Season 8 Episode 5

Red in Tooth and Claw

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Red In Tooth and Claw

    This episode showcased some of the best parts about Nancy, and also showcased how clever this show can be with its one-liners and the subtle, yet relatable things that happen to the Botwin clan.

    Solid, but still waiting for that great episode to pop up this season.
  • Power of the Plant

    Nancy enrolls Stevie in soccer that only takes players whose parent make "sizable donations" but when she says she'll take their elitist agenda to the press the coach of the team lets Stevie onto the team. Shane moves further with his girlfriend and does a double date with his cop mentor and a prostitute which is disastrous but oh so very funny especially hearing them have sex and how Shane and his girlfriend really enjoyed themselves despite the awkwardness. Silas and RJ hit a snag when RJ says that it wouldn't be so bad if they did some "foolin' around" which Silas PTFO out the grow house and then later discovers that RJ stole his plants. Andy gets texted to go the roller rink and one of the other skate captains is naked skating and Andy has a great monologue about how he has evolved and deserved the women in his life through man lives of suffering. Jill takes up extreme couponing to fil the void without Andy in her life and when she learns that he slept with a derby captain she sleeps with Doug, who is Ambiened out of his mind while doing it and Andy figuring it out is hilarious karmatic stuff. Nancy goes to Kiku who is creepily having slept with the three glasses wearing friends of Demetri because it's her father's death day anniversary and he wore glasses. Nancy tells her, since Jill revealed that they're all broke with all of their money in Doug's charity thing, to have Kiku buy her out but she shows up and gives her only bags of weed to sell by herself and tells Nancy that before she hired her she only had a minor coke addiction. SIlas confronts RJ about stealing his plants and RJ says that the power of the plant is not to be trifled with and how his mother and her can't just see it as merchandise and how the drug show's truth beyond mere monetary value. Nancy shreds the plants in an industrial plant shredder across the street from her house as well as the snake's head cane. This episode proves that Weeds is now once again the beloved suburban satire it one was it just took a long time to get back to this point with the extreme couponing and whatnot. It may look however that Weeds is giving up the selling perhaps. Also seeing Nancy meet the rabbi who's pool she is swimming in is a nice moment to have want to be reborn again and again. Hopefully they don't go against their own "Weed isn't so bad after all" stance that they've always had and Nancy destroying the plants is only incidental and a fresh start to set up shop without Kiku perhaps with new crops, after all slinging Weed is what this show does well and when business is booming it makes for some darn good television.
  • Red in Tooth and Claw

    Red in Tooth and Claw was a perfect, entertaining and funny episode of Weeds. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of good character development, some great humor and lots of sexual tension. It was interesting to see Nancy get Stevie into Soccor and to watch Shane go on his double date and end up scoring. I liked how Nancy finally met the owner of the pool next door who had some good advice she seemed to follow in the end. The awkward encounter Silas had with R.J. was funny. Doug and Jill have their own encounter after Andy had his own with Roller Derby Pierced Blonde Chick. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!