Season 4 Episode 8

I Am the Table

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Nancy and Celia's children go to school.

    "Not a bean on the tortilla. I repeat not a bean on the tortilla."

    This episode started off really slowly. The fact that Shane was on the screen for a long time tells the viewer that this is a filler installment and is not going to be great.

    The addition of the mayor doesn't seem plausible in the least. The insufferable Elizabeth Perkins is also beginning to aggravate me. Julie Bowen is mildly funny, but there's a reason she has bounced around from show to show. She just doesn't entertain the viewer and her acting is not compelling enough.

    Weeds was once a dark, witty and unique comedy. The rubbish that is Season 4 is starting to become like work just to get through each episode. The storylines are incredibly outrageous such as the mayor being involved in drug dealing and Andy and Doug running a coyote business. While Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk are all funny the writing on this shown has gone downhill and it is falling in the ranks of TV comedies faster than Vonage stock.
  • Nancy and Esteban, Silas and Lisa, Andy and Doug, Celia and the maternity store, Shane and the new school.

    In the new Weeds Episode 'I am the Table' the cliffhangers of the previous episode enhance and it is easy to see, that the fourth Season of Weeds tries to go into a new and better direction.

    After bringing Shane to his new school, Nancy has dinner with Esteban, who enamores her obviously. Well, as everybody expected, they end up in bed together. Not really surprising, but good for the plot. Silas and Lisas relationship is at a new stage, when Lisa notices that Silas is a first class potgrower. Andy and Doug have their first sense of achievement with their coyote business, though they didn't find Doug's new mexican love. I wonder how long this coyote business might take, because though it is funny, it continues getting boring for the viewer. I miss the desperate Andy Botwin of season 3. In my opinion Andy Botwin's character developed to fast. Anyway. The Episode ends up with Nancy going back to the US through the tunnel. All in all it is not the best episode of Weeds' season 4. Not a shame, because this episode definitely was a filler episode with a lot of funny quotes and also some pointed remarks. I hope the season continues as good as it is at the moment, but there is a lot of air to the top. Pull yourself together, Jenji Kohan!!!