Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on Showtime

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  • "This Never Would've Happened In Pittsburgh" or Pittsburgh Bound: A Shane Botwin Story

    Shane's graduation looms as Nancy prepares to hand off the money from her deal with U-Turn over to Peter and fully expects to be killed in the process as is Conrad. Celia discovers who's been claiming her cameras and drug free zone signs and Kat wants Andy to go with her but he refuses so she settles for Shane instead. U-Turn has an change of heart regarding financing to the Growhouse Gang and the Armenian gang returns as well. Silas takes something that isn't his as well and may face more than just a slap on the wrist. Fantastic episode with a great cliffhanger to boot, looks like Season 3 will be a direct follow up to this one and I like how the writers upped the stakes so much and went from dark comedy to life threatening drug dealings with disreputable individuals, but what's up with Pittsburgh?
  • Full Review of "Pittsburgh"

    "Pittsburgh", the finale of Weeds' sophomore season, produces a satisfying conclusion to the year. With lives and plenty of weed at stake, Nancy and Conrad's growing operation reaches its climax as a betrayed DEA agent Peter Scottson demands every dime from an impending weed sale, but the buyer, drug dealer 'U-Turn', has no intention of paying as he brings loaded guns to the meeting place. The episode keeps you on your toes and soon adds a third party in the mix, and by the end, you will be teased and left in the lurch with a trio of gripping, unresolved situations that will almost certainly make you come back for next season's premiere. The fates of quite a few characters remain in the balance, yet it also provides several great laughs in both the A- and B-plots, with comedy in the show's DNA.

    The episode starts with Nancy sitting in Silas' room, which is littered with stolen "drug free zone" signs and surveillance cameras. Lupita comments that Silas went on this rebellious streak for Nancy's sake – implying that he's helping her avoid being caught as she deals drugs – which was also my initial thought. However, the fact that he's still missing on his younger brother's graduation from elementary school signifies that perhaps he has other motives in mind.

    Silas is not the only family member to disappoint Shane, as Nancy abruptly gets up and leaves the graduation ceremony before the event is finished. Shane, obviously devastated by this, takes comfort by hanging around Kat, Andy's crazy former lover. At least the reasons for Nancy's departure are clear and understandable to us: she has to go to the grow house to meet up with her business partner Conrad, where an intimidating and threatening Peter reminds them to give him the money they'll receive from U-Turn for the harvested batch of "MILF weed". Before he takes his leave, he sneeringly tells Conrad that Nancy "f***s like a wild animal". Unfortunately for us, the sexual tension between Nancy and Conrad isn't discussed between them in the remainder of the episode. And unfortunately for Peter, he's soon executed while in his truck, waiting for the deal to conclude.

    Peter's demise is quite tragic, even if he's been painted as a major antagonist in the last two episodes of this season. He's hurt. He took a significant sacrifice to have a shot at a romance with Nancy and gain her trust when they got married in Las Vegas. In return, despite her best efforts to love Peter, Nancy ends up stringing him along. The deeper Nancy gets into the drug trade, the more their relationship deteriorates. The fable of the scorpion and the frog (referred a few times throughout the season) is fittingly apt, because even though Nancy and Peter try to make a go of it and coexist together, they are both driven by their nature. Remember that when they first met, Nancy wasn't growing. She wasn't selling her own product and raking in easy money. All she was doing was selling weed in small amounts just to get by. She was a struggling widow who couldn't afford the middle-class lifestyle. The transformation of her situation is quite radical, and this is despite Peter's pleas for her to consider a different line of work. And when Peter felt double-crossed as he listened in on Nancy's phone call to Conrad at the end of "Mile Deep and a Foot Wide", he revealed his true colours. He thinks drug dealers are the scum of the earth, and he aggressively makes his point clear when he threatens to kill Conrad, becomes ice cold to Nancy, and plans to mug them of their money.

    Despite him being the villain in Nancy's story, it's easy to forget that Peter holds a morally good job as a DEA agent. Nancy is a drug dealer – the type of person that most people would normally shun in society. Peter was ridiculed at work when Nancy went behind his back and tipped off Heylia about his intended drug bust. He wanted to put a plan into motion to take down the bigger fish, U-Turn. Sure, he's crooked. It's true that because I was continuously rooting for the protagonist in the story, I didn't want to see him get away with his misdeeds, and in the end, he probably got what was coming to him. But I sympathised with him, because he had no idea what he was getting into when he tried to get closer to Nancy in the first season. He couldn't have predicted how far she was going to go down this drug-dealing path. In addition, it perhaps feels harsher knowing that he was killed by the Armenian posse, who are arguably more merciless and ethically wrong. Peter angered them by merely doing his job and taking down their base of operations (albeit to enhance his relationship with Nancy rather than uphold the law).

    Funnily enough, Nancy tipping off Heylia has inadvertently put her in danger in more ways than one. The extra strain on her and Peter's relationship obviously does her no favours, but it also means that U-Turn is free to do as he pleases. When she tries to flog the weed to U-Turn at a bargain price, U-Turn responds by turning up at the grow house and holding her and Conrad at gunpoint with automatic weapons. Things get a little bit worse when the Armenians come in, also with guns, and demand payment for their disposal of Peter. Interestingly, Conrad appears to have had an inkling that Peter was going to get whacked; he calmly tells the Armenians that he doesn't have the money, because U-Turn wasn't planning on holding up their end of the deal. In contrast, Nancy is struggling to come to terms with what happened to Peter. Even though she's been in the drug business for a while now, this is the first time where the consequences have been grave and cost someone their life. Her facial expressions give away her shock and guilt (Mary-Louise Parker is consistently fantastic in these scenes), and this is all while U-Turn and the Armenians couldn't give less of a damn about the deceased agent and are instead arguing about who gets to take home the massive stash of weed.

    The two factions then point their guns at Nancy to make her open the safe and take out the weed. In such intense moments, it is a credit that the episode can still draw out some uncomfortable chuckles from me with black humour, most notably when everyone shouts at Nancy in unison that Peter's dead and when Nancy has to be told to "open the f***ing safe" three times after she fails to compose herself.

    Unfortunately, when she opens the safe, she finds all of the weed gone – and in its place, a "drug free zone" sign. Silas' ulterior motive is revealed when a panicked Nancy calls him on the phone: he wants in on the drug scheme. Whether he was stealing the signs and the cameras to ensure that the weed operation continues unharmed or to prove he can be an asset to the team is open for debate, but it's clear that he's trying to force his way into the business. Silas' smug face doesn't last long, though. Storing the weed hostage inside the boot of his car, he hangs up when he sees Celia and a police officer pull up behind him, with Celia angrily accusing him of stealing the cameras. This situation in turn makes Nancy's much worse. With several guns trained on her and no weed to appease either U-Turn or the Armenians, it looks like her time is up. What a tantalisingly cruel cliffhanger.

    The other unresolved plot ending wasn't quite as interesting. Kat reveals to Andy (while giving him a handjob) that she stole over a million bucks' worth of poker chips, which is the reason why she's being pursued by a bounty hunter known as Abumchuk. She wants Andy to accompany her as she flees to South America, but he refuses. Shane, upset that his mother and brother are nowhere to be seen at the graduation party, is easily convinced by Kat to come with her, and they ride off in Andy's van. Not long after Andy realises that Shane's gone missing does he go after him with Abumchuk on his truck. While I really like Zooey Deschanel in both her acting and musical career, I'm slightly ambivalent about her character. On one hand, Deschanel wonderfully mixes quirky and crazy for Kat, and makes her mostly fun to watch in the scenes that she's in. On the other, Kat hasn't added much consequential value to the show. Her actions and interactions with the Botwins don't appear to likely impact the core characters in any meaningful way in the long run, unless there's something to be gained from Shane's misadventure when the next season picks up. However, there's more good than bad about this plotline, and perhaps I wouldn't have nitpicked this much if there wasn't extra emphasis on it, being part of the season finale and all.

    Overall, the second season has been a huge success from my perspective, with more focus on the drama side of things than the comedy. The slight change in direction and the more serious tone have shown many benefits. Not only are the episodes more compelling to watch, as the characters are involved in longer story arcs with more at stake, but I also cared about them more than I ever did back in the first season. That said, there were still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments over the twelve episodes this year, and "Pittsburgh" is no different from the rest. The comedic highlight is probably this heated exchange between Dean and Doug after Dean, unable to reach Doug's face, punches his neck instead: "You're freakishly tall" / "I'm also freakishly long, so imagine how much of me was inside your wife". The great thing about "Pittsburgh" is that it delivers on what Weeds set out to accomplish, and goes further. It's a half-hour of drama with some extremely intense scenarios, and it isn't afraid to sprinkle the runtime with plenty of laughs – even in uncomfortable moments.
  • Brilliant!

    Weeds had been slacking in its 2nd season and I actually questioned whether or not to continue with it. But now, after having seen this episode, my faith had been completely restored with all the elements of the past season coming together.
    In truth, this episode was AMAZING. It was breath-taking and really left me longing for Season 3. The main problems i had with the latter half of the 2nd season was that Andy was not being utilised well. He is the best character on the show and the fact that he wasn't getting much screen-time made me quite angry but in this episode, his lines were funny and his character as interesting as ever.
    In all honesty, this is THE best episode of Weeds and is well worth your time.
  • Nancy is in need of being cloned, so that she can be everywhere at the same time. Both sons go missing which may have costly ramifications for Nancy in more than one way. Conrad may appreciate Heylia's plan if he gets out of the sticky situation.

    Nancy needs to be everywhere at once. She has to be at the graduation for Shane's speech on behalf of the class. She also has to be at the grow house in order to hand over the monies from the harvest to her blackmailing DEA hubby. She's having a bad day, she can't be in two places at once, and then there is the kiss with Conrad has got her mind all over the place. Heylia and the plan with the Armenian's at least gets Peter out of the picture, so a small bonus there.

    Shane leaves with Kat for Pittsburgh !!! A good a place as any I suppose, leaving everyone looking for him and with Uncle Andy getting an amber alert out on him.

    Silas creates more trouble, when after being an impecile and pathetic last week, gets even worse, when he gets to the grow house, takes all the weed prior to the others getting there. Then only to be ignoring Nancy's call to his cell.

    What an end to a season and I know that I wanted the next season to start right away.
  • Could it get any worst for Nancy.

    I can not believe they ended the second season of weeds like that. From the begining to the end of the episode i was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen to Nancy. I liked Shane's speech at his middle school graduation. I wan disappointed that Silas decided not to go to his little brother's graduation but i did like that he was the one who was stealing the signs and camaras. I can not believe that Shane left with the crazy Kat. i can not believe that Silas stole the his mother's stash leaving her in a bad situation and himself as well.
  • Nancy's day just keeps getting worse and worse.

    This episode had everything people look for in a season finale. All the storylines combined and combusted in one huge cliffhanger episode.

    Shane's graduation speech was fabulous and him leaving Agrestic with Kat was very surprising even though uncle Andy and Abumchuk will probably catch up with them. Excellent storyline.

    Sials is an idiot for stealing a camera and getting caught on tape. Celia sending a cop after him was fun!

    Silas stealing all the weed from the safe was excellent though his timing couldn't have been worse. It leaves his mum with 6 men pointing guns at her all demanding either money, which she doesn't have, or weed, which she doesn't have either. The side comment about being a nice kisser was very telling, I thought.

    Can't wait for the next season!
  • Season two leaves you on your toes for season three.

    I couldn't think of a better way to end the season. There are so many twists and turns that you just didn't see coming. In a lot of shows today, their outcomes are so predictable, but not with this one. The Botwins are planning to pick up and move after Shane's graduation, due to certain pressures in the Aggrestic community. But just when things seemed to be resolved, now they have even bigger issues than before. Silas is seen being arrested at the end of the show for stealing security cameras. But will the load of pot be found in his trunk. Nancy and Conrad have about eight or so guns pointed at their heads, and it just reminds me why this is one of the best shows on television. I'm so excited to see season three, and pick up where it left off.
  • a bad day ...could it get worse

    how action packed is this episode i cant beleive they killed peter he da man all i an think is there a dead man in her garage i know its only her weed house garage but still kinda eeek at the best of times silas stealing all the weed from nancy i still cant beleive it and i seriously have watched it over and over again and it still suprises me plus then him getting pulled over by cecilia and the cops omg what are they gonna do when they fiond all the weed and shane going off with the crazy nora omg omg what a action packed epi
  • WOW...what a great season finale, the show just keeps delivering.

    Now that was a great episode. The tension had me on the edge of my seat for the whole show. It takes the whole "I had a bad day" to a whole new level. The episode shows Nancy's inexperience in da business causing her big problems....again I think now she realizes that these people play for keeps. Celia is out of control, her characters spiral decent into despair has been played to perfection. The writing for this show keeps getting better and this episode shows that writing at its finest. Now how will Nancy deal with all that is a miss in her life? Can't wait for another superb season this coming fall.
  • Celia discovers that Silas is the sign thief. Conrad and Nancy devise a plan about their situation. Sean causes a riot at his graduation ceremony.

    I loved this episode. I was practically riveted to the television. I mean I didnt even get up to go to the bathroom, thats who interested i was in the show. I thought that the dialogue was witty, better than the Gilmore Girls (besides, they talk alot) and it was such higher thinking level that i was like amazed. I pretty much thought that this episode was grand. I can not wait for the next episode because the way that they ended the show, with Silas hanging up the phone with Celia and the cop standing there and Nancy having five guys pointing at her for not coming up with the goods was shocking. Man, i loved this episode.
  • Brutal

    Let me first say this, I loved the first season of weeds and thought it had huge potential to be one of the best shows on television. However the second season really didnt work for me, and I found it more annoying than anything else. I liked the idea of them opening a drug house, but the execution wasn't solid. What I hated more than anything was the plotline involving Nancy marrying the DEA agent. It really drove me insane, and the sort of everything goes wrong at once ending to the season was a big let down. Here's to hoping Weeds can turn it around in season 3.
  • When it all goes wrong.

    This episode showed how 'Weeds' qualifies as a drama. Normally, Weeds is more comedy than drama, but this episode had more drama in it.

    The episode ended with multiple cliffhangers: 2 great, dramatic cliffhangers, and 1 more likely comedic cliff.

    Also, this episode marks the death of Peter. Now, don't get me wrong, he was very annoying the last episode, he didn't deserve this. He really loved Nancy, and he got backstabbed. Not to mention,he's leaving his boy behind.

    The writers overlooked this, and made his death way too cold, rapid... it just didn't feel right.

    Other annyoing thing is Silas. Not only I hate his character, but in this episode he proved why he's such a dork: I hope he gets caught.

    Overally, very exciting finale, with a few issues here and there, but those could be because of the lack of time: I think Weeds has grown up to be a 1-hour show.
  • And I thought season one's finale was harsh!

    I had not fully realized until this episode that they had been slowly working us up to more shocking moments this season. The discovery that Nancy's boyfriend was a DEA agent at the end of season one was a shocker for me, yet nothing but a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the utter pandemonium bestowed upon the Botwin family & friends at the end of this season.

    I LOVE Weeds; it became my favorite show the first time I saw it and my love for it has only grown since. This episode was simply fantastic and a prime example of just how crazy good the show can be.
  • best season finale ever

    it\'s easy to expect such episode for this amazing show. but yet it was better than i expected. i\'ve never seen a season finale like that in any tv series. i can\'t wait too see season 3. in another shows i get always afraid when they have an ending like that, because most of them f*** with the whole story in the next one... but i\'m sure that they gonna make an excellent season premiere in weeds too. this is one of my favorite shows ever and it\'s incredible that at this point i don\'t have any complain about it
  • Fun series to watch but it had to end this way.

    The series has been fun to watch, and very educational. However, from the very beginning Nancy has been making every mistake possible in growing pot. The only thing she didn\\\'t do was string lights leading to her door. Then again, she didn\\\'t have to do that because of the people around her managed to do that for her. The final episode brings them all down, alive and dead, sending the message that while growing pot may be fun, it may be financially rewarding, it may even be politically motivated to help provide medical marijuana for those who use it, the final message is growing pot on a large scale will get you killed.

    If there is a series 3, which I doubt, it would be interesting to see the plots based on a legalised marijuana society.
  • Don't get on Nancy's bad side!

    Very great second finale season as well as can't wait
    For what happens next come the third season as poor
    Nancy as you feel sorry for her as she is having
    Not just a very busy but a very bad day as You don't want to get close to her. One of
    Her sons is missing and that Shane is graduating as she
    Tries to be all of those places at one time. While dealing With Conrad's kiss, madness of Cecilia, and the craziness of Kat!
  • As the second season ends, three major cliffhangers will guarantee this viewer to count the days till the third season premiere.

    Wow! What a great way to end this season! I'm happy to say that this turned out even better than the first one. Twelve episodes just flew by. Hilariousness ensued, but what really impressed me was how tense those last three minutes were! I was seriously gasping! Kat and Shane? What is that lunatic up to?? Nancy surrounded by angry armed men?? How will she manage to get herself out of that?! Silas and his moronic plan, what was that spoiled brat thinking!? To top it off, could Celia finally find out about Nancy's drug dealing business? Jenji Kohan, who wrote this episode and is the creator of the show, surely did a commendable job in keeping me on the edge of my seat. And I can hardly wait a year to see the outcome of all this.

    Memorable lines:
    "Son of a f****** cold b**ch!"
    "If we picture Agrestic as an airplane, a brand soaring jet carrying us through the sky, I think you all need to understand there are motherf****** snakes on this motherf****** plane!"
    "Motherf****** let him motherf****** speak!"
    "- Get the f*** out of my way. - Jesus, people are so rude in the south."
  • What a cruel season finale...

    I want to break something right now. This was an excellent second season for an excellent show. It does keep getting better and better.

    However, the ending makes me want to cry, because I have to wait until next year for the next episode! This is so cruel! This episode and the previous one seemed to go by so fast, I really wish each episode of this show was an hour long.

    I can't wait until next season, really I mean that. I just cannot wait. Showtime needs to put out the next season right no! I need more Weeds, now!
  • This episode is why I watch

    This episode sure wasn\'t what I expected it to be. Little twists and turns that made you go \'Oh darn, I can\'t believe that.\' It gives you a little bit of everything. You\'ll laugh and be shocked at the same time. The ending wasn\'t anything I expected either but I kind of knew was coming. Every episode keeps you wondering, leaves you hanging and this episode being the Season finale really leaves you wanting more. This episode is a prime example of why I watch this Series and why I will continue to watch and share with my friends.
  • This episode gives new meaning to a having a bad day!

    "Pittsburg" was a classic cliffhanger. Everything that could go wrong for Nancy did go wrong! When they have not yet left the house and have already dodged gunfire from the mayor that should be a sign to stay home. Shane delivers a speech with truth and obscene language, then later runs away with a crazy lady, and Andy is the only one who can rescue him. Silas steals Nancy's "business" leaving her at gunpoint, and Celia has him in a much worse position then she thinks. Haleia came through for Nancy and Conrad after all, too bad she did not tell them her plan. Peter is dead. They are left with no weed, no money and a lot of armed men demanding it. Brilliant. My only complaint is that it will be a long time until we get to see how this plays out.
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