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  • What kind of toothpick was Gretchen using in S2E6 about 10minutes

    What kind of toothpick was Gretchen using in S2E6 about 10minutes

    It's looks really convenient, Thanks
  • Does "I'm glad they finally pulled Weeds" count as a clever title? People love unoriginal puns, right?

    Just finished binge watching on Netflix. What rubbish. Just terrible through and through.

    Not since the cast of Friends have I ever seen a more loathsome and irredeemable group of characters. And the writing- lazy and baseless, evident every episode.

    Worst finale ever, too. Creator of this show should be ashamed.

    Let me end with a joke: What do you call a 190 lb. benign tumor growing around a penis?

    Kevin Nealon.
  • Get high on weeds.

    I love Weeds,Jenji Kohan is genius! I love Orange is the new black as well,I don't love Weeds, I LOVE WEEDS. Celia Rhodes's humor is amazing as well as Doug's and the problem's Nancy is always facing... Love to see her handle it so well... So far. Love it!!
  • Goodbye, Weeds crew!

    Thank you, all. I really did enjoy the series. A special shout-out to Justin Kirk ( Andy Botwin), you really made the show. Your monologues were great since the beginning. I have to say that the first 3 seasons were magical, although, not every episode can be a winner. Thanks again for the good times. little boxes on the hillside.
  • Why does every Showtime show have to be a bill board for " Gayism" instead of just good TV Gay or not ?

    This show has mediocre writing. It's interesting enough to play in the back ground while working on the computer. Unfortunately, instead of developing creative idea/conversation they settle 4 half ideas profanity, very stereotypical characters, Lude & inappropriate language most of the time homosexual innuendos even involving children. Showtime needs better writers. Just when I start to enjoy there's another "Suck Di@$K" type comments. Even Gay friends I know don't constantly speak about sexual acts. These writers have a terrible sense of humor laughed 2 in 4 seasons. No more bill boards for "Homosexual activities" save it for the gay shows or fitting moments! Focus on better better dialog & this can actually be a good show. Oh & the beautiful lead could gain some weight she looks hungry !
  • I freaking love Weeds!

    I've been watching it for almost 2 weeks now and I'm on the 12th episode of season 5!! MUST SEE
  • Miss you!

    Thanks for the great show. :)

  • Was a weeds fan

    Loved weeds ever since it started but season 6 and 8 were the worst ever.Was left questioning why i really liked it after that very silly ending
  • Thanks

    thank you for the whole journey that showed. well written story, great twisted comedy, and noteworthy family. thank you!
  • Season 8 ep 12

    ok I have loved the entire Show Weeds but I felt that the last episode ever. Season 8 Ep 12 was sloppy clumped together pulled out of the bum crap. I mean it had a few good points but it was just such a dissapointing ending : ( and I loved Weeds So bummed : (
  • The Best!

    Keeps you wanting more and more. The best series I have ever seen! A great cast also!!
  • What an unbelievable ride this was!

    Thank you for one of the best shows ever!
  • PLEASE SAVE WEEDS PLEASE LIKE ''Weeds season 9 (Showtime TV SHOW)'' on Facebook

    PLEASE SAVE WEEDS AND LIKE ''Weeds season 9 (Showtime TV SHOW)'' on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Weeds-Season-9-Showtime-TV-SHOW/409489299110961 this tv show is so amazing and I can't believe it's ending. it became a big part of my life and I really fell in love with this tv show I can't believe it's ending after season 8 I'm so shocked i thought it'd at least have 10 seasons!! this is really sad news why all the best shows have to end so fast? Weeds needs to have more seasons and more adventures please I beg everyone who loves this show and a fan of this show to like this page even if you don't like the tv show can you please like this page? imagine something you really really LOVE and you are about to lose it? how would you feel? and don't say to move on and stuffs and these kind of things because I don't want that. all i want is for weeds to continue and have more seasons. when i heard the news about weeds going to end after season 8 only I felt like someone told me ''You will never see the sun again, or your dreams will never come true, and every wish you wish will never come true.'' I feel like someone just stab me in the heart over and over and broke my heart and threw it away and crashed it into little pieces. this is so unfair and really injustice for such a good tv show to end. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP EVERY FAN OF THIS TV SHOW BY LIKING THIS PAGE AND TELL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME PLEASE.
  • brilliant!

    this show is amazing! keeps you wanting more and more
  • Weeds took a steaming shit on us!

    Weeds got shit.Turned basically into a shite porno!! Honestly every fricking scene is full of it.....UTTER PISH!!! P.S Kill of nancy shes the one that started the horney gene!! rotten cow!!
  • Used to be better but still good.

    let me start out by saying that anyone who has something against the show because its about a drug dealing mother really needs to get their head out of their ass. its a freaking show it makes for good television its not sending along bad messages if you have kids young enough to be influenced by something like this they should most definitely not be watching showtime.

    Now that thats out there, Weeds used to be an amazing show funny, provocative and i love every member of the cast. Since its first 3 seasons it has gone downhill but now its getting back to how it used to be and i for one am happy thats the way the last season is gonna go. There have been bumps along the road but like the Botwins, Weeds just gets back up and tries again. Mazel Tov Weeds.
  • Thank God it has been cancelled.

    The title says it all. An extremely successful, drug dealing, middle class housewife. What a nice idea to pass on to our children. Why complete the educational process when one can become a prosperous drug dealer leading a happy life. Just an awful series that lasted way too long.
  • weeds ALL

    Bloody great !! kind of makes you feel like your not the only one this buzz out off life. lol

  • People!!!! Do you ever grow up?

    Geehs ... these people write a great comedy series; the actors are just about hand picked and do a fantastic job; and, after laughting all the way to the last episode you have the crapy idea to sheet on it? C'mon, just rave it and pray they continue the fantastic job they've done so far.

    Kudos to the entire cast and all the people behind it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Actually a boring episode


    Weeds jumped the shark at the end of season 4, seasons 5 and 6 were crap, now in season 7 they finally got back to where they started, but after seeing the last episode I'm not that eager to see another season, the episode was quite boring, the only good part was the end - in my mind, if they would have shown who the shooter is (I believe it was her brother in law), I would have been completely fine with that ending.

    I actually don't want to see her getting out alive.

  • I have only watched season one since I dont have Showtime I missed season two. Luckily my video rental store had season one and it was great.

    The show could have contained more violence and I am glad that it didn\'t. The drug dealing world even at the weed level can be pretty agressive. There are some really good laughs in this show and although I dont laugh out loud I sure had some good internal feel good laughs. I am not sure what HBO has but Showtime is a real contender with this series! Does anyone know when they are releasing season two on DVD or where I might be able to find someone who recorded season two who might be willing to send it to me for a reasonable cost? If so email me please!

  • A show that is finally starting to find it's roots.


    Weeds is a very complicated show to review. In so many ways it has made me laugh and has been a truly great show. Then again, there have been times when I pretty much didn't care if the show was canceled or renewed.

    If you have watched the early seasons it can be very understandable to not love the direction this show went. It started out based on it's title "Weeds". However, over the years it ha taken dramatic turns from a single mother selling pot to support her family. Going from selling alone to selling with bikers her suppliers and Mexican gangsters.

    Where I feel we really lost this show was around season 5. Things really started going down hill there, as well as late season 4. The whole storyline with Esteban was just ridiculous. It went from being a good show about pot to being a crappy tele novella style show with absolutely nothing in common with it's early years. To be blunt from the end of season 4 to the end of season 6 "Weeds" has been more like " Crappy show where woman ruins her life and all those around her with very bad life choices".

    Alas just like the Phoenix the show has risen from it's tattered disgraces of the past 3 years to being what it once was. I have enjoyed season 7 of weeds and find myself, for the first time in a long time, saying "I can't wait til' next week" and I am. Truly this show has redeemed itself from all past transgressions and is finally worth really watching.

    If you don't watch weeds start but start from the beginning, the good years. Yeah, there may be a lot of crap to garble through in the middle but trust me it gets better and better as it really starts to get again after season 6. So please, watch weeds. Enjoy the journey and in the words of the legendary Doug Wilson "What happened to all the cheese?"

  • This show is so good your going to hate it.


    I love this series, watch every episode. But its more of the hate that I love. I love to hate this show. I like the stuff about "weed" and the cartel part of the series was really awesome. But I have some major major problems with this series. Throughout the whole show (iv seen every episode, so I know), Nancy ends up ruining everything by having sex with the wrong person. Any drug dealer knows not to be making all these mistakes she continues to make. If that couldnt get any worse, she passed it on to Sylis. He starts making the same obviously retarded mistakes no one in real life would consider even making. Basically this whole series makes you hate the characters, and the ignorance of people in general. You will want to watch every episode, but the whole time you'll be yelling at your TV. A series shouldnt be this predictable either. From just seeing the first five minutes of an episode you can accurately describe the rest of the episode without having seen it. Show has potential, they just seem to make such rookie mistakes.

  • The Bris didn't work, dispose of the circumcised shark corpse and let Bubby die with some dignity.

    I used to love this show, however Season 7 has been hard and Episode 5 has turned love to indifference. This is just sad, take the writers behind the barn and put them out of my misery. This is about as fun as that Bar Mitzvah party when I was a kid and my friend became a man where I finally believed him that gentiles really did exist. I guess someone imagines they'll turn Weeds into a Seinfeld spin off but get a clue, jumping the shark is takes some energy, this shark is laying on the beach getting bloated. That episode shattered all my ability to suspend disbelief. What is up with the clumsy not funny stereotypes and what feels like an attempt to make me a self loathing Jew? Seinfeld was genius, so it could get away with it but making Weeds more Jewish to try and save it is like making Tiger Woods more black to save his golf game. You guys are the socially awkward grandad jokes where he laugh tracks for all within earshot who are squirming like worms to the hook. For the love of all that was once loveable, let Bubby die with a modicum of dignity in tact.
  • Song for season 7?

    I mean, it's not the original theme song of Little Boxes which everybody fell in love with, but the song is called Black Seesaw, by Lauren Alegre, and she totally encapsulates the essence of Nancy Botwin! The song is available on iTunes, totally worth the purchase...I wonder if it'll appear on the soundtrack?? It should. Too bad this is the last season, but at least the show has had a good run! Let's hope that the writers remember the name of the show, since the titular component seems to have taken a backseat to all the other drama that's been going on.

    Someone made a video for Black Seesaw and you can hear it @ http://youtu.be/y2he--syKkM
  • Desperate Housewife turns into drug dealer.

    My main problem with this show is its premise. It makes drug dealing look glamorous and no big deal. The last thing the world needs is a show makes people think they can do the same thing - in real life. Alot of people lose husbands and end up in a financial pickle, but they dont make money by becoming drug dealers.

    Will she expand the business to Heroin, Cocaine or Crystal Meth? How will it all end? Will she go down in a hail of bullets as DEA agents close in? Now that would be realistic. Maybe Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas from MIAMI VICE could do a guest spot.

    I discontinued HBO and SHOWTIME, so its unlikely I will be seeing any more of this. No big loss.
  • Do we really need another season......

    I have to say I am not a fan of the show, i like the theme initally (I mean who doesn't like lots of drugs and lots of sex). But after three seasons, I am not looking forward for another one cause I think the loop is just not funny anymore - first there is money problem, then they find a new cash flow, then some horrible **** happen and they are out of money again, then somehow they find a new way of making cash again and so on.

    And I am not quite happy with the romance line of the show: after nancy has finally made out with all the unrelated men on the show, i just do not see more twist they can put on the love line unless they go for inbreeding...... I do enjoy the first season, and I think they should just put an end to the show at that. To overrun so much is a disrespect for audience time and patience. Now if someone asked me if they should start watching the show on DVD, i would certainly say no cause he would need to waste time watching two more season of the same stuff.

    The show is moving along quite slowly in the development of it's current season's plot.
    If you are a Weeds fan, you can clearly see where the show is going this season...but the wait is quite a bore.
    I love Weeds, but please, get us out of Cali, and into Mexico if that's where the excitement begans.
    In addition, that set at the father in-laws is quite depressing...add in the mom whose about to die at any moment, and you'd wished that you had never turned to Showtime to watch the show.
    Weeds is just too much of a classic to be weighed down with this boring, depressing stuff.
    Come on...the writers can do better than this...or please, replace them. My friends and I look forward to watching the show, but it's got to get better.
    Cut to the Chase, and get us there fast, or you might lose waaaaay to many fans.
  • Soccer-mom Nancy sells marijuana after the death of her husband so she can continue her rich lifestyle.

    When I heard about this show, my interest was peaked. A drug-dealing soccer mom? original, for sure. But then I watched it. I say, How many shows can there be about the rich families and sexy rich mothers in upper-class Californian suburbs? You might say, oh, but this one sells marijuana. True, but the show is still based on the private on-goings and juicy affairs in each home. Desperate Housewives with a twist of marijuana? no thanks. I watched most of the first two seasons and came to the conclusion that I honestly don't care what happens to Nancy or the other characters. And I'm under the impression that the show is trying to be touching/moving much of the time- and to me the result is a group of unsympathetic, rich **** like in every other show. Am I supposed to connect with the sexy, widowed, soccer-mom who decided to sell drugs to keep her sons in their beautiful home? how unrealistic. I'm not saying it's complete garbage, a lot of people enjoy these "cutting edge dramas". bottom line: overrated.
  • A financially strapped single mom starts selling weed to support her family after the sudden death of her husband.

    I was kind of into Weeds and its quirky, unexpectedly dark humor, in the beginning - I thought it would be more like a druggie version of Desperate Housewives or a druggier version of Six Feet Under - but I wasn't too crazy about its the overreliance on toilet humor. It's a bit out of place most of the time and works against the show's smarter moments. I didn't truly fall for the series until the roller coaster of laughs and thrills that was the 2nd Season. Andy's (Justin Kirk) masturbation speech to Nancy's youngest son, Shane (Alexander Gould) might be one of the funniest monologues in a sitcom, ever. It was so good that it spawned a spin-off through the University of Andy web series. However, since then, Weeds has become stuck in a pattern of raising the steaks only to blithely blow off some of the seriousness of the many screwed up complications that arise as perpetual hard-luck case, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), digs herself deeper into the criminal underworld. This, in effect, renders many of the show's turning points meaningless, particularly the precarious situations that Nancy and her family frequently find themselves in. Still, Weeds is nothing if not daring. Some of the bolder changes that followed the end of Season 3 were welcome and could have worked beautifully to streamline the story, but the show stagnated by keeping stale plotlines that served little to move the main story forward - i.e. the never-ending shenanigans of Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) and Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon). Yes, these characters do have their moments, but they mostly come off as needless filler.

    What made the first two season so good was its solid grounding in reality as seen through the seedy underbelly of the drug trade and how, whether it's acknowledged or not, that trade can effect the seemingly cloistered world of suburbia. Back then, the mix of shocking drama and dark humor worked well to keep viewers engaged and on their toes. You had no idea what to expect, but in the subsequent seasons, the show almost felt like it was parodying itself with more and more outlandish story lines without the same sense of impending doom, during Nancy's struggles, or breathtaking highs during her successes. After a while found myself caring less and less what happened to the characters because it became clear that they would find no footing out of the hole they and the writers have dug themselves into. Will I keep watching? Probably, because despite all its problems, Weeds remains a fairly entertaining ride, but I'm not as vested in what happens as I used to be because everything that left me craving to see what comes next has gradually gone by the wayside throughout its (as of this writing) 5-year run.
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