Season 4 Episode 13

If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on Showtime

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  • like every season finale, it keep the guessing and wondering about whats gonna happen in the next season

    like always, weeds never leave a closure about what gonna happen with nancy, and as we saw in this episode we can see that the next season is gonna be more exited and more heated, as now nancy goona have a new baby from her boyfriend, now after he was about to kill her, they left it open about what gonna happen with these new circumstances.
    and now the kids may start their own new business without "mom" guiding.
    now we even wonna know whats gonna happen to celia, and what happene to daug did he killed him self or not.
    now i just wonna the new season to start to see whats gonna happen in weed. but i can say that this season was quite good, and was a little different from the prev. ones, but still i love this show and i wonna keep seeing whats gonna happen with hotty nancy :D
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