Season 2 Episode 5

Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A long overdue beat down and a corrupt DEA agent, yet I am still not pleased.

    Wow the writers love fueling my hatred for the children in this show,lol. It is just crazy. I am totally hating every teenager that isnt Isabelle on this show.

    THe best story in this episode, once again, is Nancys. What a shock there. Like I said in my previous review, I am all for her stance but a lot at stake. But I knew Nancy had something up her sleeve. WHy not ask your DEA husband? I wasnt for that whole "Vegas wedding" but its proving to have some serious benefits. He seemed a little shocked she came to him but he went throught with it anyway. I am realizing something very serious though. Nancy has a lot of her bases covered which as previous shows have proved, having your cake and eating it too never works out. I hope nothing serious happens to Nancy but I think something will. Its all going way to nicely in her world, something has got to give.

    Oh Silus, how can I hate you more? Well lets see what else the writers have in store for you in the next couple of episodes. BUt for this one, the writers gave you a beat down. Oh my mind had a field day thinking of the ways Silus got that bloody nose. I wished I had seen it, I might have given this mediocre episode a7.5. THey just teased me with the thought of him getting beat by the father. SO I am forced to suffer through his crappy sex montages but I cant see him get punched, not fair at all. I would have rathered Nancy slap him or do something. Act like a mom Nancy, you have a lot of discipline building up, unleash it on Silus. I do love her scene yelling at the father, that was great. ANd OMG that gash on his arm, looked like it hurt. Silus might be going cookoo, hopefully. I cant believe she got an abortion, not shocked though.

    ANd SHane... yeah not much going on. Obviously he was going to brag and the audience knew he would get caught. I think the writers are just wasting airtime on him. ANd what was with that story about the hamster? That was gross.

    Isabelle, darling Isabelle, the only child on this show that has life and personality and doesnt make we want to jump through the t.v. I love the modeling idea, I hope the writers follow through more on it. It could make for some interesting storylines later on.

    Celia had a bigger part this episode. THat debate scene was great. SHe just thinks her fellow neighbors are morons for going with Doug again. ALso she is one crazy bi***,lol. I love her though. SHe grabbed Nancys hair and screamed at her, hilarious scene. SHe so needs to win the vote!!!( I know I keep saying that,lol)

    THe raid scene was great. YOu knew who they were there for but the chaos of the scene was just great and it was directed very nicely. Overall a decent episode. once again Nancy and Celia save this episode from getting a five or lower. I dont know, maybe I am expecting too much from the writers. All I know is that I have lost all interest in SIlus and SHane. I really hope the writers can make me happy next episode, because if I get to an episode of point 5, I might turn this show off.
  • Megan chooses not to not to keep the baby. Peter busts Nancy's growing competition. Looks like Doug is going to beat Nancy.

    So I knew that Megan wasn't going to keep the baby. I mean she has Princeton and I am sure that she figured that Silas might have done something to guarantee that she got pregnant so they would stay together. I really liked that Peter went out of his way to help Nancy. I was sceptical when they got married how that was going to work (and I still am a bit) but it was a nice gesture. If I were to live in Agrestic I would vote for Celia but I found it very funny when Doug was going on and on about how he didn't even have to try to win because everyone hated Nancy.
  • Neighborly Bliss or "You're Son's a Loser": A Silas Botwin/Growhouse Gang Story

    Nancy and the Growhouse Gang face problems after the Armenian Gang threatens to make them leave the neighborhood and cut their power cables, etc. so Nancy turns to Peter for help with the rival gang. Andy must use his quick talking skills to talk Shane out of spilling the secret of their exploits at the massage parlor whilst trying to impress his friends. Silas and Megan are at odds as her parents isolate her from him and it resorts to violence. Sanjay and Andy decide to dump much of the grow house crops after a startling event in the gated community. With a little help Nancy gets her own neighborhood.
  • Isabelle becomes a Huskeroo, celia gets campaigning and ropes some support from Nancy. Conrad does some investigating regarding the Armenia growers in the area, Nancy comes up with a plan on that score.

    Silus and the pregnancy issue, well, that was to be expected as I didn't get the result I was expecting last week with him asking Megan to marry him, but the lad has some serious issues, alot of which are stemming from the grief angle which really wasnt explored with him during season 1. Some good acting, as let's be honest, his character is not a plain straight forward one for sure.

    Conrad is busy getting the grow house established, with a little help from some of the others who all have a little hand in its success. Conrad details the Armenian's plans, Nancy formulating a plan. Which as we had already guessed involves her DEA husband busting the other growing housing in the area.

    But the aspects we have to consider is what are the people in the house going to do, when the area is swarming with dea agents, especially if they have had a little bit of weed.

    Andy gets called in to see Shanes principle, regarding his trip to the Massage parlour, he worms his way out of it by saying that boys will be boys and that he would not have done that as he is in tutorlege for being a Rabbi.
  • Nancy's husband gets rid of the competition for her.

    I was right !! In my review of the rpeviosu episode, I suggested Nancy might use her DEA contact, i.e. her husband Peter, to get rid of the Armenian competition who happen to have four houses used to grown weed in the same residential area where Nancy's house is located.

    It was a lovely idea from him, I just hope the panicky Andy hasn't demolished Nancy's crop with his response to police helicopters circling the area.

    Shane manages to impress his classmates with his massage parlor stories and when Andy called to the principal's office, his story about how he, as a rabbinical student would never do such a thing and Shane is surely making these things up, work wonders.

    I liked that Nancy defended Silas, I just wish he wasn't such a jerk...
  • Nancy hatches a plan to better her operation (with help). Celia gets desperate. Megan gets more desperate. Silas gets that much more desperate. Celia and Doug have their debate. Nancy gets into two fights (one surprisingly, one willingly). A raid happens!

    Well tonight's episode didn't disappoint. We began with an instrumental theme song version tonight. Nancy goes through alot this episode. First, she is desperately trying to make herself believe Megan isn't pregnant. She is soon devising a plan (sort of) to fend off the armenians. She gets some help! Celia and Nancy's fight is hysterical tonight as Nancy continously is being pulled in different directions. Nancy also gets into another fight! Silas's obsession with Megan is becoming a bit psychotic and Silas gained alot more character substance with the events of tonights episode. Once again, Andy has another hilarious scene at the principal's office discussing the paradox that is Shane Botwin. I knew (even before the raid) where everything was going. Just the same it is entertaining getting there. This show is always a step above so many others. I am glad to be one of the lucky viewers who watches it unfold weekly. My only complaint is "Give me more Haylia!".
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