Season 4 Episode 9

Little Boats

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Nancy confronts her kids about their odd sexual behavior.

    "Listen you c*ck juggling thunder c*nt!"

    Weeds is pretty much in a stalemate right now. The program is stagnant, no really good, but no terribly bad episodes are being produced. Instead of being considered for an Emmy, the show is now just kind of there. There were some funny lines in this episode. No disputing that, but there was a lot of really weird stuff. Celia is so annoying that she is making watching Weeds seem like work instead of fun. The Shane storyline where he is whacking it to his mom is "bat sh*t insane" as Nancy would say. The Silas and Lisa storyline is also very bizarre. The show needs to drift away from odd sexual habits and move back to its signature dark humor.
  • Some very weird (maybe I mean "quirky") kinky stuff happening but it only makes the show more interesting.

    Weeds was in a decline for the first few episodes of the season. Albert Brooks is a very funny actor but he was not doing much for the show. As soon as he left things started to get better and this episode is the best in the season yet. Silas's sexual intimacies with the cheese lady Lisa and Shane's private moments with Nancy's old nude pictures are both odd and taboo. A great moment in script and filming is when she is talking to both of the boys about the two situations in a kind of odd montage.

    Doug and Andy are really funny with their sideplot.

    Celia is becoming very difficult to watch. Really annoying. I have not liked her in any episode of this season and she used to be a great character.
  • The fourth season is at a good level, but this episode can't hold the constant high level of the last two to three episodes.

    "Little Boats" is more like a little filler episode to answer some questions and build up a the new plot for the next episodes till the big season finale. I share the opinion of many others, when i say, that elizabeth perkins' best times on Weeds are over. Celia is like an annoying time-consuming character, like her daughter. Shane is the new "Rambo" at school and meets some Emogirls. Nancy "destroys" Silas' relationship with Lisa. Important is that she really is in a relationship with Esteban - True love, not just a one-night stand. Doug and Andy had a "private coyote business party". I miss the drug dealing and the drug business of the older seasons - the show is called WEEDS, not "Private Life of Ms. Botwin and her Family". I miss the Indian drug dealer, Marvin and the mexican housemaid.
    Silas and Nancy's connection has never been so not-existing. I hope he will still be there in Season 5, because at the moment everything goes into the opposite direction(he gets 18. doesn't speak to his mom. can grow his weed on his own...)!
    Five Questions arise after this less exciting episode.
    How is Shane going to develop, with these scary girls?
    How is Nancy going to develop, with her Mayor?
    Will Celia and Silas still be there in the next season?
    When will Andy and Doug find Doug's Mexican Love, and what will happen afterwards?
    There is love, there is drama, there is coyote business,
    but one important thing is missing:
    Where is the drug dealing?
  • An enjoyable episode...

    I thought that this was the best episode of the season so far. This fourth season has definitely been different from the previous three seasons. Finally in the ninth episode the plot unveils a bit with the secrets of Silas and Shane being discovered by Nancy. The scene with Nancy's talk was very well written and directed. Celia, who I am not a big fan of anymore, once again gets herself in trouble. Also, the episode featured some very memorable lines, especially from Doug Wilson, who, in my opinion, has not been very effective this season. For some reason this episode just felt like classic Weeds again.
  • nice show ... when nancy started to talk to her kids .. well that was a sticky situation!!!

    this episode lack of actions like the previous ones,, but still some development carried on.
    nancy didnt have any time to have its date with her new "boy friend" but still at the end of the show they get some time for them.. that was a sweet moment despite of the whole security for the mare outside hehehe,,
    i liked the scene when nancy had to deal with her kids specially with little confused one hehe,, master baking at photos for his own mom .. i mean wow come one ppl that was just F_up hahaha.
    but for silece i think he fit for that hot chick,, but it end badly.. but i guess nancy didnt handle it that well.. i mean it didnt get to a good point.
    for celia. well shes now in a very bad shape but the director put in a situation that made more action about her.. and get her a little back to the picture,, still ppl wehre waiting for socray
    over all it was a fine show,, lacked a little for action