Season 4 Episode 2

Lady's a Charm

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Nancy dresses up for her first working day for Guillermo. Before she leaves the house, she discovers that Silas is keeping marijuana plants in the bath tub. She tells him to bring them somewhere else before his grandfather Lenny can find them. Andy isn't pleased to see her working for the psychotic gangster, burned down Agrestic Guillermo, but she replies by asking if he wants to keep living with his father Lenny.

Lenny is indeed suspicious and ask for $300 to keep quiet. Lenny tells his grandsons how to take care of his mother and leaves for the track. When he comes back, gloomy because he lost the money, he reveals why he is so angry at Andy. During their argument, Bubbie suddenly expresses her wish to die.

In the meantime, Celia, who is in prison after Doug, Dean and Sanjay blamed her, meets her lawyer who seems to be quite disorganized and incompetent. The lawyer tells her she won't get out of prison anytime soon. Later, Isabelle and Doug pay Celia a visit, though she begs them to help her get her out of prison, they refuse.

Nancy meets with Guillermo and gets instructions for her first errand: She has to take her car to a garage in Mexico to get her tail light fixed and get Guillermo some inhalers there. She runs his errands and on her way back across the border, she is asked by the border police to pull over for an inspection. They search the car, they don't find drugs, but take away the inhalers.

Back at Guillermo's, Nancy discovers that she was doing a drugfree test she failed because she was searched by the border police.
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