Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on Showtime
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Silas gets injured and Shane shows signs of mental instability when he starts talking to his dead father. However, Nancy must also deal with the biker gang threat. In the meantime, Doug's war with Sullivan goes on, and Heylia teaches Celia about the drug business.

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  • With the threat to Nancy and her family, she turns to the mexicans for protection, after she has to take Silas to see the doctor and thinking of taking Shane too. We see Celia and money should be kept apart.moreless

    Nancy takes Silas to the doctor to check his injuries, they are just surfaces wounds and all should be fine in a short while or so.

    Celia tries to go and pay the money into the bank, but she tries to pay it all in, in one go - LOL, obviously she's never actually deposited anything, she is the type that just takes it out. But when she realises what must be done, the paperwork for the IRS and for the bank, then she changes her mind and goes off to see Heylia for advise regarding that aspect - this was a funny part for me. She ends up going to see Doug regarding setting up a dummy corporation and she says that he is her b***h now.

    Andy is convinced that Shane is actually talking to the Dead, in particular his dad, so much so that Nancy ends up going to see her son and confronting the issue, as she does not believe him. Andy does go and talk to Denise, but she does say that she did try to stop them.

    Nancy, not wanting anymore of her family to get hurt from the bikers gang, she searches out protection from the mexican gang, well she did return their lost heroin, which saved them some serious money. They agree to provide protection but at a cost of half of everything, because that way everyone will know that she is under their protection.

    The last scene is of a serious forest fire sweeping through the hills, Andy says that Denise said it started as someone torched their grow field, looks like it has spread.

    This is leading upto a very good finale, especially as Heylia see Conrad and Nancy kissing one another at the end of the episode.moreless
  • Protect What's Yours

    Nancy takes Silas to the doctor that pulled the bullet out of Marvin's rear and she is left to decide what to do for retaliation. Doug, having successfully moved the cross into the new grow house continues his campaign against Sullivan and Celia and Haylia continue their friendship and Haylia consults her in the arts of hiding dirty money and how to hide it. Shane insists that he can see Judah and communicate to him but it makes Nancy and the family rather upset as they can't tell if he's for real or not. Conrad gets a visit from the neighborhood watch informing them to watch out for anything suspicious and to keep and eye out for the cross that Doug stole.moreless
  • Nancy acquires protection with unexpected consequences.

    Everything is working towards an exciting season finale.

    Nancy contacts a familiar thug to buy protection against the bikers who beat up Silas. I thought her acceptaing a fifty-fifty deal was way too easy, she should have haggled, no matter the guilt about Silas.

    Shane, wearing a pittsburgh shirt, still sees Judah, who compliments Nancy's new hair. I wonder where this storyline will go??

    Silas want to get revenge on the guys who beat him up.

    Celia tries again to bond with Heylia and asks for advice on what to do with her money, after discovering that the bank wants her to fill in statements about the origins of the money.

    The DEA discover the cross stolen by Dough using heat sensitive imaging devices. They don't know about the drugs though, yet...moreless
  • Shane taps further into his Sixth Sense. Andy and Silas try to show they have a pair in their own ways. Heylia teaches Celia. DEA agents find god.

    Eh, forgive me if I didn't instantly hit up tv-links.com to watch this one again. (unfortunately this site has been down awhile so it wouldn't matter anyway...)

    As far as filler's go, this one was ok though.

    I'm glad Heylia is teaching Celia the finer points of the game, and I'm glad Heylia found out about Conrad and Nancy. The sh*t will hit the fan soon my friends, and I know I'll be waiting to see who gets hit with it.

    Most likely (hopefully) Sullivan. My friends and I discussed the possibility of Sullivan either a) finding out about the cross and joining the crew or b) simply leaving. I was all for him leaving the show, however I see that being a hard sell now that the DEA have found where the cross is being stored. With no way for the MILF team to know of the DEA's discovery, there are a couple of ways this could go. One, the aforementioned route of Sullivan being told by the DEA where it is, visiting the growhouse on his own and joining the team. To me this would be the worst option, but the most likely according to my friends. I hate... I repeat hate Sullivan (stupid name). Two, the growhouse will be protected by Tres Seis and Sullivan will join Peter and Judah in the list of dead men who have boned (in the parlance of our time) Nancy, which begs the question, will Conrad join the ranks of these fallen soldiers? Doubtful... although I was doubtful about Celia becoming more thug, and see where that's taken us?

    Third, Sullivan comes to find the cross with the cops/DEA but because of the impending doom of the wildfire, the crop has been harvested, the plants have been moved back to the original growhouse, and all is well once again in the drug underworld of Agrestic. There is no way this happens, unless they try to leave it as a cliffhanger with the DEA and Sullivan outside the front door and the truck being loaded out back.

    Fourth: We're left once again with a season finale where everyone is somehow converging on the dope including Tres Seis, the bikers, Sullivan and/or the DEA agents, the MILF crew, and a partridge in a pot tree.


    Everyone learns something and makes moves as the world around them burns to the ground... My guesses for things we will learn and moves to be made:

    Sullivan learns about the cross

    Sanjay learns the sex of his baby

    Silas learns his child with Megan wasn't aborted (long shot)

    Bikers make a move on the MILF crop

    Heylia tries to take charge of the Agrestic market now that Conrad is with Nancy, Celia backs her up

    The Botwins and Conrad move to Pittsburgh and start franchising the operation (longer shot)

    What ever happened to that game of Risk?moreless
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Brian George

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Sprague Grayden


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Sharon Sachs

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    • Silas: You're not the one who got the shit beaten out of it.
      Nancy: You're right and I'm also not gonna go up against an army of drug dealing bikers with a 17 year old kid, a flamboyant hindi queen and a four foot tall Jesus loving pixie as my posse.

    • (Eve tells Conrad she goes door to door asking neighbors about any suspicious behavior)
      Conrad: Uh, what is it I'm supposed to be looking out for?
      Eve: Oh, why our cross, of course. (hands him over an article from the newspaper)
      Conrad: Someone stole your cross?
      Eve: Yes.
      Conrad: That is a damn shame. Who would do something like that?
      Eve: Jews.
      Conrad: Hmm, I haven't seen it. Haven't seen many Jews around here, either.
      Eve: Well, they're mostly urban.

    • Nancy: I'm a drug dealer, there, I said it, I'm a fucking drug dealer.

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