Season 8 Episode 4

Only Judy Can Judge

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Where is this show going?

    It did have the usual entertainment value, some good humor but also the usual annoying stuff. And this time the lack of plot is even more evident than in the past few seasons. Everything seems to be thrown together very randomly and the characters haven't developed any further in ages. If this really is the final season, I think it'd be nice to actually make the characters interesting so that the viewers care about them, but throwing in irrelevant sprinkles here and there really does not cut it. Silas' "SM storyline" is totally boring. Shane's past actions are just about good enough for a joke or two and his cop career isn't drawn out well enough to give it any weight. Andy - I've disliked him throughout but the characters around usually were strong enough to make me look over him, until a season or two ago.

    So where is this show supposed to go? I miss the cynical and satirical elements of the show that made the first few seasons so brilliant. dead horse, beating and one more season and I'll watch Nancy Grace instead.