Season 4 Episode 13

If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on Showtime

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  • How fucked are we?

    Deep,deep shit is what I think about.. Whatever.. I watched 11 episode in one night,that's how good I tought season 4 was. EPIC. Hurry up to the store for more Weeds,i'm obsessed like with actual weed. Love it!
  • A poor thought out episode with one basic plot twist at the end that has no relevance to the show by any means

    This episode may have been one of the more lackluster episodes of the year. There was absolutely no plot development for next season....Nancy pregnant??? Common now, the show is called Weeds, it is about the trials and tribulation of drug a drug trafficking suburban mother who has to overcome basic obstacles of being a mother while selling illegal drugs. Not a soap opera about a mother who is having a relationship with a Mexican drug lord. The characters are losing their luster, and the humor is slowly fading. Great show, and I will definitely watch next season, but big moves need to be mad next year.
  • Is Nancy a done deal?

    After all the criticism of Season 4, after all the uneventful episodes Weeds has finally gotten back on track with the last two installments of the year. The comedy is certainly not as strong as it once was, but the program is moving toward the dark dramedy genre and doing it well.

    While there are smarter shows, funnier shows, better produced shows out there very few combine great writing with cliffhangers and comedy for a unique blend like Weeds does.

    Kevin Nealon could be funny reading an epitaph yet Weeds fines a way to make him excel even more at the comedic game. Justin Kirk has established himself as one of the funniest men on TV through the show. Mary Louise Parker has reinvigorated her career with the show. Weeds has helped actors realize their true potential and put together a strong ensemble for the viewer to enjoy.

    This episode was far from perfect. Shane and Silas continue to have zero screen presence and I am not even one hundred percent sure what is going on with Celia, but luckily the good outweigh the bad here. A strong season finale and I cannot wait to see what hijinx ensue next year.
  • It keeps you wandering and guessing and getting more tense until Nancy drops the bomb! !!!!Spoiler alert!!!!!

    Wow! is all i can say... this was a savior episode, there had been some below average episodes in this season, but it seems worth tolerating to get to this shocking conclusion. in my opinion the best thing to come out of this episode was the great dollop of Silas flesh we see in the scene with Julie Bowen and her character (Lisa's) ex husband. I swear, I got butterflies watching that.
    I particularly enjoyed how the tension was slowly built up throughout the episode, the first jolt was felt in the scene where the DEA guy threw Doug out of the interview room. and then the long wait to the last scene aloud it to build steadily as we knew Nancy would make the inevitable journey to see Esteban.
    The whole episode was incredibly well executed and now im pissed that i have to wait ten months or so till the next one!
  • Weeds ends on a "high" note, but is the ending good for the story? Only time will tell. The review includes SPOILERS.

    The fourth season of Weeds has come to a close. It was an interesting one, but my least favorite. Let's start at where we left off last. Nancy is at Roy Till's office and Dean is her lawyer. The other lawyer makes good points against Nancy, yet because of her deal with him, Till decides to ignore him. The deal's off when Till finds out that his partner in bed and the DEA has been found skinned by Esteban's men at the border.

    Cut to another controversial scene in which Silas is in the older woman's bed. Her husband walks in and for some reason, the felt it was necessary to show Parrish's butt.

    Silas goes home, but everyone has forgotten about his 18th birthday.

    Celia travels to deep Mexico where (bet you didn't see this one coming) Quinn is. She pumps her full of drugs and explains that she is going to sell her body parts.

    Enough of the plot, let's just cut to the chase. Nancy's pregnant. Good twist, but still not the best finale. Hopefully, next season will be better.
  • like every season finale, it keep the guessing and wondering about whats gonna happen in the next season

    like always, weeds never leave a closure about what gonna happen with nancy, and as we saw in this episode we can see that the next season is gonna be more exited and more heated, as now nancy goona have a new baby from her boyfriend, now after he was about to kill her, they left it open about what gonna happen with these new circumstances.
    and now the kids may start their own new business without "mom" guiding.
    now we even wonna know whats gonna happen to celia, and what happene to daug did he killed him self or not.
    now i just wonna the new season to start to see whats gonna happen in weed. but i can say that this season was quite good, and was a little different from the prev. ones, but still i love this show and i wonna keep seeing whats gonna happen with hotty nancy :D
  • Roy Till is angry. Doug is kind of mad. Shane is dealing with pot. Silas is finally 18 and single. Andy is in love and insecure. Esteban is angry and Nancy is...

    The episode starts up with Nancy being interrogated by Captain Roy Till. Then Roy Till hears that his partner was killed and the interrogation gets emotional. Till totally freaks out and threatens Nancy.
    It still is morning, when Silas and Lisa are in bed. Suddenly her Ex-husband crashes the romantic ambiance. He confronts Lisa and Silas notices that his affair/relationship with the hot MILF next door is over - on his 18th birthday.
    In revenge, because Andy slept with Maria, Doug called the police to kick the illegal mexican out of the country because she betrayed him. Andy and Doug talk about their friendship, their relationship and everything is so sentimental until Doug mentions that he noticed that Andy adores Nancy. In succession Andy tries to fight against his (suddenly obvious) feelings. Later in the episode morbid horny Doug masturbates with a rope around his neck and tells his wife what he thinks about her!
    Celia is on her way to Mexico, and her daughter takes her hostage (hope for those who don't like her annoying character - maybe she wont return alive...)
    After Nancy talked to Andy and told him, what happened, she leaves and calls Silas' birthdaydinner off. Silas and Shane face Andy with their thoughts about the future and about their mother.
    Therinafter Shane finds the "Head Cheese"-sandwiches in the fridge and goes to the skating spot and starts to sell the pot there!
    On her way to Esteban Nancy calls a giftservice to send Silas a birthday basket. After a long and emotional telephone call(great acting) she decides what should be written on the congratulationcard. In his office Esteban confronts Nancy that he knows everything and shows her some evidentary picture. In return Nancy hands something to Esteban an tells him that she...

    Unfortunately (or finally) season 4 is over. 4 years of Weeds have passed and Weeds is finally not a comedy anymore. As I said before: Weeds is different - darker, more dramatic and serious. But it is still good. Like before Mary Louise Parker is the carrying part. Unfortunately Justin Kirk had too little screentime. Though Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould sometimes are fickle the cast is perfect the way it is (this also counts for Elizabeth Perkins, who's character had a very bad storyline this season). 4.13 was amazingly exciting and throughout nerve-wracking. There were jokes, there was drama and there were a pack of great twists... Weeds was, is and will be a must-see!!!
  • Nancy reveals a secret...

    While Season 4 has been the weakest of the show so far, the previous and this episode, the season finale, have been excellent.
    As another reviewer wrote, it's becoming a drama more than a comedy and Nancy pouring her heart out to both Andy and the gift-basket selling lady was first-class drama. I liked Silas taking a positive step towards the future for once, though it remains to be seen what will coem of it. He's right about Andy though. While the episode was great, I'm not really happy with the direction of the storyline. I don't like seeing Nancy with Esteban and this revelation will only make their bond stronger, probably...
  • An episode of self realization for many.

    After a rather strong previous episode, the finale was just another average chapter keeping in line with the 4th season trend. The title itself, seemed to be somewhat similar to one of Psych's episode title. For those who follow that show remember: 'If you are so smart, why are you so dead'?

    However, the episode was a good watch and definitely worth my 30 minutes. It was good to see certain characters develop, and as a matter of fact, the show itself has evolved into more of a drama genre.

    So in TV Guide style:

    Cheers: -Andy and Doug's battle over Maria
    -Dean's lawyer act
    -Doug's jerk off routine(gross though)
    -good skin show to please both sexes(Nancy & Silas)


    - Celia Hodes; somebody please kill her
    - Shane new pot smoking-adult role; not funny anymore - Nancy, Estaban, Andy -all those serious talks and stuff; not in line with the show

    Lets hope for a good 5th season.
  • They did it! They brought it back!

    Minor spoilers, alert alert!

    I don't know how many of you were unimpressed with Season 3 of Weeds, but I was. I almost stopped watching during Season 4 because it just seemed to be getting campier and campier. But with this episode, Weeds has been reborn!

    You will find no major spoilers from this viewer, but I will say a few things. Nancy gets her reality check, and dammit if she doesn't cash it in with her usual quirky poise! Thanks to Doug, Andy realizes something about himself that we've all known all along. Celia gets some much needed comeuppance , Shane continues to develop as STRANGE BOTWIN, and Silas, oh Silas, he has an interesting 18th birthday.

    Other than that, please, just WATCH IT! Demand 30 minutes on your cable buying friend's couch for the rerun, or watch it online if you don't have home access. Whatever you do, if you've gotten to where I was with this series, please watch this episode because just when you thought the bowl was cashed, Jenji Kohan packs it again!
  • Nancy's life comes crashing down as her secrets are revealed to the wrong people.

    The b**** sure don't fall far from the b**** tree! That's right Quinn, use your honey, kidnap your mum and extort your father, all in a days work. Celia would be proud except you know, you kidnapped her and she might be a bit ticked about that. In general this episode was beautifully paced, brilliantly swinging back and forth between despair and comic relief, in it's darkest form. A gem in the way of dialogue was the s*** exchange between Doug and Andy, it's funny but manages to still be poignant and express some of the hopelessness, or rather numbness maybe, that Doug is experiencing in relation to his life. Cut to the beautiful bathroom scene with Nancy and Andy, starting with the ever so awkwardly funny "I can see your boobies" "Good for you", to turn into a hearth to hearth conversation between Andy and the woman of his dreams. This scene basically only works because of the acting of Marie-Louise Parker and Justin Kirk, especially the latter who truly shines in this episode. Oh Andy, you so don't love her in a mom loving way, do you?

    Then, right to serious Doug. This scene made me slightly worried at first but as soon as the noose was shown I was expecting the comic relief to kick in any minute, and it sure did. That is some twisted love note, and that fake-out suicide ending with Doug wiping his sperm off his hands on his shirt… Absolutely disgusting, as well as absolutely brilliant. Shane's storyline isn't really growing on me, since Nancy told him off for jerking off to her old nude photos he's done nothing particularly interesting to be frank, and the whole Lisa-Silas deal is beyond pointless. But these are only small flaws in an episode which contains such a lovely scene of restrained falling apart, as Nancy finally feels the quiet and the calm in her car talking to the gift basket lady. Her voice breaks as she tries to put her love for her son into words, as she's driving to her execution. It's so, so brittle.

    And then, plot twist! Well, we did expect it off you Weeds, and you sure did deliver!

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