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Season 4 Episode 1

Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2008 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Nancy has relocated to the border in search of a new life but she soon finds her past to be inescapable. Both problems and people follow her on her journey, but some have finally been left behind.

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  • Nancy is on the run.

    I think we've all noticed the online campaign for Showtime's Weeds and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, although I don't think anyone's going to complain about some of the hot pictures we got from it. Showtime should expect good ratings for these programs because of it. Weeds is a strong program with great writing, but it suffers the same trouble that many cable programs do. Mary-Louise Parker is a funny and talented actress and her portrayal of Nancy Botwin is certainly Emmy-worthy, but unfortunately her castmates are not as appealing. Shows like Breaking Bad and Californication have a talented star that takes control of the screen, but the others characters are always poorly portrayed and give the viewer no reason to care about them. You could certainly make the argument that Curb Your Enthusiasm is the exception to the rule, but few will argue the pattern when it comes to HBO, Showtime and AMC original programming. Kevin Nealon could read the obituaries and be funny, but the writers fail to give him a fair amount of screen-time. This was a decent episode coming back from the show's break. I know some fans will miss the opening theme, but I found it hackneyed and dreary. The beginning started off a little slowly. Nancy's kids continue to be annoying and lack any acting ability whatsoever. Elizabeth Perkins has the occasional funny line, but her voice sounds like squirrel getting choked. While the comedy has gone down hill since Season 1, this episode lacked any real action. Summer programming is reduced to boring game shows and rehashed reality shows, so Weeds is still something I'll watch, but let's hope things get better from this.moreless
  • Out of the box.

    This episode is definitely written outside of the box. Everything we have learned to love about Weeds apart from the Botwin family has been thrown out the window. I honestly have no idea where this is going, but I think I'm going to miss Agrestic. I just can't imagine Nancy smuggling drugs across the border. And what the heck are Dean, Celia, and Doug going to be up to this season? Are they going to follow Nancy around or spend all season trapped in the temporary shelter? I'm about to watch episode two, so I'll see what's up. I will definitely be watching all season. Weeds is my anti-drug.moreless
  • Welcome back Weeds, yippeeeeeee, especially after such a wait. We have Nancy and the family heading off to pastures new, with maybe a job offer from the mexican protection leader, we have Celia being stitched up big time for the DEA.moreless

    I thought it was great the way that the opening scenes had been changed so that the fire and/or smoke can be seen in the back or fore ground. As well as to hear the familiar sounds of the little boxes theme. You have been missed.

    Celia is being interviewed by Captain Till of the DEA regarding the sex relationship she had with Sullivan, then onto the topics of drugs, so not wanting to get herself into trouble, she very quickly grasses up that she rented the house out to Nancy.

    We see Nancy and the boys at a rest stop, they then decide that they are heading off to the great grandparents house for a couple of days. Then they find out that Nancy's smell of gasoline, but she promises that she'll shower as soon as she can. Shane gets upset as he thinks that they all might have wanted to go back inside to collect some items.

    They go to the great grandparents house, nobody is home, so whilst the boys are off get food and snacks, Nancy has the pleasure of a neighbour's kid, she gets all the gossip, which she relays when they get back. Andy knows a way into the house and uses Shane in his plan, so when he opens the door from the inside, he says that they can't stay there.

    We find an old infirm lady, bed bound complete with some monitors and medicinal needs, then Silas gets off of the phone and says that the nurse was fired a month ago and that she was being cared for by a male relative. We discover that was Andy's Dad, as he walks back into the house at that moment.

    Back in the DEA's office, Isabelle is rallying the boys together in order to get their stories straight. Doug goes in and obviously Celia gets all the blame, then Dean goes in and Celia gets the title of Queen drug dealer, Sanjay is the same, but when asked about Nancy - he says is that the Nancy that used to be Vince, the look on the DEAs face said it all.

    Back at the house, Andy's Dad is trying to justify his actions and then we find out that Nancy was obviously not their first choice for their son, which they reminded them of most of the time. When he discovers that they are on the run, he does start to help them out, but is hellbent on given Andy a rough time. But we all get it semi sorted out in the house, with the boys sleeping in the same room that Andy and Judah used to sleep in, "sleeping next to their unborn cousins" as nancy puts it. The house hasn't changed at all.

    Nancy meets up with the mexican drug dealer from series 3 and the lay of the land is explained and then 4 illegals jump into the back of his tuck and cover themselves in a tarp.moreless
  • This was a new kind of episode for Weeds.

    This was a new kind of episode for Weeds.

    Nancy and family are on the run after the fire of Agrestic and they went to the border to Joshua's grandma. There they meet Joshua's father and he doesn't like Nancy or Andy.

    Meanwhile Celia has been arrested and after giving up the names of Doug, Nancy, Dean and Sanjay. But when Doug, Dean and Sanjay are questioned they all say that it is Celia the mind behind everything and she gets arrested.

    Meanwhile on the Mexican border, Nancy starts a new business venture with Guillermo, but she tells him that no heroin should be involved.

    This new season can be interesting.moreless
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Jo Farkas


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The titles in this episode reflect the devastating fire at the end of the last season by showing empty roads, no one jogging, no one exiting the coffee shop, and smoke everywhere.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Andy: Why are you always such a prick to me?
      Lenny: I'm just not sure you're mine, so I keep an emotional distance.

    • Nancy: (While looking at Bubbie) Jesus, time is cruel. I should start taking fish oil.
      Andy: And green tea.
      Shane: Yeah, 'cause that'll totally reverse the effects of 90-plus years of life. Get real. It's all downhill from 30 on.
      Andy: Shut up.
      Nancy: Be quiet.

    • Silas: Dad once told me Bubbie killed the neighbor's dog.
      Andy: No one could ever prove that.

    • Sanjay: I do know one Nancy, but her name used to be Vince. Is that the same person you're talking about? Vince? No?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Captain Roy Till: I have a parasitic twin growing out of my stomach.

      This is reference to a 1990 film Total Recall staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. The leader of the Martian resistance Kuato was a parasitic twin growing out of George's stomach both played by Marshall Bell.