Season 2 Episode 7

Must Find Toes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on Showtime

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  • another day in Agrestic...

    You know it is going to be a good episode when someone is sticking their finger up a dog’s ass in the first minute. So I am not sure that Silas should be giving out love advice but he seemed to be trying to be the good big brother. Due to some missing paperwork Doug’s name doesn’t end up on the ballot. Even with him missing Nancy only won by three votes. That’s sad. And it really upset Doug. He even turned down pot, he’s really hurt. Silas wants to help sell for Nancy and she says no. Conrad is still really upset over Nancy’s marriage. Her and Conrad talk about their situation, touching. Nancy breaks down and samples her own product.
  • Andy loses two toes when Doug brings over a guard dog to the \'grow\' house. Doug\'s name does not appear on the ballot and Celia wins the election by three votes. Andy informs Yeal he is going to stop studying for the Rabi. Nancy refuses Silas\' offer.

    I was a bit disappointed with the last episode. I suppose it was impossible to keep up the perfect work. However, this episode was truely excellent. I laughed out loud several times and could not predict what was going to happen. There were some really good quotes in this show too. Andy on morphine - \"Did you find my toes?....Must find toes.\"

    Nancy - \"When can he go home?\"
    Dr. - \"Does he have insurance?\"
    Nancy - \"No.\"
    Dr. - \"He can go home now.\"

    Dean - \"Doug, I\'m sure there\'s a logical explanation for this.\"
    Doug - \"Yes, your wife is a cheating **bleap**.\"
  • It's election day.

    Average episode.

    I thought the whole storyline dealing Andy and the dog was odd. I assume the main intention was for him to lose his toes, so he's no longer in fear of being drafted and being sent to Iraq which means he can drop out of rabinnical school. And move one perhaps??? I just seems very, very contrived.

    I did actually like the way Silas was with Shane and at least tried to help. That was like the original Silas in the pilot episode whom I liked, instead of the deceiving guy we've seen since.

    I liked that Celia won the election, not sure about Dean and Doug's relationship after this...
  • Agrestic Council Elections are here, so Doug and Celia are both anxious about the outcome, but they are trying with their marriages also. Andy manages to lose some toes. Nancy and Conrad make their peace.

    The council elections are all go for Agrestic residents, Celia taking a strong lead, especially as Dougs manager, Celia's husband forgot to get the papers in in time, meaning he isn't running, despite this, I thought it was excellent that Doug was standing on a mount outside with a mega phone and in the end Celia only has 3 more votes than Doug, too funny. We also find out that both admit to the other that their marriages aren't the best or as people imagine them to be.

    But the opening scene was one of the best that I had seen for quite some time. Sanja end up putting his finger up a dogs arse, but that only came about as the sauce dripped onto Andy's toes, the dog then licks off the sauce, Andy squirms and of course the dog is going to eat his toes, so the idea that Sanja putting his finger up the arse of a dog helped saved other toes did have me in stitches.

    Nancy makes her peace with Conrad, which was kind of touching. But she still has alot of stress in her life, with one son telling the other about how ruthless women can be in a relationship, that they will take pleasure in kicking your heart. It all gets to her and the result is that she tests some of her own product.
  • Vote Doug Wilson! or Mr. Sweaters please stop!: A Growhouse Gang and Nancy Scottsen Tale

    Doug finds a dog, who he crowns Mr. Sweaters, outside the Growhouse and wants it to be their watchdog but it bites off a few of Andy's toes which gives him his opportune moment to quit rabbinical school after doing Yael again since he is handicapped (not really) and won't be forced to go to Iraq. Silas wants into Nancy's business now that he has scored lower than normal on his SAT scores and she refuses. After the fateful meeting together with Nancy, Peter and Conrad he prepares to leave if necessary and has a heart to heart with Nancy after he packs a duffel bag. Celia and Doug run against each other on the fateful election day and the winner wins by three votes only. I want the stuff to grow so they can be rich already come on plants why won't you grow faster for our heroes? Pretty Please?