Season 7 Episode 12

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on Showtime

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    Nancy and Silas competing did not translate to good TV. This late in the season shaking things up like this is exactly a good idea and I would much rather see the family against the world themselves. The episode was still funny, you are always guaranteed that much from this show, but I did not really enjoy this storyline and I think the show does need a good finale to make up for it. I do wish Michelle Trahctenberg would join the cast though.

  • Qualitative Spatial reasoning


    Hillarious, not the most story-intriguing episode of the season; But it had me laughing every other scene. I am really vouching for Andy and I hope that she gets her after all these years.

    The family-dynamic thing they're on to is really working for this show and I think they should continue down that way.

    Justin Kirk (Andy) was hillarious today, when he touched Demetri's bicep was one of the funniest scenes this season; Don't like the way Silas character has evolved tho'

  • Best episode of this season!


    This episode was proof of sorts that this show can be saved. I really haven't been all that into this season besides the "Cats! Cats! Cats!" episode. This episode, however, was great the show in finally finding it's title element again. Also, and I think some will agree, it's good to see things going bad for Nancy, she deserves it all. Can't wait til' next weeks episode.

  • The Great Divide: A Botwin Falling Out


    Silas and Nancy scrabble to claim their customers back from one another and a clear divide ensues. Silas goes to Emma to claim the Pouncy House customers from Nancy. Haylia and Dean make a run to NYC to deliver a new stash of MILF to Silas. Andy gets an offer from Silas for 25% of profits if he joins him and then he goes to Nancy for an offer and only gets an 8% counter offer and then settles for 15% from Silas and when they need more supply. He reconciles with Emma and Shane makes amends with his cop mentor and pays him back for by bringing his son to him for a reunion in a somewhat heartwarming moment. When Silas tries to go to Demetri to seize his business but he denies him and instead goes to Nancy. In somewhat of a twist Demetri's men rip off Haylia and Dean and the MILF product but Nancy knew nothing about it so she resolves to settle matters once and for all with Silas but Emma throws a curve-ball into it by revealing to cop mentor that Nancy is the real drug kingpin and that she did it to get rid of the competition. Oh, and Doug seduces the SEC lady to keep the fund under wraps for now and Nancy poses a knew business plan for new higher end clients with attractive women as their carriers and Nancy gets one step closer to getting Stevie back. Looks like it should be a pretty explosive finale next week, can't wait to see the end and if the new Bill Sussman Andy can win Nancy once and for all after so many seasons.

  • Qualitative Spatial Reasoning


    Qualitative Spatial Reasoning was a perfect episode of Weeds and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the writing, acting and editing were perfectly put together. At first I wasn't sure how I liked the episode when Nancy and Silas were making phone calls, but then the episode just goes into full swing especially as it progresses. Just when you think things can't get any crazier, they do in the most funny, interesting, and ironic if not sometimes predictable ways. I had some good laughs, and I really like the show in New York City. I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!!!