Season 8 Episode 4

Only Judy Can Judge

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Only Judy Can Judge

    A little bit awkward, maybe even a little bit confusing, but the episode did give me some laughs, while wondering what road is next for these characters.

    Wish I could answer that last question, but at least I can say this episode was pretty solid.
  • Where is this show going?

    It did have the usual entertainment value, some good humor but also the usual annoying stuff. And this time the lack of plot is even more evident than in the past few seasons. Everything seems to be thrown together very randomly and the characters haven't developed any further in ages. If this really is the final season, I think it'd be nice to actually make the characters interesting so that the viewers care about them, but throwing in irrelevant sprinkles here and there really does not cut it. Silas' "SM storyline" is totally boring. Shane's past actions are just about good enough for a joke or two and his cop career isn't drawn out well enough to give it any weight. Andy - I've disliked him throughout but the characters around usually were strong enough to make me look over him, until a season or two ago.

    So where is this show supposed to go? I miss the cynical and satirical elements of the show that made the first few seasons so brilliant. dead horse, beating and one more season and I'll watch Nancy Grace instead.
  • Nightswim Blues

    Nancy faces problems with Stevie when Andy and Jill potentially outshine her as parents when she plans to take Stevie for a day at the zoo. But when her new stand in for "the business" and domination object of Silas Kiku is held captive by three dumb hash dealers Nancy has to change her plans to go save Kiku. Doug gets absorbed in a conflict when he sees a turd on the newspaper and instantly blames the next door neighbor's dog Gilda for having done so but the man, who still with his mother in his late thirties to Doug's amusement, denies it. Doug pranks the man by painting in pink "Shi**er on the dog and when the neighbor brings a cop to confront Doug the cop says that it's not technically against the law but his dog having left a mess on Doug's yard is a two hundred dollar fine. It's nice to see Doug's immature antics at play again after so long, granted he's been immature but not in this early he's powerful and not completely pathetic immaturity like he has been for the past few seasons. Andy jumping when Nancy beck and calls to him cook the "squid like thing" puts Jill on edge and she gives him the ultimatum of Nancy or her even though Andy is just cooking a meal. But he should consider her feelings as an adult since she did blow off her husband for him and he could show a little consideration in that. Shane begins a relationship with a fellow police academy cadet and invites her over for dinner. Nancy, on her way to Kiku, stops at laser tag to work a business deal out with Demetri from last season and his three glasses wearing flunkies from "Do Her/Don't Do Her." He agrees to a fair compromise and she rescues Kiku from the hash dealers while telling Kiku that she should be spending the day with her son at the zoo and that's what Kiku's job is is to deal with the business so that she doesn't have to. Silas goes to a hydroponics store and meets an awkward but friendly guy named RJ and he too invites his friend to dinner. But when Jill freaks out at Andy at dinner where Nancy is about to make a toast just like she was about to do before she was shot in the head in the season finale things go all kinds of wrong. As a consolation prize though after the catastrophic dinner Stevie comes to her and he tells her that he can't sleep. Like in the beginning of the episode Nancy invades the neighbor's pool but this time with Stevie and when the man who owns the house sees it he doesn't do anything but instead goes back to sleep as I too would've done. Nothing wrong with a mother and son making use of my pool in the middle of the night when I'm not using it. But this is a good character sign for Nancy since she wants to make things right with Stevie and not be absentee like she was with Shane and Silas. Also RJ breaking Silas's cool about Shane becoming a cop and then one day maybe busting him was well written but just there to be rift between the two of them. The the poop from the neighbor landing on their table was the real gross out of the episode. Or when Doug checks the surveillance cameras that he set up to catch Gilda in the act of pooping on his newspaper showed himself doing it instead which I suspected but was nonetheless caught off guard by which makes sense for him since he's been popping Ambien every night to get to sleep. Great episode and hopefully this final season can be the one that brings Weeds back to its former suburban glory and for eight years of investment I sure better get something out of it.
  • Only Judy Can Judge

    Only Judy Can Judge was another perfectly entertaining episode of Weeds. I really enjoyed watching because there was good character development and the various storylines seem to come together and build themselves up. It was interesting to see Nancy rescue Kiku from hash dealers while losing parts of her memory. The laser tag scene was fun and made me dizzy too. Andy and Jill have some issues as Jill is being passive aggressive. Shane and Silas make new friends and this leads to Silas starting to doubt he may be able to trust Shane in the future. Doug fighting with the nieghbor over dog doo was funny, but the ending of the episode was hilarious!!!!!!!!!