Season 2 Episode 5

Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2006 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Megan pulls out a pregnancy test and starts to take it. Silas is sitting on Nancy's bed with her, telling her that Megan has already taken many pregnancy tests and Nancy tells him that Megan will take a bunch more. Silas asks Nancy why she has a home pregnancy test in her possession and Nancy dodges the question with a threat. Nancy asks how Megan got pregnant and Silas goes into great detail on the act. Megan comes out and shows Nancy the pregnancy test and Silas makes a comment on Nancy being a grandmother.

Dean and Isabelle are waiting for Isabelle to have her audition. Dean is giving her encouraging words when they call her name. As she leaves, Celia arrives. Dean tells her that she is late and Celia makes an excuse that she is running for an elected office so she doesn't have much time and will be late to things because she has better things to do. Dean informs her that he has an actual job interview and that is more important. Dean leaves for his job interview and Celia sits to wait for Isabelle to be done with her audition. As she sits and waits, another mother talks to her and asks her if she wants one of her maple bars. Celia remarks about the amount of sugar in them. She then reads the application for Husakroos, the company that Isabelle is auditioning for, and excuses herself. Celia opens the casting call door and sees Isabelle jumping up and down on a trampoline. Celia yells Isabelle's name and Isabelle stops jumping, surprised her mother is there. The person holding the audition then says that Isabelle is fantastic. Upon hearing this, Celia is outwardly displeased and Isabelle smiles at Celia smugly.

At the grow house, Conrad made a map of their block showing where all of their weed growing Armenian neighbors are in relation to their grow house. He mentions how with only ten houses on the block, four of them are grow houses. Conrad tells everyone that this is serious when they do not seem to put enough importance on it. Sanjay holds a lighter, asking what would happen if the other grow houses burned down, reflecting to his arson at the bakery. As Nancy takes the lighter from him. Conrad says that they have to pack up and move. Nancy says that she will take care of it and that they are staying.

Silas is holding Megan and suggesting baby names to her. Megan tells Silas that she wants to talk to her parents by herself and Silas kisses her before she goes into her house to tell them and he tells her to text message him as soon as she is done.

Nancy and Peter are talking and Nancy shows him the map that Conrad made of their grow house neighborhood. Peter asks what it is and Nancy tells him that she started growing and that is where her grow house is. Peter is shocked that she is growing and is very displeased with this. He asks what the other houses marked on the map are and she informs him that they are other people's grow houses. Nancy then tells Peter that Silas got Megan pregnancy and that she should be at home for him but she cannot because of her problems with the other grow houses. Peter leaves to go back to work and tells Nancy to go be with Silas.

At the Botwin house, Silas is sitting by the pool with his headphones on, cell phone in hand, waiting for a text from Megan. Nancy walks up to him with a sandwich for him and asks how it went with Megan's parents. Silas tells Nancy that he does not know since Megan wanted to talk to her parents alone and he was alright with that but she was supposed to message him when she was done and she ha not done that yet. Nancy tells Silas that she is dealing with quite a bit and Silas suggests that maybe her parents took her phone away. Silas tells Nancy that he has informed Shane and Andy that Megan is pregnant. Nancy asks Silas if he wants to talk to her and he says he does not and puts his headphones back on. He then texts Megan, suggesting another baby name. Megan is at her computer and sees that she has a lot of missed text messages from Silas suggesting baby names and deletes them all.

While at school Shane tells all of his guy friends how his uncle Andy took him do a brothel and goes into detail about what all happened while he was there. The other guys are all huddled around Shane listening to his story and a girl at the next desk over keeps telling them that they need to be quiet because they all should be studying. Shane pulls up a picture of her on the computer and prints it out to show the other guys and as he tells more of what happened, the principal comes up behind Shane and puts his hand on Shane's shoulder as all of the other boys run off.

Andy is in the pool on an inflated raft, smoking and he goes over to the side to eat. The phone rings and he picks it up and finds out that it is Shane's school. Andy goes to the school and the principal tells Andy that he has reason to believe that Shane was sexually abused by a masseuse. The principal tells him that Shane said that Andy was the one who took him to the brother. Andy informs him that he is in Rabbitical school and would never do such a thing. Andy then says that Shane must have made the whole story up. After accidentally tells Andy an embarrassing story, the principal accepts that Andy did not take Shane to a brothel and says that he will let Shane off with a warning.

Celia and Pam are on the phones, using fake names, campaigning for Celia. Nancy is also there, not as chipper and using her real name, also campaigning for Celia. Celia tells Nancy that she needs to be more perky and Nancy gets up and just walks off. Celia follows Nancy and Nancy informs her that she cannot do the campaigning. Celia tells her that she is just trying to let everyone know about the debate. Nancy says she doesn't have time and has problems at home. Celia tells her that she should talk to her because she shares all of the bad things in her life with her. Nancy does want to share and Celia accuses Nancy of not wanting to be her friend. Nancy tried to walk off and Celia tells Nancy to be her friend and starts pulling Nancy's hair. Celia calls Nancy selfish and Nancy leaves. Pam says that they are like sisters.

In the grow house, Dean and Doug are trying to find some good stations on the TV when Dean tells Doug that he should be worrying about the debate with Celia the next day and not watching TV. Doug then says he is good at debating and he isn't worried about it at all because no one will vote for Celia because no one likes her and everyone likes Doug. Doug gets a cartoon station in by standing at a funny angle and is excited when the power goes out.

Conrad is helping Heylia get ready for her first date with Joseph. Heylia is very excited when there is a knock at the door but is disappointed when she finds out that it is only Nancy. Nancy tells that there are some children in her friends area having problems with children in the neighborhood cutting her friend's power lines hinting at Conrad that the Armenians cut the power lines at the grow house. Conrad implies that they need to move the grow house. Nancy gets a phone call and says that she has to go and quickly leaves without taking her stuff.

At Megan's house, Nancy sees a beaten up Silas. She asks what happened and Silas tells Nancy that he only wanted to see Megan because she had not been to school in two days and that her parents took her to a clinic. Megan's father said he hit him because Silas put his foot through their window and stabbed him. Megan's father then says that Silas needs to stay away from Megan and informs Nancy that Megan had an abortion. Nancy threatens Megan's dad that she will hurt him if he ever harms Silas again and Silas and Nancy leave.

Celia and Doug are at the debate. Celia says that she will be active unlike Doug and gets one or two people clapping. Doug says that he wants no final statement and gets a big round of applause.

Peter says he has a gift for Nancy. She turns on the news and sees that Peter busted all of the Armenians in Nancy's grow house neighborhood.