Season 2 Episode 5

Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2006 on Showtime



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    • Celia: Tell me what's going on with you. Please, Nancy
      Nancy: Celia…
      Celia: Aren't we friends?
      Nancy: I just wanna go.
      Celia: You can't even say it. You don't want to be my friend.
      Nancy: Everything is not about you, Celia.
      (Nancy starts walking away and Celia grabs Nancy by the hair and starts pulling.)
      Nancy: What the fuck are you doing?
      Celia: Be my friend!
      Nancy: Ow. Let go of my fucking hair!
      Celia: Be my friend!
      Nancy: Fucker!
      Celia: (Yelling) Be my goddamn mother fucking friend!

    • Pam: (On the phone campaigning for Celia) Hi. Could I speak to Mr. Fuckhueson?

    • Andy: Shane's going through changes. He's experimenting.
      Principal Dodge: Experimenting?
      Andy: He's masturbating.
      Principal Dodge: Oh.
      Andy: It's an awkward time for a young man. You remember that time, don't ya?
      Principal Dodge: Possibly.
      Andy: You know, you uh turn out the lights, you crawl into bed, you reach down there and you feel--
      Principal Dodge: That you're alone.
      Andy: Suddenly it's--
      Principal Dodge: Halloween! Your father's standing there dressed in a bee costume, watching you.

    • Conrad: Do none you people even fuckin get it? We just opened up a Burger King in the middle of fuckin McDonalds. Except Ronald is this track suit wearin' motherfucker named Bazar with a last name like an eye chart ready to cut yo dick off and mail it in four different directions. We're buck naked in front of George Bush with our dick in his daughter's mouth.

    • Silas: You wanted to be the cool mom.
      Nancy: No. Uh-uh. A million things I wanna be, cool mom, not on that list.
      (Megan shows Nancy the pregnancy test she just took)

    • Celia: (Reading the Huskaroos audition application) "I'm comfortable in my skin. I want my clothes to reflect what's within. Good things come in big packages. The Bigger, the better, the Huskaroo sweater." Excuse me. (Gets up to pull Isabelle out of the audition.)

    • Doug: (To Conrad) Can I have a sniff of your pad? I love smelling Sharpies.
      Andy: Ohhhh. You ever smell dry erase markers?

    • Peter: I was wondering what to get my wife, so I got her a neighbourhood.

    • Nancy: How did this happen?
      Silas: You don't want to hear it.
      Nancy: Oh but I really do!
      Silas: If I had to bet on it I'd say it was 3 weeks ago, my room, doggy style, when I pulled out the condom was gone. Megan has really strong muscles. Must have sucked the thing right off...
      Nancy: ...Ah ah ah stop stop stop!
      Silas: You asked.

    • (Doug is talking to Dean about the election)
      Doug: Nobody likes your wife, you don't even like her. I could stand up on that podium tomorrow night and take a shit on one of those make a wish cancer kids and people still vote for me. Cause they hate your wife....and I'm likable.
      Dean: Now you almost make me feel bad for Celia.
      Doug: Tell her that, maybe she'll fuck you, see I'm on your side buddy vote for me.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: July 11, 2007 on ProSieben

    • David Helfand was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series" for this episode.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Little Boxes" by Maestro Charles Barnett
      "Yodeling The Mozart" by Mary Schneider
      "Pirates" by Gabby La La
      "Love Thy Neighbor" by Roaring Lion
      "Kicking The Heart Out" by Rogue Wave

    • Real life Los Angeles reporter Lynette Romero played the part of the Channel 8 news lady who interviewed Peter. Lynette has played a reporter on several Los Angeles based TV series.

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