Season 8 Episode 12

It's Time

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • It's Time

    The time jumps on series finales are starting to get annoying, but in a way it worked here. We saw that it was Nancy who really needed everyone else, not the other way around as it seemed so long on this show. Some funny parts, but will we really remember this episode years down the road?
  • What a way to finish the series...

    My expectations for series finales are met with less enthusiasm than normal but I try to keep an optimistic and clear head when a show is going to end.

    When I think back to the good (and great) shows that finished years ago, I remember a lot of them ended with a whimper, not a bang. Seinfeld comes to mind. Yes, it was and still is a great, funny show but a lot of people were let down by the finale because they had high expectations of it when it aired back in 1998.

    I love weeds. I have loved it since the beginning and when it faltered a bit, I still loved it. A lot of fans were kinda put off by the fact that halfway through the series, it kinda diverted from it's usual main plot thread but I still loved it all the same.

    I can categorically say, that this is the best series finale I've seen on a show. Yes, I was kinda disappointed how Scrubs ended. Yes, I was let down by That 70's Show finale. Yes, even though it's one of my favourite comedy shows of all time, Frasier too kinda went out mellow.

    Why is Weeds series finale my favourite? Because it left me satisfied. It tied up a lot of loose ends and relationships. It's basically come full circle and that's how I want all shows to end. I loved the way Jenji Kohan ended it. She did it perfectly.

    With the advent of Kickstarter and the recently, very successful Veronica Mars Movie campaign, it's possible for cancelled/finished shows to get funded for another series or a movie so they can tie up unfinished plot threads and give the fans a final send-off to their most cherished and loved (and sometimes short-lived) shows. Charlie Jade comes to mind...
  • And Then There Were None

    Weeds decided to do the time-warp this week in the series finale double episode. We jump ahead to Stevie being in his teens so this is at least a seven year jump or more since he was five or six in this season. Nancy now runs a national cafe, and went back to marry Rabbi Dave from this season and has since passed on, which serves weed now that its legal and all sorts of THC related products. Doug has now become a national guru much like Mike Myers but only funny. His entourage of sexual partners who serve him are a great lampoon of the potential to be a tax free religious organization in the United States. He tries to make amendments with his son Josh who is kidnapped by his people and brought into his RV where he tries to make amends but Josh, who now run a gallery and has a boyfriend, refuses to hear any of it and wants nothing to do with Doug. All the old characters minus Haylia, Conrad, and Isabel. But Dean manages to make an appearance reveals that Isabel is now transgender and has transitioned to a man and even did Doug's dry wall project and he says that she's great. Nancy still pines over Andy who hasn't RSVP'd and they haven't spoken since that night in Regrestic. Silas is now married to Megan and has a baby girl and he seems happy. Shane isn't so lucky and has followed in the footsteps of his mentor and is dating a hooker and gets drunk more often than not. Stevie learns from Guillermo about Esteban being a gangster kingpin and he wants to go to boarding school. At his Bar Mitzvah he gives a speech that he is not even Jewish and doesn't want to do this ceremony but they still have the party. Nancy learns to just let go of her children and feels the empty-nest syndrome with all of his kids now being away. The tobacco guy wants her to sell the chain of cafes to Starbucks and have her and the family be set for life but she doesn't agree. When she agrees to let Stevie go to boarding school she calls and tell tobacco guy to sell. Megan refuses to let Nancy touch her granddaughter because she resents how she raised Silas to which Silas says he can do nothing about. Speaking of Andy he has since moved back to Ren-Mar, is with a woman and now has two or three kids. Nancy tries to get him to come back but Andy says that Nancy needs to be away from him for him to be at his best but that he is grateful to her for having taken him in back in Season 1 when he was lost. Nancy learns to just let it go and do things on her own without the business since she did it to maintain her lifestyle and now her family is set for life and she has to find something for herself without pining for Andy and mourning her four husbands from over the years and those other encounters she's had over the eight seasons we've seen the Botwins struggle from place to place after Season 3. Shane agreeing to get help juxtaposes Silas's bliss of waking up, growing his plants and loving his wife and daughter. Doug recalls Josh back to him through kidnap and hilariously admits that he once performed oral sex on a man. We don't see the conversation but Josh calls his boyfriend and says that he made up with his dad and that it's a messed up life. That and Dean's asking Nancy to run away with him were awesome. We've loved and followed these characters for so long and now they're set in their ways and there is no more avenues or stories to tell. Weeds has come to a decent close, although this episode is a little borderline self-indulgent it did give us a great moment with all the characters passing a joint around to a sorrowful acoustic song out in the cold and even Nancy takes a hit. It's been a good run, even though some years have been markedly different than others and the later seasons making an extreme effort to try to be like the first few I've always at least been entertained by this show. Farewell Weeds, your death is deserved and you can rest in piece for you have served a purpose. Your purpose was to hold a mirror to suburbia, then move the characters from place to place and hold a Disney-fied mirror to American society in more of a hit-and-miss formula. But you served us and dang did Nancy age well, as Josh said, "You look good." It's a show that didn't age the best but still kept me engaged and wanted to see where they ended up. Goodbye.
  • It's Time

    It's Time was a perfect series finale of Weeds and it had everything I could have asked for. I really enjoyed watching because the episode starts out like any other except years have passed. It was awesome watching Nancy in the PTA meeting. I think this was definitely the best way to end this fantastic, crazy and fun series. I loved how Nancy was concerned with Andy showing up and he seemingly didn't until the next morning when she found him making breakfast. The way Megan treated Nancy was what it was but it was definitely accurate! I liked getting to see how every one turned out! Guru Doug was hilarious and it was awesome that he reconnected with his son through a few kidnappings. There was a ton of character development and I really enjoyed the character interactions. Every one was who they are and it was nice to see a lot of faces from the past and how they progressed. I cried towards the end because it was that touching to watch Nancy realize that her children are just about grown up and she has to be her own person. There were revelations about how all the characters developed except a few and though we didn't see every one it was nice. I would have liked to know how Celia turned out. It was great watching Stevie learn about his real father and also to praise his mother during his Bar Mitzvah Party because it made her feel like she did something right for at least one of her children. I don't want to reiterate every thing that happened but suffice to say that this was definitely a worthy ending for the series and I'm sad to see it end. I'm glad it had such a powerful ending!