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  • Weeds is like a box of chocolates . . . you never know what you're going to get.

    I understand why many say the show "jumped the shark" this season - changing settings, dropping major players and introducing a whole new world - but I disagree. Weeds is very much like life, especially when lived in the fast lane of the the drug culture and her environs. People age, change and sometimes grow. They also stagnate and regress. Such is the tone of Weeds at her very best. Sending Celia off the deep end into drug addiction, intervention and recovery is funny. The trafficing of women across the border, not so much. I adore having a bit of violence cut the humor of the show and it is in the dichotomy that I find the heart of this program. Mary Louise Parker is a miracle actress who never makes a false move. Hunter Parrish has grown into a fine young actor. Eizabeth Perkins and Justin Kirk deserve every supporting entertainment award in the book for their work. Albert Brooks added a bit of spice to the cast this season. I miss Agrestic and Thaylea and Matthew Modine and the soccer mom culture, but I relish the possibilities of the new life they have injected into the program.
  • Lots of fun

    I love Weeds. Its a show that you never know what is going to happen, you always have to expect the unexpected. This is because Nancy the lead character is flying by the seat of her pants making decisions on the run and not always good ones. She is working without a net and never had any idea what is going to happen in 10 minutes time.

    She started selling pot to pay the bills and has been tail spinning ever since. She has got her kids involved in the business, burned down her house and been involved with burning down an entire suburb. And she hasn't slowed down since. Always a joy and never dull.
  • i really love this show

    i like this show because its unique from other shows, and it include everything a man want weeds, hot chicks, sex, the action and events that twist the show up.
    every season the show gets better and better, and the events that happen in the end of each season to start a new drama i the next one just provide the joy to the show, i mean you just love to watch whats gonna happen with nancy and her kids, and how she deals with stuff, and how bad things just keep happening to her.
    and i just want ti keep see more season from weeds :D
  • I love this show!

    I'm now addicted to watching Weeds every chance I get. I'm a college student living in the dorms, and this show keeps me VERY entertained.Each character seems to have things they just have to pursue. Nacy and Ceilia keep going at it, and it's so awesome and funny! Ceilia is just a wannabe witch and Nacy is trying to keep her family afloat, and almost getting killed a few times here and there. The whole family is a mess and it keeps getting more and more addicting to watch. I can;t believe that Ceilia followed Nacy down to cali! LOL! She's so dumb. I love this show!!!!
  • Weeds is a comedy drama based on the life of a woman who has gone into the drug dealing field and her family and every day situations that occur within

    Weeds is a great show, it gives drama, comedy, and maybe sometimes a little action. It's funny, edgy, smart and addicting. It's suspenseful and you ever lose interest while watching an episode. The idea of the show is new and very well done, it's fresh and that's what people like about it. The characters all have a meaning and the actors and actresses play their roles almost to perfection. The characters go through a lot of situations which are life-changing and the development of the character increase and change while the show continues on. Mary Louise Parker completes this show with her amazing acting and perfect capture of Nancy Botwin.
  • Weeds is a comedy drama about a family in southern California who comes crashing down after the father dies. Nancy (mom)approaches the issues of finance by getting into the business of selling weed, after involvement she gets deeper into the drug world.

    Weeds is set in modern California where medical cannabis and recreational legalization is a big debate. Media shows the darkest sides yet Kohan takes this head on to show us some of the modern family issues. Nancy a typical mother looses her husband and has no way to finance her family. She discovers the Cannabis culture and begins reaping the rewards of working with its black market and its inflated pricing. Once things are going real well she finds friends who can help her begin a grow op and become self sufficient. It wouldn't be drama though without some good conflict. Mrs. Kohan does really well on this front, with 4 seasons out, and 4 wrapping up every season explodes with surprising conflict. You never know whats going to happen, from marrying a DEA agent to dating drug lords, it has it all! I expected maybe some new modern views on how the cannabis culture works in So Cal suburbia, but its much much more than that. Packed with a great cast and a ton of humor with a ton of drama. I've never seen a show that held my interest for so long! Its worth watching for sure.
  • This is a classy show that has remained classy throughout its four years on Showtime, now we need a little pick-me-up in season 4 just like we have had every other season!! Living the dream...

    Everybody knows that Weeds is a cult classic television show. I have walked in on several non-users per say, so for those who think this is a complete stoner television show have the wrong idea. The plot development has been magical throughout all four years, and the introduction of new characters doesn't overpower the overall plot development for the entire show. I can't believe that more people aren't completely obsessed with Weeds as others, it is definitely one of the more humorous shows on television to date, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of season 4 has to offer!
  • It's just great. Funny, edgy, and smart.

    Just brilliant! It keeps you at the edge of your seat, never knowing what might happen next. Every moment, you are either laughing out loud due to the original and smart quips, in awe of the miraculous evolution of events, or trying your hardest to figure out how the Botwin family is going to get out of their current dilemma. Who would of thought that the world of drug selling, growing, and trafficking would be so very complicated? The characters are strong and well developed. It is a joy to watch this show progress from season to season. The whole idea is fresh, and the way in which it is being created is really refreshing. It's like nothing that I have ever seen before. Even the intro to each show now changes, reflecting the progression of not only chain of events, but also the evolution of the characters through having to deal with these obstacles. Overall, I am completely addicted.
  • Story of widow housewife who turns to drug trafficking to pay for the appearance of a perfect life in suburbia!

    Amazing! Love how much you can learn about the world of drugs. I laugh at how Nancy refuses to deal cocaine. Considers weed to be a safe drug. Nancy is constantly changing jobs but it is interesting how she never seems to rid herself and her family of drugs. I'm starting to think this character is just attracted to the craziness of it all. I love how controversial the show is. It is nice that they can find new lifestyles to make great television. I hope the show doesn't end soon. It is the show that gets me through the summer and all of its reality television.
  • Season 4 at its best after the seventh episode. Season 1 was good Season 2 was better Season 3 was excellent Season 4 is best(up to now)

    Weeds Season 4 gets more and more interesting especially after the provoking seventh epsiode titled

    Yes I Can! Already the title, by Jenji Kohan, told us in which direction this episode might go. As a punchline we could use Barack Obama's Slogan 'Yes We Can'. Kohan surely aimed a provoking direction... The episode starts with Nancy getting out of her room, because she wants to enter the bathroom, but Andy is faster than her and runs naked into the room. Nancy decides, that she needs a new bathroom. In the previous episode we already saw Esteban Reyes talking to Nancy Botwin about a spanking, but who really thought that this spanking would really happen in the next episode. This is exactly why I love to watch this episode. It is dramedy at it's best, at least at the moment. In my Opinion this seventh episode is the best one of this season. The all new season of Weeds kind of started to go into the same direction as the other seasons did, but this time Jenji Kohan realized that early enough and at least I think she managed to keep the humour and the provoking part of the show the same but managed to make the plot more interesting. Nancy gets deeper into the drug business, though Guillermo doesn't want her to. So she asks Esteban Reyes for Pott, because the maternity store bores her and she needs the money to finance her new bathroom. Meanwhile Silas and the hot neighboring MILF have a hot and intimate experience. Isabelle Hodes discovers that Shane keeps the nude photos of his mother, which where also mentioned in a previous episode, hidden in a book. Andy and Doug further their coyote business more or less successfully and in the same time Celia offers Roy Till a relationship, which he rejects. Later it turns out, that he has a hidden gay relationship with his inferior collegue. So all of these relationships summed up we have Nancy enjoying the mark of Esteban's spanking in the mirror, Shane masturbating with the pictures of his mother, the underage Silas having a relationship with the hot MILF next door and Roy Till, who rather prefers a gay relationship than getting intimate with Celia. I also really enjoyed the short comeback of some actors of the previous seasons, which Nancy hired as dealers for their Pott. In the end Nancy is in the Maternity Shop, where Guillermo opens the door and some guy throws a big bag into her room. Guillermo ignores her and closes the door. All in all this epsiode must be so provoking for the typical, naive and conservative american who watched this episode of the show. Thanks to Jenji Kohan for a well written all new episode of Weeds. Now some new questions rise up: What about Silas and the MILF? What about Andy and Doug? What about Nancy and Esteban? What about Guillermo? Let's see how the plot enhances...
  • Weeds has shown to be the most honest up to date look at the available marketing strategies of the 22nd century. Definitely an honest approach at reality.

    Up to date, informative, insightful, and very entertaining to say the least. To be or not to be is the question at hand... What is right and what is wrong when you're dealing with life on life's terms in this day and age. A brand new look at the taboo profession that seems to be in every american neighborhood, and income bracket. "I did not inhale," as so an american president has put it. What would anyone do to support a lifestyle already out of date, and already overfunded. GET STONED GET STONED GET STONED
  • I love this show...

    I dont know why I havent watch this show.... But I could kick myself for waiting so long to. About two weeks ago we got Verizon Fios and with it came "On Demand" and one day I was surfing through it when I decided to catch this show that everybody kept talking about... And from the very first episode I was hooked on the WEED. I love this show... And I love the cast... I will now be pushing this show on everybody I know. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Weeds is off to a new start, new characters, new town ... but ...

    but the show is really getting better, when the end of the episode comes you've still got the munchies and you want more.

    When I first watch the first episode of the new season, I was really afraid that relocating the show to another settings would be it's downfall, but I must say that it was the best idea ever. It's even more appealing ! Even if some of my favourite characters have disappeared for the show (but I have a hunch that they may come back soon) I cannot do anything but wait for the next episode and ask myself what's gonna happen.

    Weeds is not the usual american kind of show, it's highly critical of the american society, and does not really follow any traditional rules. Cable has it's advantages, at least it really depicts everyday life with it's sex, drug and cursing. But what I really like about this show is this kind of freshness it brings to TV. Marie-Louise Parker is just amazing (and kuddos to her to play such a difficult role in a puritan society), she just doesn't seem to play. Every actor has it's own taste and brings something to the show his own way. It's not that often that you may be gripped by the stress of not knowing what's gonna happen next and at the same time laugh from the top of your lungs while still watching the same show. It take a little bit of many different genres and blends them together in a mix which makes you come for more, and that is brillant.

    It's certainly not the best show on TV, but pertains to the top shows, and should inspire more than one writer in term of delivery of the story and character developpement. But beyond that this sweet mix of genre is what a great show deserve. I guess showtime deserve kuddos for it's choice of shows, because between Weeds and Dexter, they might have one of the best show combo on TV right now.
  • Laugh out loud!

    I love watching weeds. It's funny and has great music. I got my mother and her boyfriend hooked on watching it now. It will keep you interesting for a well. It's one of the best tv shows out there right now I think. I know it's about pot, but its good comedy. This tv show is not a waste of time. The music is loop like the show. It's comedy music. You will be laughing at the music. Funny sences in the whole tv show that will make you laugh thinking about it. I can't say much more about it because I am thinking about some of the sences and the music that go with it, it's making me laught and I had to type 100 and higher words.
  • not my thing at all!!

    i love the characters, the acting is solid, the story is interesting...i just bought some dvds to it and i did like it...but the amount of sex, the amount of abuse, the amount of drug use...really is way too much and the show goes from exciting to ahhh!!.....its just a little too much..and it just wasnt my cuppa tea...i mean i know duh its a show about weed its going to be rated but...i just thought the shows decency was abit lost...i know go ahead boo me!!...but thats just how i feel.... it just didnt capture me the way i needed it too..!! but if you like loads of rated stuff then this is your show..

    EXTREMELY FUNNY! Great concept. Probably more realistic than most people would like to believe. Hilariously written. Great acting. Lots of exciting twists. Just the type of show to revert reality show addicted people back to regular shows with scripts and real acting. I Tivo the show every week in case I fall asleep early, and I sometimes play the show back again on another night when I'm in need of a laugh. I just treated myself by purchasing the first three seasons on DVD. I also pay for Showtime solely for Weeds!!!
  • A show about a drug-dealing mom... what's better than that?

    I love Weeds. I started watching it about a month ago, downloading episodes from iTunes, and it has evolved into, if not my favorite, one of my favorite shows on television. It's so awesome and hilarious and awesome again!

    But, since I don't have Showtime and am only downloading them off of iTunes, I'm only on the second season. Two episodes away from the third. Right now Peter learns that Nancy's just using him, Megan's pregnant, Helia's in trouble with the DEA, Celia is hooking up with Doug.... and I haven't watched it for a couple of days so I forget what else. But yeah, it's awesome. Check it out if you haven't tuned in yet.
  • A great show that keeps surprising

    I think weeds is a great show which brings a different side to the usual drug shows. No more steriotypical bad-guys, but an ammiable housewife who goes into the weed business to support herself and her family. Nancy Botwin's "drug empire" starts slow and steadily grows. The writers haven't hurried the storyline and the stakes increase at a good pace. This, however, doesn't mean that the storyline will bore you as there is more than enough to interest you and have you wanting more. The comedy is original and unlike anything I've seen. This original show is definately worth checking out and I reccomend it to anyone.

    the last episode of weeds sucked this is the worst start up episode ever after the season premier your supposed to come out bigger and badder everytime.this was the worst episode of weeds so far.every episode was better than this and im suprised i invited people over to watch it and they just started talking smoking taking shots and not paying the tv any attention i was dissapointed that my friends didnt pay attention and due to the excessive talking i had to watch it again.that sucked well every episode i will give you guys the rundown on the weeds tip while im smokin some.see you guys next week
  • Weed + Sex + Hilarity + More Weed = One truly unnique and amazing show.

    Wow, this show just wrapped me in. Not only does it have a truly entertaining storyline, it also has: Great writing, rapid fast joke, great acting and a awesome overall feel to the show. Each character is suprisingly unique in thier own way, not only that, but they are always funny. So it;s about a widowed mother needing money, i guess. So she decides to deal pot, during the show there are some pretty good twists that really keep you guessing. So i'm really hanging out for season four which is not long away. I really recommend you check this one out.
  • Quite a funny show, with some good characters - just don't take it too seriously!

    I didn't like the idea of the show, so didn't watch it when it first started, I've now caught up (well mostly, I've seen to the end of Season 3) - and I think my initial problems with the show remain, but it was better than I was expecting.

    The good parts of the show are the humour, and the relationships that develop, not just romantic but amidst the family too. The humour can be a bit silly, but it's all a bit tongue-in-cheek, and they throw in the odd shock to make you laugh. Andy (the brother in law) is a really good character who brings such ridiculous humour to the show - without it seeming like too much.

    I am disappointed though, I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who played Judah), and I wish he could have had an actual role in this show (more than just being the husband who was already dead when the whole show started!) - but I guess without that storyline there wouldn't have been a show... so I can accept it!

    I actually prefer all the minor characters from the show, I think Celia is a fantastic character - some of her lines are just hilarious, although my favourite has to be Andy - I'd probably recommend watching the show just for him. So that's a real positive for the show, I think if you haven't watched it, then the characters (other than Nancy) would probably make it worthwhile for you. They have interesting relationships, they're all a bit silly, but if it's not taken too seriously you can end up being interested in what happens to them.

    However - as for the bad, this show isn't perfect (in my opinion), you've got to be prepared for quite extreme character traits (just look at the Sanjay's character in the last season or so and you'll know what I mean)... and perhaps the biggest flaw for me, I don't like the main character, Nancy! Her character just seems so arrogant, and sometimes while watching the show she just annoys me, she comes across as thinking she's so desirable that any man would want to be with her (which inevitably they do - how annoying!). Plus, as soon as she has a problem that could be an interesting storyline, it's pretty much wrapped up straight away by her just asking someone else for help, then like magic it's fine again (until the next equally small annoyance she faces). But despite the fact the main character is a bit frustrating, it doesn't ruin the show - just stops it being one of the better shows in my opinion. The other characters make up for Nancy, and the storylines are fun - but for me, I just wish they would extend them a bit more and not have everything solved so easily (I don't want to talk about specifics incase it spoils anything, but just look at the Peter Scottson storyline - that could have been much better then it ended up being). So, all in all, I'd recommend you watch it - but don't expect perfection, it's good entertainment if you've got some free time, and are prepared to not take it too seriously.
  • Witty and entertaining

    Although I've only seen season 1-2 of Weeds, I became addicted after the first few episodes and seriously need to go out and buy season 3. Altough the acting of some of the actors is a bit flaired-out for my style show, they really make it work. I love how they focus on everyone's story, not just Nancy's plot. I love Showtime shows specifically because they don't have to worry about editing as much and that really adds to the show as well. I specifically love the few puns and jokes they'll stick in... not too much to make it a sitcom but enough to make me really enjoy the show as a "dramedy".
  • The series is based around a recently widowed mother of two, who makes the decision to sell Weed in order to continue to support her family, to level that they have grown accustomed too.

    Obviously with the title of the series called Weeds, this program caused some uproar prior to airing, but it went through thankfully, because it is not solely based on hard hitting drug barons and their ruthless methods, far from it indeed.
    It concentrates on a recently widowed mother of two, who in times of need and necessity, turns to selling some weed to her close friends and those of her deceased husband. Then it is to a select few people, before trying to expand out further. Not only do we follow the growth of her little empire, but we also see how her family are dealing with their own personal feelings, their own growth and their own lives.
    This is done in such a way that it makes the next episode worth waiting for, the humour included in each episode of this series is great.
  • Weeds is an American dark comedy television series. The plot revolves around a widowed housewife from an affluent California suburb who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

    Not only is "Weeds" the best series on "Showtime" -- run out immediately and get the first-season DVD, and do not delay in that quest -- but it's also one of the best shows on television, end of story.
    Ah, but when you're dealing with Showtime, that can never be good enough.People want to speculate on whether "Weeds" will bust the pay cable channel into the must-buy arena now dominated by HBO.Many people who are paid to ponder these issues also like to wonder aloud whether "Weeds" is the series that will open the door for more great series,writers.First, it's important not to think of "Weeds" as a comedy (some might say dramedy) about marijuana and, specifically, a suburban widow who turns to dealing to maintain her lifestyle.
  • Forkin love weeds, TRULY AWESOME SHOW

    when is the 4th season coming out .......

    waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting ..............................................................................................................

    please bring back weeds with season 4....please
  • Little boxes...and they are just the same... ^^

    This series is like Desperate Housewifes. My father said that. I dont know, bec. I dont watch that sh...series... :)

    So this is about Nancy and her family. After her husbands death, she had to sell weed, in the quite little town. But more and more problems are in her way. Others dealers, better weed, and so on. But there are other levels: So she starting to grow her own weed. She has her little group, and they do their little business. Of course, it cant be that simple. More and more problems are there: with the 2 st*pid children, with their uncle Andy...and with the police. Very good, and light series.
  • This is a show I live for. Funny, creative and you never know what's going to happen next....... my only complaint is the show is simply way too short..... suppose to air for 30 minutes, we actually get about 23 mins........ but awesome in everyway!

    I would recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor. Not something I would let my children watch, but a great show to sit down to when the little ones have gone to bed. My only complaint is it's not long enough...... it lasts for 30 mins, but after the commercials, you get about 23 mins worth of viewing time....... I could watch for hours! Funny, creative and spontaneous. It makes me laugh, cry and shout and then laugh some more..... who do i need to talk to in order to convince someone to make this a 1 hour show....... uninterrupted.... yea, I know, dreaming!
  • Its a descent show with nice plot.

    Being the neiborhood pod dealer is one thing that people will do to make easy money or do it because they dont get a job anyplace else. It aint a bad idea and all episodes up to know were great. Maybe it will have another season but i do think that they should make it kinda more insteresting. I mean due to time some episodes are not as well times as the old ones were. Well thats all about the review is a great series good job there and keep giving it. I do hope it really remains keep up the good work.
  • Weeds is my daily fix.

    Weeds is a great SHOWTIME comedy about a marijuana-selling soccer mom and her life in Agrestic, California. The show is supposed to be funny - and it is when it tries to be. I personally think it has a lot more DRAMA than COMEDY with unexpected plot twists throughout each season. The show starts off strong with the main character, Nancy Botwin, starting a drug-dealing business to take care of her two sons after the death of their father. I won't reveal anymore details as you really need to see the show for yourself but overall it is a very entertaining show. P.S. Doug Wilson is the man!
  • Quite Re-Freshing

    When her husband dies of a sudden heart attack. Nancy finds herself in a financial crisis, with no other option available to her she turns to Conrad and his family to sell cannabis using a fake bakery to move the goods. Aided by her brother-in-law Andy she struggles to keep her new means of bill-solving secret from her suspicious PTA members and nosy neighbor as well as from her children, Shane and his brother Silas who are both dealing with their father's passing in their own unique ways, with Andy being the reluctant rather poor substitute for father and son topics that go with growing up.
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