Season 1 Episode 7

Higher Education

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on Showtime

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  • This is really the end of the character intro's, now we can concentrate on fun, frolics and deep seated issues that are plentiful within the series. This week embarks further on the issues of sex and higher education - not at the same time of course.

    The writers continue to churn out good stuff, as per usual, for the series and they start by tackling the issues of expansion and competition, hence knowing where boundaries are set for the weed dealers, as we see Nancy expanding her business to include the local university but without actually realising that the place might already have its suply chain already established, she thinks that people will just nicely move out of the way for her.

    Another topic that is explored in this episode is that of masterbation teenagers will go through this stage, both boys and girls, if they say they don't then i say they are lying. So even though Uncle Andy seems to be totally irresponcible in a lot of ways, he does talk Shane through this dilemma very well and in a way that I thought was in a very grown up approach yet practical too.