Season 8 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2012 on Showtime

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  • yeabhh

    its gr8
  • Pow! Head Shot!

    As akin to Weeds' cliffhanger season ending streak the answer to who got clipped by the sniper was answered in this episode. While shooting Nancy and having her survive a killshot is a very Kill Bill like thing to do, it created a sense of surrealism in the first person cam work when she is getting taken to the hospital and keeps spitting out details that just come off of the top of her head. She is put into a drug induced coma to prevent brain swelling and the gang waits for her to recover, or not. Shane, having chased after the shooter in the brush, instructs the cops when they get there to cordon off the area and sweep for traceable materials and the like. Andy yet again questions his relationship with Nancy and his infatuation with her and also rekindles his flame with Jill who has been using a "vagina-weight" and it even goes so far in the two having sex on Nancy's hospital bed. Doug gets more creepy when he gropes Nancy and takes a look at her breasts while she is unconscious. Silas and Shane have a bro-to-bro moment over who would want Nancy dead and even list off the potential suspects and Shane finally tells someone his secret of being in the police academy. Weeds natural satire of lampooning this time the American Healthcare System is apparent in the bubbly appearance of a woman who asks them how they will be paying for their loved one and Doug busts out the company card. But the real breadwinner is the gag in the episode of making the other people in Nancy's hospital room miserable like when it turns out that they've been stealing from the bed next to hers or throwing Jill's "special weight" at one of the other occupant's family members. It's a strong start and the appearance of the Little Boxes song makes me ever more hopeful that this season will continue the return to form that Season 6 and 7 quality that has been building for a while as Weeds returns to the suburbs for it's final season of growth.
  • Messy

    A little more solemn than I would have liked, a little too dramatic with the potential death of Nancy hanging over the family, but there was still the sharpness that Weeds has in this season premiere. The quotes about Zappos and pelvic weights and cookies and Facebook advertisements, just the kind of writing that this show does well and the attention to detail that separates it from the rest.

    It was not as funny as I would have liked and I am not crazy about the direction they are taking, but it was an okay start.
  • #801 'Messy'

    Interesting season 8 opener. Well, last season starts with a bang. Literally. Nancy is lying down covered in blood (she's been shot in her head). The Botwins are all being present at the hospital, supporting Nancy during her bad (unconscious) days. Andy was a true star of this episode, I love how much invested he is in Nancy's life. Even after all those years. And his long scene with the hospital's chaplain was very nice. The ending offers a twist - there's always a juicy twist on this show. Do you remember that kid from the early seasons? You know whose father was a cop and dated Nancy (at least I think so)? Brooke Smith played his mother back in season 3. It's long time ago but he's the one who shot her. I enjoyed this episode. But it's really a good thing this show is coming to an end. Looking forward to the next episodes. (8.5/10)
  • Messy

    Messy was a perfect begining to the eight season of Weeds. After viewing this episode I was reminded of just how great this series really is and how much the characters have grown. I really enjoyed watching because the story picked up right where it left off and was truly one of the series best. There was humor, drama, sexual tension, and touching, heartfelt moments. It was awesome to learn who the shooter was and the ending was fantastic. I really look forward to watching the next episode though I already don't want the series to end. I feel there are whole new avenues for the series to explore after watching this episode, but I know many may not feel the same. Again this was a perfect episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Strong start

    Maybe it's just because the "Little Boxes" theme song has returned, or maybe it's the fact that the show has somewhat dropped the insanity level a couple of notches... hell, maybe it's because there's no Zoya or Dimitri or contrived new characters for Nancy to hook up with, but I really enjoyed the premiere of Weeds' new season. In fact, I'd say it's the most enjoyable premiere since back in Season 3 or 4.

    The major reason I think it works is that we have a minimal amount of Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin. Sure, she's the lead actress, but that doesn't mean the show has done its best to make me hate her character more than any other character on TV. It's one thing to have a character be selfish, but her character is so much different than it used to be. It's difficult for me to feel bad for her, but this premiere puts her in a situation where she can choose to atone for her sins or continue to be as selfish as ever. Plus, she had some funny scenes, such as her ramblings to the "long-fingered doctor."

    The show also benefits from some slower scenes between the supporting cast. In "Messy," we get great scenes between Parrish and Gould and a great scene with Andy where he spills his soul to what he thinks is a random guy trying to ask him on a date until he finds out it's a rabbi. At times, Weeds as what I like to call "T.V.A.D.D," which is where a show feels the need to jump from character to character and plot point to plot point without giving us a chance to slow down and enjoy them. True Blood does this a lot, and the last couple seasons has found Weeds succumbing to it. However, there were more than a few scenes where the action slowed down so characters could just talk. The scene between Andy and the rabbi was my favorite, if only because it had a minimal amount of insanity and instead found the humanity in Andy. If this season can include more of that, I'd be happy

    Right now, the issues that I have are minor. It seems odd to bring back the kid of the dead FBI agent that Nancy married this late in the game unless there was a bigger reason behind it. Also, I'm not sure how much I like Shane becoming a cop. His character has been a bit all over the place since he killed Pilar. And it's easy to complain about Doug Wilson and his inclusion in the show, but I've sort of given up on complaining and accepted him for what he is: extreme comic relief in a setting that already has characters acting as comic relief.

    This is a strong start for Season 8 though.