Season 2 Episode 10

Mile Deep and a Foot Wide

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on Showtime
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Heylia treats Nancy like the trash that she thinks she is. Peter's captain looks over his notes on the DEA bust. Celia and Doug's relationship hasn't changed since last week. Andy's ex-girlfriend, Kat, shows up.

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  • Some Like it Hot: A Plan Made Possible By Conrad

    As things heat up from the DEA on Haylia and Vanita Nancy tries to make things right and promises Haylia to get Peter off of her back. Peter takes heat at work for busting the religious service from his supervisor and the family have dinner with him as well as Shane's new girlfriend Gretchen. After Peter disciplines Silas for being "disrespectful" to Nancy at dinner she asks him to leave and she and Conrad believe that all is going well but it may not be especially since he may be listening. Also Andy deals with a crazy ex from Alaska who's come to save him from suburbia and himself and Doug and Celia continue their hot affair with unexpected intensity. Weeds really has lived fully up to its premise and proves to be a truly promising show and I hope that it happens to only keep getting better as it goes.moreless
  • Nancy invites Peter to a Family Dinner. Celia and Doug's relationship grows. Andy has a crazy ex arrive on the scene, could this be poetic justice. The situation between Conrad and Nancy seem at an impasse.moreless

    Nancy invites DEA hubby to have a family dinner, much to the angst of the other family members. It goes better than i thought it would, with Peter telling Silas to respect his mother, good call there, then on the other hand having Shane tell his mom that she really should not be driving as she has had too much to drink was classic.

    The Celia and Doug getting together for their sex sessions is a surprising twist in the series that I was not expecting. At the time, I think this was a nice touch as both characters had the risk of becoming a bit stale, so to spice things up was a nice touch.

    Andy's stalking ex girlfriend arrives, when we know that she tried to stab him, then we know that she must be a good character, but as she followed him down from Alaska, then we know she is a few fries short of a happy meal too.

    The will they won't they dissolve the growing house issue is building up, this is going to be an end of series climax i do believe.moreless
  • Nancy invites Peter for a family dinner.

    Loved the Celia and Doug moments, together in bed, watching Mexican soaps, Isabelle's commercial, dubbed in Spanish, watching the footage of the council camera... Then Dean surprising Celia by not forgetting their anniversary.

    The meal with Peter and the family was great, Peter telling Silas to respect his mother was fab. Nancy should have endorsed his actions right away, instead of hesitating. Thought Shane telling Nancy she had had too much to drink to drive his girlfriend home was excellent and funny.

    I wonder what Heylia will do about the Conrad and Nancy situation. Will they really quit? Will Nancy pull her money out and will Conrad disappear???

    Andy is crazy and his stalker girlfriend is probably just what he deserves.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I like Peter, so the ending was very sad.moreless
  • See my full summary for this episode and others at: http://whatyoumissed.net/weeds.html

    Wow. Another great episode. I love not being able to predict what\'s going to happen. And interesting how this episode completely changed my opinion of Peter. At first I thought he was so charming and now, after the elbow incident at dinner, I can\'t stand him. He seems so evil now and capable of doing anything harmful to Nancy. Is this forshadowing Nancy and Conrad together at some point? Kat (played by Zooey Deschanel) is perfect for this show. I hope they can keep her for at least a few more episodes. I keeping saying it. This is the show you should be watching!moreless
  • Psyco pseudo husband...

    Peter is now officially scary. I knew that something was off about him with the whole marriage to protect Nancy thing. I never bought it. They only had a few dates and the marriage was about business and now he is going all psycho on her and wants this happy family that is not going to happen. She is so screwed. I hope her and Conrad hook-up just so she ahs some fun. Love Zooey!! I wish that she would become a regular on the show but I doubt that is going to happen…And what’s up with Celia and Doug?!?moreless
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    • Nancy: What's that smell?
      Kat: Grape jelly?

    • Celia: (talking about how long she's been married) 17 years.. How long have you and...
      Doug: Twenty... eight. Twenty-two. I'm not good with numbers.
      Celia: You're an accountant.
      Doug: Different. Those are guys numbers. Years married, that's girl maths.

    • Nancy: You drove here all the way from Alaska?
      Kat: Yeah, I borrowed some salmon from the fishery...
      Andy: That means she stole it.
      Kat: The man at the 7-Eleven gave me a case of Red Bull...
      Andy: ... And that means she stole it.
      Kat: And that's all I've been eating and drinking for the past 47 hours. I feel great!

    • Kat: I've been eating nothing but sockeye salmon for the past 47 hours. The MapQuest printout said it took 43, which is bullshit! (Looks at Shane) I mean, horse apples. You must be Shane. Hi, heart hug. (She hugs him) So it's a real car, or...
      Shane: Are you the crazy chick from Alaska who tried to kill my uncle?
      Kat: That is a great story!

    • (Nancy opens the door.)
      Kat: Kat!
      Nancy: You lost your cat?
      Kat: I'm Kat. You're Nancy, right?

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