Season 3 Episode 9

Release the Hounds

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on Showtime
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Doug and Sullivan fight over a golf membership and Doug gets some revenge. Nancy spends time with Valerie, who considers her an "insane stalker person". Conrad and Silas spend time together. Dean is injured and hospitalized. Tara tries to get deeper into Nancy's business.

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  • I love this show. Not this episode.

    If this is a sign of things to come, or continue happening, that's it for me and this show. This was by far the worst episode of the series, but the really scary par tis that it's been building toward this and I'm afraid it will continue.

    Does anyone see the point of the show's plotline anymore? Gone is the apprehensive, funny, flirtatious dealing, gone is the banter and the fun between Doug and the "plant in the wheelchair", gone the clever innocence of the younger son. Catering for porn? The tough black gangster dying while jogging? Occasional "what the heck" sex between Nancy and the "devil on earth"? Unbearable depressions of Celia? The catholic girl slash dealing chick?

    What the hell???

    Do we actually have 10 writers each pulling his way on this show or are ideas coming in occasional unconnecting spurts? Whichever it is, it's not good.moreless
  • The Ex-Wife and the Victory Dance of Doug

    Majestic and Agrestic are now one as Nancy starts spreading the MILF weed back into the Majestic area and employs Tara, Silas's new "girlfriend" or whatever while Dean gets into a motorcycle accident following a race and Celia learns that she will have to take care of him even though their divorce is going through. Conrad undertakes the task of Silas's learning to grow at the behest of Nancy. Doug's golf membership is revoked and is towed from the country club after he refuses to move and at a speech to celebrate the Agrestic/Majestic arrangement Doug cut a hole in the sewer line and does the coolest victory dance ever. Nancy and Valerie, Peter's ex wife, become chummy as well. Not the best Weeds has had to offer but not bad.moreless
  • Okay episode, but far below Weeds standards.

    This episode was... interesting, to say at least. For the most part, I didn't actually sense what was going on.

    The most hilarious part is what I'm beginning with: the ending. Doug got revenge on Sullivan. It was hilarious, especially the dance.

    So that was it for the good points. The rest? Pretty bad.

    Dean's accident was somewhat comical too but at the same time, pretty useless. If he's going to stay like that for episodes then that means his character is going to be temporarly inactive which isn't good. He's a great side kick.

    Now as for Celia, I'm completetly left. Her character is not inspiring anymore, and I couldn't care less for her. The writers should try harder to make her important or at least make her feel important. Tara's the weakest link along with Silas. Their relationship is just as weak. In fact, if they were written off the show, it would simply get better. Silas is the only completetly cliché character on the show(striking teenager) and he does ruin a big part of it. And Tara? Oh please. Over. The. Top. With all the church talk and the BMW.

    The lack of Andy was painful, I don't understand why not feature him in every scene: he's a fan favourite! Nancy didn't do alot either. I can't even remember what her storyline was. It was dull. I hope she's not turning into a lesbian or a bisexual woman, because that'd be out of character. Totally. Anyhow, I don't like this soulmate thingy with her and Peter's ex wife. It feels forced and once again: over.the.top.

    But overall, it was an enjoyable 30 minutes, but nowhere near as good as most Weeds episodes.moreless
  • I can not believe Nancy.

    I thought that this episode of Weeds was Okay. First of all I really did not like that Nancy was bonding with Peter's ex wife. Too me she is asking for trouble again. I am getting really annoyed with Tara that character is getting on my nevers and i can not figure out what it is about her that I hate. I thought that it was really funny that Nancy wants Silas to learn how to grow. Poor Dean crashing his bike and being hospitalized. I liked wht doug did to get back at Sullivan it was a funny scene.moreless
  • Nancy finishes her stalking of valerie and concentrating back on the weed business and starting from a fresh. Dean has alot to concentrate on, whilst Doug gift of a bribe is revoked, but he has plans for sullivan.moreless

    We have Nancy talking to Valerie whilst getting her mammory check up, she eventually agrees to have coffee with her, but she won't release the hounds (breast clamps) as another tech will come and do the side angles.

    Dean, whilst out riding his harley, gets run off of the road by proper biker types.

    Nancy is back in the weed business and is rallying her troops, with Silas's new girlfriend taking Silas's share of the market, she palms him off on Conrad, so that he can learn from the best but also so he can babysit him. She promises to buy him a rolex once the grow money comes in.

    Andy and Doug go to see Dean in the hospital, where Doug gets the power of attorney of Deans affairs, they get asking if the nurses have been good to him, he is going to need alot of recovery time, more operations, but at least the animal urine disinfected the wounds - ewwwwwww.

    Celia talks to Sullivan about selling the Majestic house, as she needs the money, only to be told that the mortgage is under a dummy corporation and that the house can not be sold, or it would all come out and then she'd get arrested for accepting a bribe.

    Doug's golf membership is revoked, in red, so he refuses to move as a protest but ends up get towed. He gets his own back on Sullivan by disrupting the opening of the joined majestic/agrestic speech by redirecting the sewage line and getting one of them to explode its contents upwards.

    Nancy and Valerie (Peters ex) get more friendly and end up getting wasted on wine whilst starring at the stars.moreless
Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith


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Jack Stehlin

Captain Roy Till

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Roger Eschbacher

Dwight the Security Guard

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Maulik Pancholy


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Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine

Sullivan Groff

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Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Tara Lindman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: During the scene when Nancy is having iced coffee with Valerie, the amount of coffee in her cup shifts dramatically, sometimes almost empty, half empty, and full.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Nancy: Tim's kind of a dickhead.
      Valerie: Fuck you, I love my son.
      Nancy: I'm sorry, of course you do.
      Valerie: I love my dickhead son.

    • Silas: Tara is completely active in the church and they have like 10,000 members. It's a totally untapped market.
      Tara: They say when Christ was annointed with oil by John the Baptist, it was cannabis oil.
      Sanjay: Wow, that sounds hot.
      Tara: The Lord wants me to sell pot, Mrs Botwin.
      Nancy: Really?
      Tara: Yes! And he also wants me to buy a new BMW.

    • Silas: I'd like my phone back.
      Nancy: No, as I told you before, I've other plans for you. Coming with me to the growhouse tomorrow.
      Silas: Should I be excited about this, or is this like, punishment?
      Nancy: This is like, a way to learn about a business from the ground up. Literally. This is also like, a way to keep you occupied, so you don't, like, go off and do something else, like, stupid. Like, get it?

    • Celia: I'm sure he's fine! God protects the stupids!

    • Valerie: Umm...all right, look. I got you this. It's a bath bomb - effervescent. My advice is to let it bubble between your legs. The carbonation effect,...it's really...enjoyable. And, it smells nice.
      Nancy: (dangling the bath ball) Thanks, but...
      Valerie: No, just take it. I'm an over-gifter.

    • Silas: The good Christian people of Agrestic like to get baked.
      Shane: That explains so much.

    • Tara: They say when Christ was annointed, by John the Baptist, it was cannabis oil.
      Sanjay: That is so hot.
      Tara: The Lord wants me to sell pot, Mrs. Botwin.
      Nancy: Really?
      Tara: Yes. And he also wants me to buy a new BMW, preferably the convertible.

    • Nancy: Sanjay, your territories are colleges, junior colleges, trade schools...
      Sanjay: (interrupting) And gay bars and night clubs. Because I'm a faggot. I can call myself that, but you can't. Bewcause I'm gay and you're not. I am not ashamed. This is who I am.
      Nancy: Good for you.
      Andy: I'll sell to anyone cool who wants some weed. I'm flexi.

  • NOTES (4)