Season 1 Episode 7

Higher Education

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Higher Education

    The Good:

    -"...but with ceramics, you could make a bowl."

    -"I'm a highly intelligent underachiever."

    -"If Eileen ever dies in a plane crash, I have her dental records."

    -Shane makes a friend. Nancy makes a rival.
  • Put simply, Weeds is an excellent show. This episode doesn't break that in the slightest, but one does get the sense that it does change things a little bit...

    For most of the part, this episode of Weeds is stock-standard: the writing is good, the acting is good, the humour is good. Plot is revealed, we learn a bit more about the characters and we're introduced to yet another issue faced by those in the drug dealing business (namely the ideas of expansion and competition).

    What strikes me about this episode, however, is how sexual Weeds is becoming. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad or wrong or immoral or anything like that - it's hard to take a show about dealing drugs much lower morally, after all, but it's... becoming more and more about sex.

    Weeds has always been rather racy, throwing around references to sex, masturbation and so forth, but I'd say this episode takes the cake with a rather graphic and full-on sex scene that features quite a bit of nudity.

    As I've said so many times before, Weeds is not for everyone. If for some reason you have issues with sexual content but not with drug-related stuff, this may very well be the final episode for you.

    Still, it was good... not so sure if they should continue with this sexual stuff, though, as it may end up destroying the perfect sense of focus this show has.
  • Pyramid Scheme or Penny For Your Car?: A Nancy Botwin Story

    Nancy realizes the market is fresh at Valley State and enlists Silas's new tutor Sanjay to act as her soldier dealer to corner the new market but things don't go over well as her car is scratched up quite sufficiently with pennies following her success so more trouble could be ahead. Shane gets a new friend Max and Andy starts doing Max's mom Ilene but quickly gets bored after her kinky biting exploits and Nancy makes sure that he keeps seeing her so as to not mess up the kids' friendship. Good business policies learned thanks to Haylia and Conrad and look forward to see who is behind the evil penny plot.
  • This is really the end of the character intro's, now we can concentrate on fun, frolics and deep seated issues that are plentiful within the series. This week embarks further on the issues of sex and higher education - not at the same time of course.

    The writers continue to churn out good stuff, as per usual, for the series and they start by tackling the issues of expansion and competition, hence knowing where boundaries are set for the weed dealers, as we see Nancy expanding her business to include the local university but without actually realising that the place might already have its suply chain already established, she thinks that people will just nicely move out of the way for her.

    Another topic that is explored in this episode is that of masterbation teenagers will go through this stage, both boys and girls, if they say they don't then i say they are lying. So even though Uncle Andy seems to be totally irresponcible in a lot of ways, he does talk Shane through this dilemma very well and in a way that I thought was in a very grown up approach yet practical too.
  • Nancy's competitors start to notice her activities.

    A slightly different episode due to a rather explicit sex scene. There was no 'real' nudity but for a comedy it was pretty explicit, it fitted the storyline perfectly though and wasn't aimed at shocking the audience, rather at illustrating Andy's character, and it certainly did that.

    Nancy is diversifying her clientele and this doesn't go unnoticed. It seems her competitors don't like her expanding her circle of clients.

    Andy really is a selfish spoilt child and needs to grow up. It's nice to finally see Shane with a friend, even if this friend has an odd mom who seems more interested in Andy ...