Season 7 Episode 6

Object Impermanence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Object Impermanence

    Object Impermanence was not only one of the best episodes of this season but may be one of the best of the entire seasons based on the last scene alone. I felt like we as viewers finally got to really see Nancy, inside her true heart. This episode also brings the series to a pretty full circle coming back to where it all started yet taking things in a new direction forward. Silas has taken charge of his own life though he still holds close to his mother. Shane seems like he is going to be the next Dexter or some thing, which would actially be cool in some ways. Andy and Dougs scenes were funny. Dean gets caught up and Heilya has a whole new life. It was so touching in the last scenes where Nancy was able to see Stevie for a brief few minutes. I really look forward to the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!
  • 706

    After last week's really strong Weeds we got another good edition here tonight. I am not the biggest fan of Heylia, but she does add some more comedy to this show and she plays off the rest of the cast very well.

    Please give us more scenes with Doug at work though. Andy pitching his idea and failing in the process has been done before (it kind of gave me flashbacks to the Prestige Worldwide pitch from Step Brothers) but the video was kind of funny. We need more of "The Rocket Man" though and maseuses who make cracks about him "taking off."

    Fun little episode here today. Weeds is at its best when it doesn't take itself too seriously.
  • Old Friends: A Nancy Botwin Tale

    After a spout of anger from Haylia involving a few shotgun blasts at Nancy and Silas, the two get to talking about how much Nancy screwed up her life back in Agrestic. Apparently Silas found Conrad on facebook and found out where Haylia lived and Dean is now staying with her in exchange for legal counsel. While Nancy tries to convince Haylia to sell to them they walk through the weed fields that are booby trapped to Hell and they have an insincere heart to heart about Conrad and why he left and how destructive of a force Nancy is. Silas discovers that MILF is what Haylia is growing too and becomes angry. In NYC Andy tries to sell his Copenhagen wheel and finding investors and Shane puts up the front money after an embarrassing show of product to Doug's business partners and Andy's business will serve as the gang's new weed front thanks to learning from his criminal justice class. Nancy and Silas finally talk about his real father and Judah's reaction to it. In the end Haylia agrees to supply them so long as Silas helps harvest this new crop and then he can transport the first batch to NYC which Silas agrees too and Nancy sees Stevie on her way back. This is the best Weeds episode in quite some time, and we finally got some closure in the Where is Haylia? question we've been dragging since the end of Season Three even if we didn't get a Conrad appearance which I was looking forward to, it was still a superior episode that reminded me why I've stuck with this show for so long, so that when they get back to business with the classic MILF strain the income and the comedy will up to the good old days of Weeds when they didn't have to try to hard.