Season 6 Episode 7

Pinwheels and Whirligigs

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on Showtime
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In Montana, Nancy, her sons and Doug visit a fair, while Andy takes part in a butter-eating contest.

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  • 607

    Now this is an episode of Weeds. It was funny, it was definitely funny. Justin Kirk continues to excel in this role and it is amazing because if I remember correctly he was supposed to just have a short run on the show in the first season. I can't imagine Weeds without him now. There were also some good dysfunctional family sentimental moments with Nancy and Shane that showed that this program is actually better at capturing the modern family than that show Modern Family on ABC is by a long shot. Best episode of the season and I am definitely a Weeds fan again.moreless
  • Another episode filled with great writing

    For all the crap I've given Weeds the past few years, I must say, it still has some of my favorite writing, out of both comedy AND drama. The show may get out of control sometimes, but there are still these great realistic moments between characters that reminds me that the CHARACTERS are what's most important about the show and not the ridiculous plot twists.

    This episode simply focused on the gang going to a fair in Montana in order to have fun for the first time in awhile. Nancy and Shane spend some time together and have some mother/son time that involves her telling him she wants him to grow up to be a normal child and not a psychopath. Doug takes care of Stevie and turns out to be an awful father (did anybody expect anything different?) and Andy and Silas take place in butter sculpture eating contest in order to win a massive RV.

    Nothing really happened, but I'd rather nothing really happen and get some good scenes and dialogue between these characters again then have everything chaotic happening at once. The scenes between Shane and Nancy were great, as were the ones between Silas and Andy. Doug continues to be goofy, but it's nice to see him around either way. He contributes at least a few hilarious lines per episode.

    I guess Weeds will never quite be the same again, but at least the show is getting back on track. Great episode here.moreless
  • See Summary

    Pinwheels and Whirligigs was a fun episode giving us a momentary pause in all the chaos that is really going on. This episode gave us insights into all of the characters, and where they are in their lives. It was fun to watch as Nancy bonded with Shane, in the hopes of keeping him some what sane. Andy and Silas had their moments as well, and of course Doug and Stevie were on some fun adventures of their own. This episode didn't really take us forward, but it did give us some growth. We were able to connect with the family and feel as if they are people that we know and care about. This show continues to amaze!!!moreless
  • 30 lbs of Butter Fat or "I Could Be a Carnie": A Newman Family Breather

    After all the high angst of the past few episodes we got a taste of the funnies from the Newman's and they're joined by Doug after having rescued him from kidnapping. Although this was mainly a filler episode Weeds knows how to make filler entertaining, and what's more entertaining than seeing our favorite heroes at a Montana fair. Also this episode was riddled with foreshadowing and decisions for the future as well as the building of rapports from Shane and Andy doing a butter eating contest for an RV to Shane and Nancy riding a roller coaster and cracking down on someone for cutting in line to Doug's antics watching Stevie were all believable and could build to a very successful second half of season 6 as the Newman's road trip continues with new ups and downs as they stay on the move.moreless
John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

Butter Sculpture Contest Host

Guest Star

Josie DiVincenzo

Josie DiVincenzo

Agent Lipschitz' Partner

Guest Star

John Fleck

John Fleck

Agent Lipschitz

Guest Star

Enrique Castillo

Enrique Castillo


Recurring Role

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