Season 2 Episode 7

Must Find Toes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on Showtime

Episode Recap

At the grow house, Andy is eating and Doug comes in with a pit bull. Food falls on Andy's foot and the dog goes to eat it off and eats off Andy's toes. Sanjay stick his finger in the dog's anus to make it let go, but it's too late for two of Andy's toes. Shane is geting ready for a debate competition, and is wearing too much cologne. Nancy is upset about Silas' SAT scores and wants him to retake the test. She gets a call and hears that Andy is in the hospital.

Andy will be fine, but the toes are lost permanently. He can leave immediately because he doesn't have health insurance. At the debate, the topic is popular vote versus the elctoral college. Shane wins by default when his opponent, the girl he has a crush on, quits when Shane's arguement for the popular vote is George W. Bush. Silas is happy for Shane, but Shane is upset that his crush is mad at him. Silas tells him to just say something to her.

Dean and Celia are in bed. Dean doesn't want to have sex. Later, Celia and Doug both run into Nancy at the polling place. Nancy is conflicted on her vote. Doug's name is not on the ballot. Dean forgot to file Doug's intent-to-run papers. Doug begins campaigning, telling voters to write him in. He can't campaign legally within a certain distance of the polling place however, so he gets as close as possible and continues through a megaphone. Nancy tells Silas he has to get a job if he doesn't want to go to college. Shane quits the debate team. Nancy tells Shane to give things a shot with Gretchen.

Yael comes to visit Andy, who suggests letting him pitch instead during sex to make him feel better. Celia is waiting along with others who were part of her campaign to find out if she won the campaign or not. Celia won by three votes. Dean calls, very upset. Andy is planning to leave rabbinical school now that he is handicapped and can't be drafted by the Army. Yael is incredibly upset by this and slaps and dumps him. Doug contemplates who he is now that he's not on the City Council. Dean reveals that it is his fault Doug wasn't on the ballot. Doug throws heavy office supplies at him and kicks him out.

Silas can't get into a decent university and won't do a regular job, so he wants to help Nancy deal drugs. She refuses, very upset by the idea. Nancy stops by Peter's house and starts kissing him when he answers the door, unaware that Peter has a night with his son Tim. Tim is critical of Nancy, who leaves awkwardly. Nancy goes to the grow house, where Conrad is. He says he packed everything that was important to him, and it fit into a duffel bag that is in his car. He's sad that it is all he has, but Nancy says she sometimes wishes she had that little responsibility and reason to worry. Nancy and Conrad smoke marijuana, and Nancy worries that she's getting stoned. They sit and watch the marijuana plants. Meanwhile, Celia says Dean has to stop smoking weed because if he gets caught, it will look bad for her. She declares that she will make Agrestic a drug-free zone, and that Dean should inform his dealer.