Season 1 Episode 5

Lude Awakening

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2005 on Showtime
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Nancy gets a reality check about what a life of crime can entail. Andy acts like a fool and gets arrested. Celia tries alternative methods to deal with her breast cancer. She also steps out of her box and bonds with children. Shane gets in trouble at school. Again.moreless

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  • Lude Awakening

    The Good:

    -"Lupita, what do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?" "The coffee table."

    -Shane and Celia bond over their oddities, as do Doug and Andy.

    -Silas makes a mistake, but it's a realistic and identifiable one.

    The Bad:

    -Explaining how pot possession works on television seems like an irresponsible thing to do, even on a show with this premise.
  • The cool kid: A Celia Hodes Story

    As Nancy moves forward with her new bakery almost finished Andy wishes to get into business for himself by buying an ounce off of Haylia and gets carted off to jail. As Nancy picks up her Range Rover again a drive by shooter does on run on the house and leaves her pondering her own mortality. Celia, after discovering that she has cancer displays an awesome "couldn't care less" attitude. She give Shane advice about letting his freak flag fly. Of course Andy was going to get caught but the cop was pretty funny looking on his cute little bike.moreless
  • Bits of everything occur in this episode, including some deep and meaningfuls from Celia to Shane, Nancy sudden becoming self aware of her own mortality and Andy gets busted.

    Nancy bonds with Celia especially over the aspect of Celias breast cancer, Celia accepts the fact fo this and decides that if she is going to lose them, then she is going to make sure that she enjoys them whilst she can, this includes getting a tattoo on one of them. A Drunk Celia later asks Silas if he thought her boobs were nice. Nancy comes out with a real nice line of, I don't care that you've got breast cancer, just dont get them out in front of my kid.

    Celia does provide Shane with some good words of wisdom, Shane had been feeling a weirdo and a freak at school, an outcast as such, but Celia just tells him as it is and says that he should not care what other people think of him.

    Andy gets himself busted on the way back from visiting the weed dealer, after he also learns that Nancy goes there frequently, as he is asked if he can drop Nancys other half of her order off to her - wow, that was one big order for sure. He plays it cocky and gets busted by a cop on a mountain bike, leading to Nancy having to go down to see his lawyer, and gets some good legal tips.

    There were lots of real good one liners, especially when there was the drive-by shooting at the dealers, which leads Nancy to realise her own mortality, that she is not indestructable and obviously she has to plan things for her children.moreless
  • Andy gets in trouble with the law

    An average episode in my opinion with one scene that stood out.

    I think the way Silas treated Megan was awful, a typical teenager who doesn't care about anyone other besides himself.

    Andy clearly is an idiot and not as family-minded as he says he is. Trying to compete with your own widowed sister-in-law is pretty low and not what you would expect.

    Nancy had to face the fact that drugs dealer may get shot at and that thought apparently hadn't occurred to her before.

    The scene with Celia and Shance stole the show for me. Both oddballs in their own way, Celia tells it honestly to Shane. Very moving scene...moreless
  • Another classic episode

    Another classic episode of Weeds with a bit of everything.

    Shane is in trouble at school again. He feels that he is a weirdo and an outcast, but Celia (with her new outlook) sets him right and reinforces the notion that he shoulkdn't what other people think - which is just what she has realised.

    Andy acts like a jerk when a bicycle cop pulls him over and ends up going to jail for possession of weed.Nancy gets some helpful advice for her business with Andy's lawyer.

    Nancy also bonds with Celia to help her through her brest cancer. Nancy is one person that Celia can be a real person without any "fronts" unlike the PTA ladies.

    Good episode, hopefully it will continue this way.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After the drive-by shooting, Conrad is seen sweeping the floor but his broom isn't touching the floor, which is visible under the table.

    • This isn't the first time that Mary-Louise Parker and Allison Janney have appeared on the same series. They have also both appeared on the political drama The West Wing.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Celia: Everyone thinks I've lost my mind.
      Shane: Everyone thinks I'm weird.
      Celia: Well, I can see how you might give that impression.
      Shane: I really don't care what they think.
      Celia: Good for you. Let your freak flag fly.
      Shane: Really?
      Celia: Really. I've recently stopped giving a shit what anyone thinks, and I gotta tell you, I feel great.
      Shane: But you have cancer.
      Celia: And you have a dead father. Both of us make people really uncomfortable. There's no way around it. So either we can feel all self-concious and pretend that everything's normal, or we can just be our strange selves.
      Shane: Thanks, Mrs. Hodes.
      Celia: For what?
      Shane: For telling me the truth.
      Celia: You're welcome. It's a bitch though, ain't it?

    • Nancy: Andy, today it was brought to my attention that the downside of this business is death. So right now, I'm not thinking about the bakery. I'm thinking about enrolling in dental hygiene school so that my children aren't orphans.
      Andy: If anything happens to you, I will raise Silas and Shane as my own.
      Nancy: Now I pledge never to die.

    • Andy: This is my moment. I was born to cook drugs.

    • Vaneeta: (Looking at baby clothes) How much you want for this stuff?
      Nancy: Oh, no, nothing, she was giving it away anyway, so...
      Vaneeta: What, like I'm some charity case that needs your free white-lady hand-me-downs?
      Nancy: No, I thought-
      Conrad: Girl, you ain't got no problem going down to church and getting free cheese and shit.
      Vaneeta: Heylia makes me go down there.
      Heylia: First of all, I don't make you do shit, little girl. And second of all, I ain't shame. If it's free, it's me and I don't turn down nothin' but my collar. And third, don't act like you don't like free cheese just 'cause this white child standin' here. Fuck her.
      Nancy: Yeah. Fuck me.

    • Heylia: Stop all that damn arguing. This is a house of peace.
      (Bullets begin suddenly blasting through the front of the house. They drop to the floor and pull out guns.)

    • Ms. Greenstein: You had less than an ounce on you. There's no jail for that.
      Andy: Oh, that's bullshit.
      Ms. Greenstein: I don't understand. That's good news.
      Andy: I paid for a full ounce. They fucking cheated me!
      Nancy: They fucking saved your ass from going to jail.
      Ms. Greenstein: Still, that's very uncool. There used to be an unbroken spiritual bond between dealer and buyer. I feel your pain Andrew, and I return it with a renewed sense of outrage.

    • Bicycle Cop: Sir, you do realize you just rolled through a stop sign, right?
      Andy: Nice bike. Did your horse die?
      Bicycle Cop: Sir-
      Andy: You must be in killer shape. Let me see your quads, man.
      Bicycle Cop: Can I see your driver's license and registration please?
      Andy: When you arrest people, do you ride them in on your handlebars, or do they just sit on the back with their arms around you?
      Bicycle Cop: Step out of the car.
      Andy: Oh, come on, seriously? I was just having fun! I mean, you're a cop in bike shorts. It's adorable.
      Bicycle Cop: I have a gun.
      Andy: Cool, I'm cool. (Steps out of the van)
      Bicycle Cop: What's that smell?
      Andy: Come on, man, just give me my ticket so I can go, okay, please?
      Bicycle Cop: Alright, turn around and put your hands behind your head. Alright, come on. (Handcuffs Andy)
      Andy: You know, I don't think you're adorable anymore.

    • Doug: Are you watching Incredihoes?
      Andy: Yeah.
      Doug: Oh, that's good, good. I've started it like seven or eight times, I've never seen the whole thing.
      Andy: That's a strong endorsement.
      Doug: Yeah, oh. I don't suppose you'd let me watch it with you, would you?
      Andy: That'd be kinda weird.
      Doug: Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right.

    • Counselor: You made a lot of people around this school very nervous.
      Shane: Yeah? That's because they're a bunch of bitch-ass white boys.
      Counselor: I hate to break this to you, but you're also a bitch-ass white boy.

    • Counselor: (Reading from Shane's rap) My name is Shane. I bring the pain, up from the streets of Agrestic. Bitch, you don't wanna sweat this. I cap any mother-fucker, you don't wanna test this. Bi...
      Shane: Biatch.

    • Heylia: White folk get soda-pop. N****** get bullets.

    • Vaneeta: (about Nancy) She's in shock, slap her.
      Conrad: I ain't slapping no white woman.
      Heylia: Move I do it.

    • Celia: I could fuck against a wall with my skates on. No mean feat.

    • Andy: Hey Lupita, settle an argument for us. What do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?
      Lupita: The Coffee Table.

    • Nancy: (To Celia) I don't give a flying fuck if you do have cancer, put your tits away in front of my kid.

    • Ms. Greenstein: You're lookin' at a fine, and probably an anti-drug class.
      Nancy: So no jail time?
      Ms. Greenstein: You've obviously never sat through an anti-drug class.

    • (After boxes of Coca Cola have been dropped from an airplane into Celia's bedroom)
      Celia: I was toying with a Snapple motife, but God said "Coke!"

    • Celia: Hey Nance. This is Urma, the faith healer. She's sniffing me to see if my cancer has spread.
      Urma: Hi. Would you like me to smell you next?
      Nancy: No, thank you, I was smelled... Yesterday.
      Celia: This was not my idea. The PTA lady sent her over. Personally I would have preferred one of those cookies on a stick.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Conrad: This is my special home brand. I called it Clark Kent. Just sniff it right here. Smell good huh! You smoke this shit and you just want to rip your clothes off in a phone booth and fight crimes.

      Clark Kent is a comic book hero who wears glasses and has the trademark of taking off his normal street clothes in a phone booth to reveal his superman suit and cape before going off to fight crimes.

    • Episode Title: "Lude Awakening"

      The episode title refers to the movie Rude Awakening. In the film, that was directed by David Greenwalt and Aaron Russo, two hippies disappear into the jungle in the 1960s and come back out in the 1980s. They find that their hippie friends have been overtaken by yuppie greed. The movie had many scenes in which the characters were smoking weed.