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  • "Weeds": Just As Addicting as Weed Itself...

    To start things off, I have seen all six seasons of Weeds so I technically know just about everything that happened so far. And since the beginning, I simply love the show. The humor is as fresh, the actors are great, and I think it's one of Showtime's best shows (like Dexter or Nurse Jackie).

    I find the characters all very unique and lovable, even the very b*tchy, very bitter Celia Hodes in the first five seasons. To be honest, I kept watching the show purely for Celia just as much as Nancy Botwin's long trail of pot dealing and how much she tempers with fate. The first three seasons in the setting of Agrestic were by far the best seasons, because it dealt mainly on actual pot dealing. But as the series gets on, it slowly leans away from the dealing and turns into some sort of mother who does deeds for money, relationship issues, and troublesome with the Mexican Mafia(?). But I think season six was just as great as the first three purely for it's magnificent season finale. That's my review, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Nice.

    In Weeds we get to follow Nancy Botwin, a widdow with two sons, who has a small business on the street. She sells weed. Not to kids, just to adults that want it. Her family doesn't have much money, so she has to work hard. The show is about her business and her and her family's problems. It's an entertaining show in many levels. The actors are great, in my opinion, and the story is very entertaining to follow. I think that most of you should give this show a chance, because there is a chance that you will like it. And if you don't, well, just stop watching.
  • a show to get high to.

    this show has everything from A hot drug dealing mom like Nancy two morons like Doug and Andy.and a mean spirited woman like Cecila and of course Shane Nancy's crazy son who really brings the life of this show and humor.Silas really does not bring much humor to the show but it wouldn't just be show without him.The Botwins are one of my favorite Tv families Next to the Simpsons the Griffens and the Bundy's.I have to confess i am a new comer when it comes to this show but when i first watched i laughed my ass off and Kevin Nealon as Doug just looking at him makes me laugh because he's that funny.
  • Not to shabby

    The show is about a single mother struggling to make some money, after her husband passes away. I never thought a show about a single mom, selling marijuana to make a better life for her family would be so good. Every season in this show has never been disappointing to me, and the way season five ended, with her youngest son, Shane killing Pilar with a croquet mallet, I can't wait to see what season six has in store for us. I have seen the first episode early thanks to the internet and it is looking to be a good season.

    For a forty plus year old women Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is F ing HOT.
  • its confusing.

    I have never liked a show so much, while hating it so much at the same time. This show is undeniably hilarious but I hate all the characters. None of them are very sympathetic.
    Why are all the grownups so crazy? They are the worst role models in television. All the children are precocious annoying brats. I spent a weekend watching the entire show. Its deadly funny, yes, but wow are the Botwin clan and friends a bunch of idiots. The never ending drama of really bad decisions and insane life choices gives me, in equal parts, frustration and entertainment.
  • Doug for President!!!

    This show is so addicting. I didn't start watching untill 3 years after its series premier. I spent a whole day watching seasons 1-3 on DVD. I am addicted and can't get enough of Doug and Andy. The writing in this show is quick and witty. Acting is good, though I do find Nancy a bit essentric with her clothes and decisions. I can't wait for what the upcoming seasons will bring. I hope this show won't be a show that will fizzle out because of bad story lines. Please keep up the good luck, and thanks for all the laughs.
  • Great Plot, Great Characters/Actors, Great Producers, Great Everything.

    Awesome show! Weeds has just kept getting better from day one, It hooks you in, I am so glad that more seasons have been confirmed. If you're going to start watching this show, i recommend that you begin from Season one. Weeds has so much depth, it would be a shame to only scratch the surface by not watching the initial plot develop. I believe that this show will stay on the air until it's kicked off, there is a massive fan base that will stay behind it until the end. I can not wait to see the remainder of season six and the episodes of the future.
  • Season six of 'Weeds' completely reinvents the show and it's characters while sticking to the same cooky stories that engage the fans.

    When Shane killed Pilar at the end of season five it left viewers hanging with the countless directions in which the show could go. The sixth batch of episodes about the Botwin's never failed to put it's characters into compromising and seemingly impossible situations to get out of. Starting off with a handful of cast members to join the on the road adventures that were ahead. We left Alanis Morisette in the house, Pilar in the pool and Esteban without a son. As if 'Weeds' tried really hard to never stick too long to one concept, the Botwins and the viewers were now travelling. From Seattle to Minnesota, every couple of episodes we were introduced to new characters who did their very best to pin the family down, only to have them escape when things got tough. It forced Shane to become Stevie's caretaker, Nancy to try and recapture her drugdealing days (along with the same disaster that idea always brings) and Sylas to long for a normal life which he found in the college experience. Andy and Doug didn't make too much progress except that it has become clear that Andy will always choose for Nancy and her sons and that Doug is an odd character to have stick around for as long as he does. In any way, every week it was a new surprise to where the story would go and every week new problems arose that gave the idea of running away such a claustrofobic experience you'd come to think as if Nancy and her men would never really escape from any thing. It is only fitting that the season ended exactly in that respect. Nancy can never escape, her men (and it's safe to say that if one of your sons is a cold-blooded killer, the youngest one a baby from a Mexican drug lord and the oldest one from a father he didn't know he had up until a week before, who are being escorded by your brother-in-law who has nowhere to go but with you, they are her men) can. So the season six finale gives you the same sort of feeling as the finale before that, only this time, it forced it's characters in such ways that viewers are left hanging, completely clueless as to where the story could possibly go now. In that respect, I disagree with anyone who says the show is no longer worth watching. Because it jumps the shark so many times, I personally can't wait to see how it manages to land this time.
  • Based on the trailer

    Okay I know I will get spammed for writing a review
    based on the trailer. I just can't help myself.
    What unmitigated piece of crap the trailer is.
    This trailer is supposed to make me want to watch
    this show. It's supposed to be a comedy?
    I found nothing funny about it or the theme.

    Kristan at eonline thinks the show is great. Usually
    I agree with her about most shows but not this time.
  • They sure know how to make a guy keep coming back for more!

    Weeds is a great show, always introducing new conflicts each and every episode and ramping up the tension. This is what good TV shows must do, and Weeds does it quite excellently. Nancy Botwin, a recently-widowed mother of two, is the protagonist who begins dealing marijuana to make ends meet. The plot thickens with each successive episode and , if you're like me, your curiosity will be piqued from episode number one. In short, give it a try from the first episode, as you won't be able to get involved with the characters and really connect with them unless you know the story from the bottom up. Netflix has the first five seasons on demand, and Showtime currently airs the show on Monday nights.
  • there are never any funny TV shows. this is "the" 1 show that made me fall off the treadmill laughing.

    oh & there were some episodes of family guy... then there was that scene from it's always....

    OK, there are many funny TV shows: the work of the 2 seths...except for the cleveland show, WTF... the 1st season of drawn together, it's always sunny in philly, how i met your mother (did i lose you there? i meant in a cute sort of way), TMZ, & um......madTV, southpark (which i didn't religiously watch)... oh & the simpsons....at least before family guy...heh

    my fave brand of humor is humor that's dark & biting like a good bar of 70% cacao chocolate. immature, immoral, harsh, shocking to many, not 'cute' like FRIENDS-cute, & probably illegal in some states. the characters involved are always pathetic or dysfunctional or both--making them either very relateable or making you feel better about yourself. based on the show, i refer to this brand of humor as "always sunny".....a contradiction in & of itself..whatever that means, & seems unfair in this case because i'm writing about an entirely different show. maybe i should call it always.........funny... or not...

    either way, it's impossible to not watch this show for jenji kohan's humor, regardless of how annoying the main character can get. for what it's worth, it seems the main character is doomed to never be the fave--eternally hated in his/her quest to do what's good/right/best. side characters are the ones that spice things up: marc & mindy, andy botwin, jack & karen...

    it's also always nice to see actors that were famous in the 80s/90s employed again. 1 less episode of "where are they now?" yay

    in a world of 3D characters, i'm pretty torn about celia's character being 2D & pure evil, with no redeeming qualities. not to say that i hate her, but i can't help but wonder if this was intentional.

    i love this show when it doesn't try too hard. season 2 wasn't too fun/ny, but i WILL say that after watching the last episode, it's definitely back up on its feet. i officially love shane.
  • This show is addicting and very funny.

    I like this show a lot, it reminds me somewhat of Arrested Development and The Riches. It is quite funny and the plots are so contrived and crazy that it keeps me entertained. I love the characters, Nancy is awesome and so are her band of crazy friends, customers, and associates. The kids are also quite interesting. This show is not at all realistic, and many of the plots are very weird and over-the-top... but that doesn't matter you just want to roll with it and enjoy it for what it is - mindless entertainment. If you're looking for escapism this show works.
  • A breath of fresh air!

    I started watching Weeds waaaay too late. I knew it was good, and I've had it for years, but when I started watching, I couldn't get my eyes of it.

    I have very little of bad things to say about the show, and a lot of truly great ones. Let's start with the plot, which is refreshing and hilarious at the same time. The very idea of the show itself is interesting: a single, white and still young widow has to put the food on the table and support her family, so she gets into the pot business. Intriguing. And that's not all.
    Mary-Louise Parker is excellent. She's real, she's dead on, she's believable, she's tough and fragile at the same time. She deals with the same dramas all mothers go through every day, plus, she's a pot dealer. Elizabeth Parkins is also amazing; I have to say I was never a big fan of hers, but she delivers, and boy, she delivers big. The dialogues are top-notch. It's not very hard to make a viewer laugh, but to make them laugh until they cry, yeah, that's a challenge. And Weeds will make you cry. The plot somehow always makes sense, and with the amount of charm attached to the show, you can forgive the occasional plot-holes. What's also important, is that the show is being actually quite open-minded and liberal about politics, religion and world in general - even if you lay the marijuana plot aside. It's very refreshing.
    Right of the bat, Weeds has become one of my favorites....just don't watch it with your Catholic grandma.
  • Yael Hoffman in a new gig!?

    So apparently, I just heard that the the really hot jewish chick who was hooking up with Andy recently is going to be on a new episode of this new web series... Her name is Meital Dohan (she plays Yael Hoffman) and if you think she is hot on Weeds, then you have to check out her website... MeitalDohan.com man oh man!! The new show is on crackle.com and I think it is called Woke Up Dead. It has that guy who played Napoleon Dynamite and who was in Blades Of Glory and stuff. Now I think he is some kind of zombie in this show. It will be so cool to see our Weeds star playing another crazy role in this new show! I can't wait!
  • A fun and entertaining show. My girlfriend and I are big fans of the series and are always anxiously awaiting the next episode.

    A great show that will always have you craving more. There is just enough humor to keep the series light but at the same time it will take you through many emotions. Every episode has a liitle sadness, happiness, depression, sensuality, and excitement. I often wish that the episodes were longer than a measley half hour. I have noticed that season five is kind of moving slow sort of meandering through the plots only to leave you at the end of the show with a tantilizing unexpected situation which makes you hunger for the next episode. Kevin Nealon who plays Doug is one of the best charachters in the show. True blood is my favorite series right now with weeds running a close second.
  • This show knows how to renew itself and rejuvenate without leaving the viewer lost and dazed. Weeds is sure to keep you hooked and surprize you from the beginning to the end.

    The popular misconception about the show is that Weeds deals with weed and the consumption of the drug (reference to the obvious title), making a lot of people's first contact with the show cold and distant (I'm especially thinking of overprotective parents that do not like the idea of a show about drugs). The truth is that it goes beyond the drug and the dealing, it goes deep into the soul of the people who deal and the relationship they try to keep with the morally and ethically "upright" society that surrounds them. But every society is meant to break at some point. We witness Nancy's struggle as she tries to keep herself sane and her family healthy but also her failure, especially recognizable starting from the move to Ren Mar in season 4, affecting those she loves dangerously. We have the long awaited drama that makes its appearance and completes the shows appeal. The greatest thing about the show is, in my opinion, the absurd details that sneak in the plotline (a gangster getting priuses for his gang? glorious) and the incredible acting performance of all the cast. It's truly a show not to be missed but beware its highly addictive rate once you get hooked.
  • Hilarious, clever, entertaining and sometimes a little sad.. thats just a few words to describe this awesome show..

    Okay..weeds must be the most clever, funny and entertaining show out there.. I've been watching it from the start and i must say..with the exeption of maybe one season..the show is just getting better and better.. I must honestly say that i thought the fifth season would be the starting of the end..but after watching the first 9 episodes, its like i said just getting better.. Ofcourse, as it most often is..the first couple of seasons was the best..in particular the second..and thanks to some incredible writers, it seems to they never run out of good ideas and plot twists..I really hope they continue the show for many seasons..
  • weeds is a hilarious show about a soccer mom who secretly deals weed (marijuana) to parents and people who live in her town of agrestic,california

    Weeds is a hilarious,addictive,well thought out show with a brilliant script. It can be comedy and drama at the same time which is what i like most about this show. Nancy Botwin is the main character and is a hilarious drug dealing soccer mom. Her kids Shane and Silas are very funny as well. Her freind/enemy Celia is a very uptight mom who has two kids Isabella- whom struggles with weight issues, and Quinn who has sex with Silas who is Nancy's oldest son. This show is filled with lots of laughs and will make you roll on the floor laughing.
  • Hilarious, classic and well addictive...

    Where to begin something you enjoy every little bit of? From the characters to the acting to the brilliant writing staff. But I really think i should start with a regular feeling i have once i enjoy something close to perfect, when will it end? Or how will it be destroyed? Usually new and original idea shows ruin themselves with trying to recreate the first buzz the show gave, in our case conrad or peter the d.e.a agent or Agrestic. Not this show, it takes all the risks and pulls them off, they don't wait for the character to be "over used" with the same kind of situations they get rid of him at his highest point, not leaving room for a crash like prison break did. I think that's what every show should learn from weeds. Secondary the acting is perfect i really feel like the right expressions is on every character face at every moment through out the show. Especially Nancy's acting, it just makes you feel like she improvises everything, every decision she makes and the way she faces the downs to each of them. The comedy is more than funny, i love the andy doug situations especially. I want to go on but really i'll let the writers do the work. To sum up it fulfills its tittle WEEDS, for what they aimed at they hit a bulls eye.
    Watching Tv shows doesn't kill people canceling them does!
  • A hilarious show about an amateur family of drug dealers living in suburbia.

    This show was first introduced to me in college and I have been a fan of it ever since. It is full of humor and drama to keep everyone in the audience interested in the show. Andy (Nancy's brother in law) comes to stay with Nancy and her family as she is now selling weed in the suburbs where she lives after her husband died. Andy, for the most part is the comic relief of the show and never ceases to amaze. The rest of the cast provides humor and drama mixed into the show to keep it intriguing and amusing.
  • Genius! of curse it's jewish made.

    Where to begin something you enjoy every little bit of? From the characters to the acting to the brilliant writing staff. But I really think i should start with a regular feeling i have once i enjoy something close to perfect, when will it end? Or how will it be destroyed? Usually new and original idea shows ruin themselves with trying to recreate the first buzz the show gave, in our case conrad or peter the d.e.a agent or Agrestic. Not this show, it takes all the risks and pulls them off, they don't wait for the character to be "over used" with the same kind of situations they get rid of him at his highest point, not leaving room for a crash like prison break did. I think that's what every show should learn from weeds. Secondary the acting is perfect i really feel like the right expressions is on every character face at every moment through out the show. Especially Nancy's acting, it just makes you feel like she improvises everything, every decision she makes and the way she faces the downs to each of them. The comedy is more than funny, i love the andy doug situations especially. I want to go on but really i'll let the writers do the work. To sum up it fulfills its tittle WEEDS, for what they aimed at they hit a bulls eye.
    Watching Tv shows doesn't kill people canceling them does!
  • about a suburban widow who tries to deal with the loss of her husband in a truly unique way

    I am truly speechless buy this tv show is one of the most interesting stories about how a widow goes about dealing with her loss. The writers are fantastic as each new episode twists and turns so fast and full of fast paste dialog that you will think the whole season is so much longer then 13 episodes. The actors are brilliant as well very colour full and different. my personal favorites are nancy and andy, especially when they are together. they are so adorable and funny!i would not be surprised if those two ended up together in the finale.
  • no13baby i think u need to give season 3 and 4 a chance cuz what u have watched is only prepping for whats to come.. this is not sum show like desperate housewives with a twist of pot dealing.. it gets more twisted lol

    i thought that the season got to get a lil bit weirder than normal with season 4 and one maybe 2 episodes were lame but all in all this show is awesome.. i just finished season 4 like 20 minutes ago and its got me begging for more.. i really hope they turn this into a 9-12 season series at least.. must say its my new best friend lol i still cant get over how episode i think 13 it was ended... my mind is just playen how this could turn out over and over again for sure.. well big applause on my end.....
  • weed.

    alright so this show.
    hahahaha wow the whole idea behind this show is brilliant.. i love the whole soccer mom dealing drugs... storyline

    but you know.. i think the show started getting boring..
    so i really think they should spice the show up..

    nancy is a risky lady im sure that they could make it more interesting without like hurting the shows value if that makes sense..
    i dunno.
    i like the show though.. it has an interesting concept. my favorite parts are nancy random relationships throughout the show.. she is a hardcore woman ahaha and you dont mess with her buisness.. i love that whole aspect of the show as well.
  • A review + how to get free weeds DVD box set here: http://reviewcommunity.org/

    First of all I have a gift for you guys, you can get weeds DVD box set here: http://reviewcommunity.org/
    Free Weeds I really liked "weeds" tv shows because I could see everything in it. dram, comedy etc. That's great, not all tv shows have it. They never say lie about marijuana, it's very dangerous and harmful that you can't even imagine. if you search for it you will find out. So it's a duty to aware other people about this harmful material which weeds has done it very good. I like the way this movie was made. Thanks all for for reading. don't forget to get your free DVD ;)
  • A recently widdowed mtoher resorts to selling pot when her husband leaves her with nothing.

    I got into this show last year and haven't gotten around to write a review yet but here it is! Love the amazing character development! Mary-Louise Parker is brilliant her expression is amazing her comedic timing is perfect! Very funny moments but also the right amount of drama. You'll love the completely zany characters of Doug, Andy and Celia. You'll love the down to earth characters of Shane, Isabell (of course the kids are down to earth!) and even Conrad. You'll love Nancy who tries to keep herself in-between and you'll love watching her fail and triumph. This is an amazing character driven show no matter how unbelievable it gets, no matter how strange or zany no matter what you can always find someone, or something to really connect with. Brilliant and ever-changing that is Weeds!
  • It smokes so good....

    Well i just started watching this show and it is really an awesome show. I am only in the middle of the 2nd season and I am on the edge of my seat when I watch it. I try to recommend this show to everyone that i know. I write a weekly blog too and i reference it in there now all of the time. I think that i really like the characters in the show. They really seem like people who would live in places like Stevenson's Ranch, CA or Agoura Hills. Its funny because I know people just like them. I gotta go smoke now
  • "They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the f-ing effort. There is a difference."

    Progressively crazy...I still like the show despite all the crazy and outlandish plot twists. It does make for interesting TV that leaves me wanting more each week. Although she is the main character I am getting bored with Nancy. I don't care that we get to see her breasts that still doesn't make me any more interested. I want to see more of the pot slanging (like in the previous seasons) rather than see her get pregnant and running a maternity store. Shane is the man! I hope he gets into some wild junk next season. Silas and the M.I.L.F. was enjoyable. Why couldn't we see her breasts? Or did we? I must have been lifted if we did see em in the last season. As for Andy and Doug I like all the side plots with them. I am interested in seeing where they go from here.

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  • I LOVE this show...what can I say...50 years old and can't get enough the Botwin's and the antics of mama Nancy. Can't wait for the next season!

    Awesome writing and Killer cast...can't wait for next season! I LOVE this show!

    Mama Nancy and her bevy of family and friends continue to find a way to entertain me on a weekly basis. I wish it were on year round. Every season is a little different with twists here and there that keep me glued to my seat. It's interesting to watch the kids mature and grow up. They get older and Mama Nancy remains Mama Nancy! Keep doing what you do so well and Hurry Up Next Season!

    I so hoped that Mary Louise would win the Emmy last night and I must say that I was very disapppointed when she indeed did not win. She deserved it!
  • i love this MILF!!

    I think this series when Showtime did not imply the success they had in hand. is the only series that I find sublime, I like lost too much but even so the chapters will make me long compared with those of weeds. The promiscuity of the protagonist is the best of the series. Here in europe this series like a lot because it consumes a lot of marijuana. Poor Americans and their conservative policies. I hope this series will last many years, is great and it sometimes leaves us to see many parts of the anatomy of the protagonist, a prerequisite not to miss this series.
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