Season 7 Episode 6

Object Impermanence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Heylia's back and shooting a rifle at Silas and Nancy. They're actually intruding on her Humboldt County pot farm. As they take cover, who should walk out of Heylia's cabin but Dean Hoades. Next Heylia pulls an axe and Silas gets a hold of her rifle. That dispels the aggression for the time being.

Back in New York, Andy tries to get Shane to give him some of his college money to get his Danish electric bike business started in the Big Apple. Shane turns him down flat and Dean, who is getting high in the hammock, suggests Andy pitch his business plan to his hedge fund cronies.

Inside the cabin, Dean updates Silas on his life. He ended up in Humboldt with Heylia after she needed a lawyer. Outside, Heylia shows Nancy her pot crop. Nancy tries to get Heylia to sell her some, but Heylia refuses. Heylia lays into Nancy about how much Nancy ruined her life and is the cause of her getting run out of LA and retreating up to Humboldt. Nancy tells Heylia she knows Conrad fled Humboldt because Heylia is so controlling.

Shane is actually going to college. At a criminal justice class he outsmarts the guest lecturer, a detective from the New York Police Department, by figuring out that the hand-cuffed criminal he brought into the classroom is actually a cop. Shane pulls up the guy's pant leg to reveal a gun strapped to his ankle to prove his theory to the class. Impressed, the detective asks Shane to check out the police academy.

Andy suits up to make the pitch. Doug's buddies are amused when they see his amateur pitch and video demo. Afterwards, they ask him how much capital. They chuckle when they find out Andy just wants 80 thousand dollars. It's not a big enough venture for him and turns him down flat.

Back in Humboldt, Silas realizes Heylia has been growing MILF, the strain of marijuana that he helped Conrad to develop. He confronts Heylia on it. Heylia, in turn, lets Silas know that she used to always let Conrad think he was her partner just like Nancy does with him. Nancy and Heylia strike a deal. Heylia will sell Nancy a package if she agrees to allow Silas to stay and help her with harvest. Nancy refuses, but Silas actually wants to stay, because he knows they need this deal to get settled in New York. Nancy leaves with her relationship in Silas still quite strained.

On her way back to New York she tells her lawyer sitting next to her on the plane and she tells him about how someone accused her of only seeing what's in front of her. She means Silas. But she says she always keeps the people in her life on her mind and that she is looking out for all of them.