Season 4 Episode 5

No Man is Pudding

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2008 on Showtime

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  • There hasn't been an episode like this since the half of the first season

    Brilliant, from top to bottom!
    First of all, baggage that was the father and the grandmother that went absolutely nowhere is finally complete - good riddance. Nancy gets absolutely hardcore on Guilermo and Celia and she does it as effortlessly as anything else - Mary Louise Parker is definitely one of the best actresses on American TV today, bar none.
    The show had the perfect transitional feel, with no dull moment in sight; new characters introduced, old ones get new roles.
    And hilarity was here as well - the scene at the table where everyone licks their wounds was PRICELESS.
    All in all, incredible breath of fresh air in the show, with more happening in this episode than the last three without it being confusing.
    Congratulations, keep kicking a$$ like this!