves, and Celia's mother goes for a walk. Andy watches disappointedly and exhausted in the Botwin house as Shane and Max vow to be best friends for life, leaving Andy stuck with Eileen.

Later, Andy is talking with Eileen. He can't get it up, and Eileen says that it's ok and admits that she was getting bored and they should stop, but that nothing should get between Shane and Max. Conrad sees Nancy's vehicle and asks who Nancy pissed of, noting that someone is very upset at her. Heylia agrees and they let her know she needs to watch out. She leaves with her bag of product. Back at the Hodes' house, Dean, Celia and Isabelle sit down to dinner. Celia's mother gets home, but she has been locked out. She looks in the windows, knocking frantically, and Dean just shuts the blinds on her.

Andy is still upset about not having been able to get it up. Nancy comes home and Shane shows her his science test that he got 98% on. He shows it to Andy and lets him know that he got a few wrong just to make it look good, like Andy said. Nancy gives Andy a hard time, and then thanks him. The doorbell rings, and Nancy answers the door to find nobody there, but stacks of pennies on the fountain outside.
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