Season 5 Episode 10

Perro Insano

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Average.

    If you have seen one episode of Weeds you have seen them all this year. This slow progression of the Celia/Doug and Nancy/Mexican mayor storylines are really starting to aggrivate me. Things need to get more exciting, to just come right out and say it. The show is just digressing at this state, and is heading backwards (bringing Celia to the forefront and her husband) instead of heading in a new direction, something the program after five years desperately needs.

    Weeds is always good for a few chuckles and usually one or two lol moments an episode (like the private parts into coffee scene) but not much more than that.
  • Series Classic...

    This episode reminded me of how Weeds used to be in the beginning. Part comedy, part drama interspersed correctly in the 25 odd minutes in such a way that you laugh your guts off, and the same time get an adrenaline rush with a suspense that makes sure you tune in next week.

    This episode has also given us a teaser of what to expect for the remainder of the season. The drama of Shane getting shot was converted into a full-blown comedy of him getting high on pain killers and beer. The usual comedy gang of Andy, Doug, and Dean got little screen time - and surprisingly it worked really well. I loved the scene where Doug exacts his revenge on Dean by asking him to put his nuts into freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. Awesome episode. Hope they do no botch up the remaining episodes.
  • The Botwins come back together.

    Were brought back to the old days of Weeds in this episode when the family comes back together from Shanes injury. Finally we get or old Silas Nancy, Shane scenes back in this episode. The ending is a HUGE twist out of nowhere! If you havent seen it yet get on it quick! This episode wont disappoint. We get a new story line sort of with Doug and Celia, sort of. A great episode for anyone that loves the classic Weeds. Only 3 more episodes after this and expect them all to be good ones! Theres an even bigger twist coming! So watch out!